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  1. When I want to listen to music I know that I do not know, I listen to FIP Radio. A French Radio, but do not be afraid... Yes, there is a French song once in a while, but it is mostly music from all over, from many different periods, in so many different styles that your head will be spinning... They have a one hour jazz broadcast over the week end, with some talking. Other than that, as far as I can tell, it is non stop music with 5 min news flash every hour. http://www.fipradio.fr/player
  2. What you need is this... Cheapest "décapotable" on earth...
  3. I have a genuine candid question about electric cars... I read somewhere (don't ask me where, I don't remember) that 40% of the power generated by electrical power plant is lost. Meaning that the power at your electrical outlet on the wall is 40% less than what was generated at the power plant. I guess those big power lines do get hot, even if they are at ultra high voltage to reduce current . First question: is that true? If it is (big IF, understood), is this fact really taken into account in the claims of eletrical car efficiencies? I understand that running a turbine at its peak performance (exactly the right load, exactly the right RPM) will be much more efficient than a car with a ICE. But is it enough to compensate for the electrical transport losses? Just asking...
  4. I truly hope you are right, but your own post #687 shows it might not be the case. I get from work a forecast from a private weather company which is very detailed. The company I work for has people working offshore; this is why they subscribed to that service. The latest report from this morning states: "Irma is predicted to weaken much more slowly than would be typical for a landfalling hurricane. This is due to the fact that the Florida Peninsula is relatively small compared to Irma's size. Because of this, Irma may produce hurricane-force winds all the way north to the Georgia border"
  5. I think the jib is perfectly trimmed to my untrained eye... I think it is the angle of the sun and the shadow on the leading edge of the jib that is making a tricky optic illusion.
  6. I sure hope you are right... My name is a big hint: I am French
  7. ^^^^ This This is my 15th year in Houston (3rd stay). This type of even brings the best and the worst out of people. In Texas or in many other places. You see total strangers help each other, giving to each other their stuff, their time, their sweat. And you also hear of looting bastards. I work for a big company with more than a dozen sites throughout the city. Obviously, all of them closed for the whole of last week. Some of them were turned into shelter for our employees who had to (or decided on their own to) evacuate. With the instructions not to turn down anybody who would come forward and ask for shelter, employee or not. We also made it into a donation center. I went there to help out for a few days. Somehow the word got out that is was a donation center. Stuff started to pour in (pun intended...) faster than we could take it, sort it out, and categorize it. We had people coming with carts, CARTS! of bottled water. SUV trunks full of garden size garbage bags of clothing, bedding, baby stuff, you name it. We were trying to pull everything out, and re-bag it per category. People would come in to give their stuff, see that we were overwhelmed, and stay to help sort the stuff out. We started with half a dozen people. At some point, there must have been 50 people on the facility; most likely two thirds of them not employees of our company, on our premice and helping us! We had to turn down donations. I had to go to incoming cars, and thank people for their generosity and tell them that we were completely full and re-direct them to other (more official) donation centers. It was all kinds of folks: white elderly couple, a muslim woman with her kids, a couple of latinos with young kids, obviously not well off, looking at their car, and who still managed to come up with a full size garbage bag of clothing... It made me proud to consider myself part of this community. At the same time, I had to come to the sobbering conclusion that if the same disaster had happened in my home country, the amount of generosity would most likely have been much less.
  8. Houston is still OK... for now. ABC 13 news is saying that the eye pressure dropped to 942 mb... 46Gusts in Galveston 42G in Brazos. Still a lot of uncertainty on what it is going to do after it sits between Corpus Christi and San Antonio for 1 to 2 days... Some models show it going back at sea and land a second time and pass right over Houston. Others more to the East, and others more to the West. West is good... West is good... More time on land, and moving. that's what we need.
  9. On the other hand, your acceptance (or shall I dare to say love?) of foreigners is very well illustrated in your post here. So, Fuck you.
  10. Doing a quick search in google.fr, I got the following. It was national teams from 1930 to 1938. Then Regional teams in 1939 and from 1947 to 1961. Then Commercial/Brand teams from 1962 to 1966. Then back to National teams in 1967 and 1968. Commercial teams 1969 onwards. So if Hinault is talking about a "Russian National Team", it is either in reference to another event like World championship, or he is referring to a Russian sponsored team made up mostly of Russian/Eastern Europe members. See below for reference: http://www.ledicodutour.com/equipes/equipes.htm And yes, it is in French...
  11. If it is an asymmetric tacking boat, like a trimaran with different boards on the ama, or a rig permanently tilted on one side, or a MASSIVE tacking canoe (one long main hull with an ama on one side only), then YES; it is a weather gamble... But if it is a "true" proa, shunting from one tack to the other, then it is not. It would be interesting to see how a 150 ft long shunting proa, in archimedian mode, not weighting more than the current ultim class trimarans, would perform...
  12. I would skip Saint Nazaire for La Trinité. Saint Nazaire, from what I recall, is mostly a freight harbour. La Trinité, a tiny harbour (compared to St Nazaire) hidden behind a "presqu'ile" is the base of some pretty cool racing sailboats. If you are after raceboats, you might be disappointed by Les Sables d'Olonnes, but it is on your way from La Rochelle to La Trinité anyway, so worth a stop. It is of course famous for Vendée Globe start and finish, but I am no sure that a lot of IMOCA actually call it home... I have never been to the Lorient Base, a former sub-marine base converted to racing sailboat.... A must; from what I understand... Just google map the place, and you can see half a dozen racing trimarans and 2 IMOCAs... Besides boats, you cannot go wrong by visiting seashore in Britanny. La Rochelle is very different architecturally. It is already to some extent, "the South". Blonde stoned buildings with terra-cota roof tiles. The small back street of the old city are marvelous. Vendée is flatish for the most part and less attractive. In Britanny, you will see white houses with granite corner stones or end walls, and slate tiles roof; completely different look. The Britanny seashore is rocky with a lot of small bays. Saint Malo old city is a completely walled city, with tall, dark grey granite buildings and coblestoned streets. I love it. It is a presqu'ile (almost island) and was completely destroyed during WWII. After the war the city had to decide between building fast with concrete constructions, or re-using the stones from the ruines of the city and rebuild it the same. Thank God, they took the second option.... I will be there for my summer vacation in one week... There is only one problem for your plan. You don't need 3 days, you need 3 months....
  13. I heard "asymmetric boat"... A proa?
  14. Why do you want the AC boat to have a life after the race? Do you expect a F1 car to be used to go buy your groceries? Or even a World Raly Championship car??? If we want the boats to be the pinacle of the technology and at the same time, ask to have them used after the race, it is too much of a constrain, IMHO.
  15. In the same vein... I saw a pet grooming store in Houston where the owner was thinking of making her store more "upscale" (I guess) by giving it a French name. So she called it: CHATEAU LE PET There is only one slight problem... PET is a word in French and it means.... FART