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  1. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Howdy y'all, Man am I gonna hate to miss this one. Harpoonette will be there, I will be at Lake Fork for four days trying to win the kayak bass fishing championship of the universe. Standings have been updated on the TCC site. I'll be thinking of y'all, hoping you have wind and I don't. I'll be back next year with the Contender. Good luck and sail fast! Fishingmickey p.s. I'm not a 100% certain but if your dues haven't been paid I don't think your shown in the standings.
  2. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    No problem at all Claire! We only have it for Saturday but your more then welcome to use it Saturday. FM
  3. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Harpoonette and I will be there. I'll be crewing for her (fingers crossed). We have cabin #6 reserved for Saturday night. Looking forward to seeing everyone again! Fishingmickey
  4. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Alas with our deepest regrets Harpoonette and I will not be able to make Seabrook either. This is the first time either of us has missed Summer Solstice in a long time. They are closing on her parents house on the 29th and there is still much to do. Harpoonette and I will be doing that (cleaning house) this weekend. Y'all will be in our thoughts. FM
  5. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Sorry to hear about your T-bone Duke. Hope you and Charles get everything straightened out for Seabrook. I missed going also, I was planning on sailing with Harpoonette and her crew on his Pearson 26. Work had other plans for me. Ended up finishing up the project at 7:30 Sunday evening. Can't wait for Seabrook, It will be very interesting crewing for Harpoonette. Hopefully not relationship changing. We plan on driving down on Friday and camping out at SSC. Hope some of ya'll join us in celebrating our 6th anniversary. FM
  6. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    As I mentioned earlier. Jen and I will be doing Seabrook together. I am iffy for Turnback. It's looking like I might be working. FM
  7. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    We will both be at Seabrook. Her regular crew is not available so I will be crewing for Harpoonette. This might be interesting....I think we will be OK though. FM
  8. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    I wish I was going to make it up this weekend. My mast foot/step and gudeons just came in today yippee! Harpoonette has woman's clinic duties at AYC. Good luck everyone and hope you have wind! FM
  9. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    I'm in Claire
  10. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    I'll see ya'll on Sunday. FM
  11. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    http://www.texascenterboard.org/ Schedule is up and posted! Sign up is live and is working. FM
  12. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Schedule is up on the TCC website. Here is the link. http://www.texascenterboard.org/schedule/ FM
  13. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Gov Cup it is. I'll let Harpoonette know tonight. FM
  14. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Dang the crickets are fierce here... Everyone agree with the schedule? FM
  15. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Hi TwoGray, I think the only thing tentative about Seabrook is the date, I hope. So seven events. FM