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  1. I have to say it is kind of Ironic. I think 6 knt shit box sailor deserves a break after this. You are doing the same thing they are. Sailing what you want and doing what meets your budget. Enjoy it.
  2. I'm curious... why would a racer who would be in a "lifetime of middle fleet racing" in OD think that he/she would or more importantly should do better in a handicap fleet? That is unless you are suggesting that PHRF should be a golf handicap system. Don't take offense, but what you wrote above is precisely why many people hate PHRF or handicap racing in general. They perform poorly and then blame the ratings when the truth most probably lies in the fact that they are mediocre sailors and haven't put the time and energy (and money) into getting better. Unless your PHRF fleet is all made up of mediocre sailors, I would absolutely expect a lifetime midfleet OD racer to also be midfleet in his/her PHRF fleet. Why should they suddenly get a rating bump for being mediocre or bitching that the club champion has a gift rating when they are not willing to put in the effort necessary to get better. As I said above, I think people use PHRF as a crutch to cover for the fact that they are not as good as they think they are or wish they could be. The answer to the question of why one might do better in PHRF is simple if you understand that boats have performance curves that are different shapes. In some conditions, some boats will perform better then others, so the variation that is inherent in the rating system will create a bigger mix of winners and losers even when their abilities don't change. I am not suggesting PHRF be a golf handicap. I am suggesting understand what it is, accept it for what it is. The choices are improve it, accept it or create something new and different all together. What I see is those in the improve it or create something new camp, don't understand the costs associated w trying to create a more accurate rating system.
  3. PHRF is simple, cheap and easy to administer. Every boat has a performance curve in relation to wind speed and point of sail. If all performance curves were the same shape and just skewed up or down on a graph, PHRF would be very accurate and a national rating system would be a good idea. Knowing that performance curves vary between boats , the local rating system is in place to try to come up w the best compromise for the predominant conditions. I read so many attempts at improving various handicap systems, but all they are doing is changing where the problem is. With any system, there is the cost to obtain the rating(time and money), the accuracy of the rating and the cost to admin the races. Accuracy comes w a price. Consistency of rating across the country for a rating system like phrf does not necessarily mean improved accuracy. One design is viewed as the answer to everything expect that for many it is a grind. A life time of middle fleet racing and sometimes a bizarre rule set. PHRF as imperfect as it is, hits the mark in a lot of places.
  4. My recommendation would be to chat w some of the women sailors in the fleet. If she is the better driver, by all means put her on the helm. start and in light air and are work your way up. The main is hardest to trim when the wind is up and down and the helm is trying to keep the crew out of the water and when on a two sail reach in a blow. Two sail reaches in a blow can be a work out. When racing, I would avoid them between races to conserve energy. I would also add that if your boat is not dialed in(tuned right), the main can be a bigger work out. When the 505 is setup right, it's actually quite easy to sail, even in a blow. When it's not, you will find yourself working to get the boat to move upwind. Look at pictures of 505's. If choose to do end boom sheeting, a 3:1 can be used. If you do mid boom, I think 4:1 is pretty common. Personally, coming from someone who has spent all his sailing in the back of a boat, I think crewing on the 505 requires more strength then driving. Congrats on your purchase/project.
  5. Big sail area. Would reefing the sail not help with that? (I am already studying up on some terminology and theory, hehe)Im not trying to convince everyone that this is a good idea, Im just trying to have some discussion. The only thing I am wary about is buying a boat and becoming bored with it after a few months, and then needing to sell it and buy a more exciting one. You can put a flattening reef in the end of the sail which raises the boom a bit, but in general, the 505 does not reef well because of the bendy mast. if the main were lower on the rig, the mast bend would not be right, making the sail shape wrong, making it more difficult to sail. 505 is a somewhat tender boat, it will demand you move your weight or trim the sails fairly quickly with small changes in the wind. You and your crew will need to be paying attention. To a beginner in a tender boat, that sometimes is overwhelming. The 505 is not a durable boat as it relates to being put on the ground, or bumped at the dock. Most older 505's have very fragile decks, so for all practical purposes, you cannot go to the bow for anything(I know it's possible, but this someone starting out, don't want them pulling splinters out of their legs). Most 505's are rigged fairly uniquely, so you are somewhat on your own when it comes to fixing things. I am sure local 505 sailors would be happy to help, but in general, you will have to figure out the boat in pretty short order. There is no standard way to rig a 505. If you are stuck on the idea of a 505. You can always get one and have some experienced people sail w you till you get the hang of it. I personally would not want to be a new person sitting in the front of a 505 with a new person sitting in the back. You can sail the 505 upwind without a trapeze in a fair amount of wind, you just end up going much slower. It is done all the time prior to the start of a races. Some people catch on to sailing very fast, some people never get it. You have to decide where you fit on that spectrum and make your own choice. If you make it past the initial learning stage, it will likely be very rewarding. That said, I have seen people get in over their quickly and quit the sport.
