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  1. Laurent

    Who is this man

    In the video above, the Maori Elder seems to be chanting with his fellow (younger) Maoris... A traditional prayer/blessing to please the Gods?
  2. Laurent

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Isabelle Joschke (spelling?) on MACSF, has pedals on the lower portion of her pedestal/grinder. She can sit low on either starboard side or port side and pedal like on a recumbent bike. Thighs and buttocks are our biggest muscles; makes sense to me to use them if you can set the ergonomics so it is not an hindrance the rest of the time. You may use your arms for a quick adjustment of a sheet, but winching the main sail halyard after you shake a reef? You may be happy to have an alternative to those sore shoulders and arms... The lady is 1.6m high (5' 3") and weighs 50 kg (110 lbs) ... This may be part of the explanation. On other parts of the videos, one can see that the pedals are removed...
  3. Laurent

    No Eye Splice Rope?

    You need a double-double espresso... Or you can click on the "settings" icon, the small gear on the bottom right corner and slow down the playback speed to 0.5
  4. Laurent

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Relatively good news for Sodebo: the damage on their foil and daggerboard (see post # 29 and 30) is repairable in-house. Thomas Coville expect to be ready to start in November and they have decided to extend the start window to mid-January; so basically, they intend to go, no matter what...
  5. Laurent

    Vendee Globe 2020

    You made me look for sure; and I stand corrected! From the Official Web site: Annexe AC - Protocole Sanitaire COVID-19 6.4. En cas de contamination avant le départ - D’un skipper : Le concurrent ne pourra pas prendre le départ, un départ différé pourra être envisagé sous conditions et réserves émises par le médecin de la course. L'ARS sera avertie dans les meilleurs délais afin de mettre en place une recherche de la chaine de contamination. Le Skipper remplaçant pourra se substituer au Skipper sous condition qu'il ait suivi les mêmes procédures et qu'il ne présente aucune suspicion de contamination. - D'un accompagnant proche du concurrent: Le concurrent ne pourra pas prendre le départ avant un délai de 7 jours, temps nécessaire pour effectuer les tests PCR et sérologique ainsi que tout test complémentaire. L'accompagnant proche contaminé devra se soustraire immédiatement à tout contact avec d'autres personnes. In case of contamination before the start: - Of a skipper: the competitor will not be able to start the race; a potential delayed start will be considered, pending decision from the race doctor. The Health Regional Agency will be contacted as soon as possible to establish contact tracing. The replacing skipper can be substituted to the Skipper, if he has followed the right procedures and is not suspected to be contaminated. - of one of the close team member: the competitor will not be able to start the race for 7 days, required period to make PCR tests and all other complementary tests. The contaminated team member must immediately stay out of contact with any other team member. I believe the close team member they are talking about in this section of the protocole is the reduced team that stay close to the skipper until the start, and have to isolate with him for the few days before the start. So to sum it up: if you are the skipper and you get it; you cannot start, your replacing skipper can start right away if he is "clean", or you can wait the approval from the race doctor for you to start. If someone from your close team gets contaminated, you stay behind for at least 7 days, to make sure that you did not get it and develop symptoms...
  6. Laurent

    Vendee Globe 2020

    My understanding is that some skippers have a replacement. If they test positive, and the replacement skipper does not, the replacement skipper will start the race. However, some skippers do NOT have a replacement... In that case, my understanding is: game over...
  7. Laurent

