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    Blunted good to hear from you. Hope you are sailing down south somewhere. I was at the city club yesterday for brunch and it was empty. I shall look for you when the island club opens. Are you in the bar or brown bagging it on the dinghy club steps? Are you and Fred going to do the C Class this year? Always pretty to see on the lake. As for my comment about design build, I know Fred did a custom with Bruckmann, or I think that is true. But he is the exception. Design/ build is dead in my opinion at rcyc. They always had better creative people at Island YC, such as Bernie Herman, and Sid Bregman, and Kohler and Moog etc etc. Rcyc has become a cottage community with big French condominiums. It cannot be legislated out. It is a culture thing. When I got into IOR A back in mid '70s it was because that was what everyone wanted to be part of. No One Design communism back then. Dinghies were for kids and the odd weirdo. Olympics were keel boats. But now no one does design/build. AS you say, the action is on the dinghy docks........come by for a drink. As nice as that sounds, it is the death knell of the club prior culture of design build. The club is now sailing middle class culture and therefore a delight to Obama et al. Do come by my old culture boat anytime for a drink.........martini I should think. DP is back on the air in yet another episode of "Welcome Back Codger"
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    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Was there for LYRA this year, its a friendly club.