  6. I love the 505. Sailed/raced them for years. Could not recommend one to a beginner w a good conscience. If you and your wife have a history of actively doing sports, then it would be a weak maybe. The hulls don't like touching a peer or a shell on a beach. They are powerful and fast. If you really want to push the 505 idea, get in touch w someone w the local class and have them take you for a ride, then see if you can drive one. Definitely try before you buy.
  7. 505 is not the right boat for a beginner. Ask your local club what they recommend. 1. Get a boat that is your area 2. Get a boat that fits your size 3. Get a boat that fits your ability. An Albacore is a much better beginner boat and husband & Wife boat if they have them in your area.
  8. Shouldn't we be focused on bathrooms?
  9. The typical compromise by the state would be to create a trapeze safety requirement. Hours of testing and then pay a fee for a test, renew every other year. ...time to strike out the words "....land of the free." It will be another decade or two before we have to take out home of the brave.
  10. President is a nut-job conservative.Congress is controlled by conservatives. Don't know about Maryland, but Fl gov and legislature are RW conservatives. Sounds like it's conservatives that want to take away your freedom. ....it was a democrat who created the legislation.
  11. Hmm, you berate the people who are running the event, berate the PHRF sailors that don't want to race against a sport boat that planes when their boats don't, making the rating system pretty much worthless when the breeze is up if there are any significant downwind legs and wonder why you are not welcomed w open arms? Maybe what they did was wrong by the rules, maybe you will get reinstated, maybe the conduct issue they mentioned was BS, maybe its not. When you peel it all back your behavior was the driver of this. Be a man, apologize for being rude.
  12. Probably best to save your money until you can answer all your questions definitively, Without the need of outside help. What you have is a dream. You need engineering to make a product. Do the engineering, pay for the engineering and you will have your answers and there will be no more questions.
  13. Albacore is a really nice boat for adults. It can be rigged in a simple fashion or complex. They are very evenly matched across boat age and weight range. I raced a non cored flexible flyer and could compete very well against teams w much better boats. I also tended to sail around 400lbs combined and had little issues in light air when the bulk of the fleet probably sailed 50 lbs lighter. Generally, I could get to the windward mark w the best of them and would pay about a 3-5 boat length penalty on the dead down wind. It is responsive yet forgiving. Very nice people to be on the race course with. Not expensive to race compared to boats with spinnakers. Roll tacks really well. decent boat to take kids on too.
  14. I found this video helpful. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A0LEVvSSPxlYmCcAAv8nnIlQ?p=starting+line+of+a+sailboat+race&fr=yhs-mozilla-102&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-102&type=newtab#id=6&vid=a1640ee90f6233d6e7477374595076a6&action=view the requirement to sail more on one tack takes away a certain amount of tactical opportunities. The more it is skewed, the more it is a follow the leader. No one like sitting around, but I wouldn't be too harsh on race committees. I'm sure there is a thread somewhere complaining about screwed courses. It's a balance. The issue should probably be taken up at the local club level gently. There are not a long line of people wanting to do race committee in most places
  15. ....for what it's worth, I have an old IC that I pieced together(parts from other boats to make a rig). Pretty much what Alan said and I would add ... a) if you can, first time out have someone around in a motor boat in case you get in over your head. Choose your location where you do not have to be too far from shore c) don't stay out too long. Fatigue will make unwanted events more likely to happen. From windsurfing days, I found making mistakes was the first real sign of fatigue, then I would notice I was getting tired. d) sail somewhere where you can do long straight runs. tacking and gybing sucks as a newby. That said, I have sailed mine probably only about 6 times, I have yet to capsize it, I have sailed in 12 - 20knts. It is a blast. Here is a clip of probably my second or third time out. I will admit, I would tack in sheltered areas near shore. Technique wise, I would give myself a 3 out of 10. Fun wise, it was a full on 10. (yes, I know my main is twisting too much and a host of other things, I was just having fun. I only had $50 invested, so fun per dollar was high).