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Very interesting overview. Thanks yl75! A few nuggets. They took advantage of the original concept of having the cockpit fully integrated into the hull to make large cockpit, as wide as the hull, apparently. All lines are coming back, so everything can be done from inside, obvously. The tables taped on the walls of the cockpit are all the cheat sheets for setting the boat, sail trim, foil position, keel canting, ballast, etc. The jib sheets run all the way to the transom and back into the cockpit from the rear. Since the cockpit is integrate, the height of the boat is above average and even a tall person can stand inside. They decided to have TWO Nav areas; so you can sit at the nav station always to windward, and there is always a screen that is visible from your "standby position" inside the cockpit, so they did not have to install a "repeater" computer screen inside the cockpit proper. And also a redundancy advantage. And a pivoting central nav station was not possible due to the internal architecture of the boat. Some carbon tubes were in the way, and they need to be where they are... The back of the electronic panel is completely accessible. They already have spare cables in place and capped, so if a connection issue is discovered, the replacement cable is already in place. The engine, the batteries and desalinizator are all central right behind the keel canting system. There is a "roof box" on deck, right below the boom where all antennas are located. So the antennas are protected, their wiring go directly through the deck and show up on the ceiling of the "living area". So shorter cables. The foils have been designed to start to lift the boat as early as possible, but not to lift the boat as high as possible... The goal is high average speed, rather than high top speed. Also hoping to make them as versatile as possible so easier to manage in solo mode. My personal in-experienced view... Knowing how hard and violent the ride is going to be, I do not understand the need for such a large and wide cockpit. If you start flying around, I am not sure a 4 m wide cockpit is a good idea... And I did not see a lot of holding points for the skipper. Good luck to him...
  8. Laurent

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    Watched it yesterday. Absolutely stunning! There is still beauty in this world! On top of the color and shape adaptability, somewhat well known, the hunting and defense techniques adaptability, the shear curiosity are proofs of the intelligence of this alien-like mollusk. There is even a shark rodeo in the movie! I will tell no more: watch it!
  9. Laurent

    I'm a moron so help me spend my money.

    I learned a new word today. Thank you!
  10. Laurent

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I guess just before heading to Les Sables d'Olonne, they made one last inspection of the hull and keel by a diver and they found out a tiny dent on the trailing edge of the keel; impossible to repair under water, so you pull out of the water, with rig and all, fix it in bad weather conditions, but you cannot wait for better weather anymore, and get it back in the water and sail on to Les Sables d'Olonne. Definitely last minute snag; but nothing structural or something that jeopardize the integrity of the boat. And now, performance is back to 100%, not just 99.99%....
  11. Laurent

    Anchorage Mayor Resigns - Fatal Attraction?

    As said in another thread, a woman in Alaska was asked about that ratio of men to women in Alaska and the odds to start a relationship. "the odds are good, but the goods are odd..."
  12. Laurent

    Nuclear Sailing

    Nothing new here... Move along... These guys (students) worked something similar on a small scale 12 years ago... Apparently, not the same guys. Yes, in French, again... Bloody crazy French engineers! There is a pdf document as a thesis of this student; but the file size is too big for me to upload here. It is in French as well. The idea is simple: eliminate heeling moment, so you are not limited on the amount of thrust you can apply. To do that, no lever arm between the aerodynamic forces on the "rig"' and the center of lateral resistance of the "underbody/hull"... The tricky part is in the controls... As you can see above, not only they were able to make it stable, but they made it completely autonomous! Pretty impressive.
  13. Laurent

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I agree that Kojiro Shiraishi is a bit of an unknown. The boat should be good from its DNA. Sistership of Charal cannot be a bad thing right? But can he push it hard enough, long enough? Most likely not. It might end up, like Pieter Heerema last time, who had a brand new foiler from reputable designer and ship yard, but did not push it so hard. But I do believe that the Japanese skipper has more of a racer experience than Mr. Heerema. Retrospectively, for Pieter Heerema, it seemed more like a rich man bucket list item checked... A balsy one, mind you...
  14. Laurent

    Oh Shit, the things boaters do

    More importantly, how do they sail on a vertical sea?
  15. Laurent

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Thanks! I wanted to limit myself to 5 names on the top contender list, otherwise, if you put a third of the fleet, it doesn't mean much anymore, does it? I hesitated for the last name between Kevin Escoffier, Thomas Ruyant and Sam Davies. I took Kevin because he knows the south, he is good at everything, and IMHO he has the best Frankensteined boat. He does not have much single handed experience though... Sam could definitely be in that list. For Corum, there is a reason why he is last in my "shot to top 5" list... For sure, Juan K has been consistent with his reputation on the few new IMOCA he designed...