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  1. Laurent

    kids these days

    It is not exactly like this is new.... "I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words... When I was young, we were taught to be discreet and respectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly wise [disrespectful] and impatient of restraint". (Hesiod, 8th century BC) from:
  2. Laurent

    Brexit, WTF

    What is really mindblowing to me right now, is that all the UK MPs and the government are debating, arguing and negotiating on what the Brexit deal should be, being COMPLETELY oblivious to the fact that the negotiation is not within themselves, but with the EU! And that negotiation already took place, and this is what May presented. They can decide whatever they want within themselves, but if May comes back with a "new deal" to the EU; the reply might be/ most likely will be a polite: No while the EU representative will be bitting their tongue really hard, not to answer less politely: Go fuck yourself
  3. Laurent

    Brexit, WTF

    Couldn't you say that the opposite is exactly true as well??? the UK EU can live with A no border between Ireland and NI, the UK EU has a much bigger problem with it. Therefore it's their problem and the UK EU should stop trying to solve it for them.
  4. Laurent


    Billy, Billy, Billy, That was a joke...
  5. Laurent

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Good luck to them... It is going to be incredibly hard to beat. From South Atlantic to South of New Zealand, Joyon and his crew have done what I think will be very hard to beat for a long time: they have sailed NINE days in a row above 800 miles per day (or really-really close to 800 miles per day). More than a week at above 32 knots AVERAGE !! Now with foilers, maybe I will be proven wrong in the next 12 months.....
  6. Laurent


    And who is Alexa?
  7. Laurent

    Wild Eyes found after eight years

    Bloody hell! They got it wrong on all fronts. One of the mnemotechniques you learn for risk management and flying is PAVE, as in Pilot, Aircraft, enVironment, External pressure Pilot: fatigued Aircraft: overweight enVironment: filing a VFR flight in IFR conditions with incoming thunderstorms External pressure: also known as the disease called "get-thereisis" someone is waiting for you at the arrival end, so you have to go... with media coverage waiting for you. No wonder it ended badly.
  8. Laurent

    Clarinet Anarchy

    Used to play the clarinet when i was a teenager, a looooong time ago. Find a teacher; it will be really difficult on your own like for any instrument (I believe, from my personal experience.... and one might add, my personal lack of ability!) I would recommend also to find an amateur band to play with. I would find practicing by myself more difficult than when in a band, where you need to go to the practice on a regular basis, you have to practice on your own, so you do not let the band down... etc. It helps for the commitment to the instrument. Finally, after a while the high pitch of the "regular" clarinet (soprano) got tiring to me. I switch to a bass clarinet, which I found had a much "warmer" sound... If you are practicing for health benefits, beware though; the bass clarinet needs a lot more breath. My clarinet teacher could not play it for extended periods; he would get out of breath...
  9. Laurent

    For those that mock the great lakes

    Copying and pasting that URL, I get : This page isn't available. Sorry about that. Try searching for something else.
  10. I am selfish on this one.... I was thinking of Malta for myself... But with what was said on post #82, I may reconsider....
  11. Has anybody considered Malta? Part of the EU, part of the Euro Zone and Schengen area. For the European citizens, it is a plus. Supposedly nice weather all year round, decent health care, and safe... and relatively cheap (not like Vietnam or Philippines, though...)
  12. Laurent

    New imoca boats

    From the video above, I do not think there will be a new boat for PRB. The CEO of PRB refers to the fact that Kevin needs to know the boat inside out, and once this is done, a podium finish in the Vendée Globe is within reach. Still very good news! Both the fact that PRB stays in the IMOCA sponsoring and that Kevin Escoffier gets such a good set up.
  13. Laurent

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Francis Joyon launched a new campaign of records attempts, across Asia for the most part, which means that he does not plan to be part of the Brest Oceans around the world race... More details here:
  14. Laurent

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    As usual, French to English translations are shit... When VDH says "G hate de trouver les Alizés de SE", what he means is "I am impatient to find SE Trade Winds"... "G hate" is "short hand" used in place of: "j'ai hate" The second post is: "the Brazilian heat is here! Today, small repairs/maintenance and tidying up the boat"
  15. Laurent


    I will put that here... The kicker is the one before last sentence : " she told the cops that the male kicked in the back door to gain entry."