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  1. SailGeeks

    New B&G plotter talk to really old B&G stuff?

    Does your old B&G system have a NMEA0183 output? The newest Zeus MFDs still support 0183 but nothing older (ie fastnet or analogue)
  2. SailGeeks

    SailGeeks Dictionary (Urban Dictionary Inspired)

    A little more polished now... although sounds like we are allowed out sailing for real soon, so expect a drop in productivity!
  3. SailGeeks

    SailGeeks Dictionary (Urban Dictionary Inspired)

    Yeah I know what you mean. The quiz just takes four random definitions and mixes them is usually easy. Maybe it’ll be harder when some other more obscure words have been added
  4. SailGeeks

    SailGeeks Dictionary (Urban Dictionary Inspired)

    Also I added a little quiz game. Not very hard, but some amusing options.
  5. Some very good and talented sailing mates and I were bored over Easter in lockdown and decided that the world needed a sailing version of urban dictionary. Goal was two-fold: A - Sailing has a bit of a language barrier to entry (we say some weird shit) B - We say some funny shit Not trying to make money out of this etc. Just a bit of fun. Obviously a work in progress but have a look. Hopefully it will amuse.
  6. SailGeeks

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I'd take your money
  7. SailGeeks

    Melges 37 win

    The RSrnYC win is probably a more impressive IRC win than Cowes week. The Cowes class was a bit of a strange mix of boats. The Royal Southern weekend was part of the P40 series for a bunch of very competitive IRC weapons. Several Mills King 40s, a Ker 39, 2 J122s, J111s and some very competitive First 40s. It was light breeze so the lighter Melges was powered up earlier than the heavier displacement boats but the tide was extending the beats so not really playing to the strengths of the shorter IC37.
  8. SailGeeks

    Downgrading a B&G Zeus 3. How?

    Hi NoRay, I realise the Zeus may not actually the issue. Get a previous .upd file of the version that you want to roll back to and put it on an sd card. Find the file on the Zeus's file manager and select it and click update. This will install that version even if its older than the current one.
  9. SailGeeks

    Speed from iPhone GPS on Raymarine Instruments?

    The Raymarine input will probably want 4800 baud
  10. SailGeeks

    dutch ac entry

    I hope they make it. I am looking forward to seeing what the Dutch rudder is like.
  11. SailGeeks

    3D Print Racemaster Bracket

    Thanks, some really useful tips. There is an ultimaker at my office and I am keen to try using it for something!
  12. SailGeeks

    3D Print Racemaster Bracket

    Maybe this should be in Geek Anarchy
  13. SailGeeks

    3D Print Racemaster Bracket

    I realise I can buy one... but does anyone have a CAD file so I can just print one?!!
  14. Apart from most of Really? You mean other than most of the TP52s, IMOCAs, Americas Cup boats, F50s etc? All using CAN.
  15. Best thing about this was (the only bit of) H3000 backward compatibility.