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  1. Laurent

    Yipes - Look at the North Atlantic

    Ciara hit not only the UK but Brittany as well: Below, Saint-Malo with Strom Ciara, which was in sync with a strong high tide...
  2. Laurent

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    And in a completely different vein, but still in an aviation topic: I got my Commercial Pilot Certificate, yesterday! Now starting multi-engine rating....
  3. Laurent

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    In a previous life, I used to work for Michelin Tires. I had the opportunity to vist the test lab for plane tires. Strangely enough the test I saw was not at high rotation speed; on the contrary. They took one tire from production, and put it in a rig where the tire was hydraulically loaded with tons and tons of simulated weight, and "drove" with an offset angle (like landing above) and dragged along a track. When they tell you the simulated weight, and the airpressure in the tire, your first reaction is to take 3 steps back! Thinking, "holly shit, if that think blow up, we all die!" Don't ask me the values, it was many moons ago; but I still remember the first reaction of fear, watching this tire getting tortured...
  4. Laurent

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    Great pilots.... And great tires....
  5. Laurent

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    From the routing on IDEC web site, they seem to be now through the high pressure ridge and should have good winds all the way to the finish. Boat speed currently at 27 knots. I hope for them that they will be able to put some East on that heading pretty soon... Only 77 miles ahead now... AAARRRGGHHHH! Still nail biting stuff.
  6. Laurent

    'Fell Off the Front'

    Marine Seismic survey vessel, used in the oil industry. You tow 24 strings of acoustic sensors at the back, (those lines can be miles long)... You send a "big bang" in the water, usually done by a pneumatic system to send a sharp clean shockwave. That acoustinc wave travels to the bottom of the ocean, some of it is reflected, but some of it travels into the ground, and different layers of rock will reflect back the wave with different attenuation, different deformation of the initial bang, different time delay. You record the sound coming back to all those sensors over the vast area covered by the 24 strings. You crunch that data on some pretty nifty software, and you can represent the different layers of rocks under the ocean bottom. From that, geologists tell you where there is a chance to have trapped oil or gas...
  7. Laurent

    Random PicThread

    This one took me a bit longer to find... but the French license plate was the lead... It is a CD-Peugeot SP66. It ran Le Mans 24 hr in 1966 and 1967 but never finished... Built by a small race shop (CD are the initials of the manager/owner) which used in 1966 and 1967 a small Peugeot engine. Despite a tiny displacement of 1.2 lt, the car was clocked at 300 km/hr !!! Good aerodynamics... More details here:
  8. Gurok, sorry but I still don't get it. Can you explain again??? I am really interested. You say that the halyard is made in sections tied to each other by eyes like we see above in the picture. But then, each eye should have another piece of line tied to it, for the next section of the halyard. Here all three of them are "the end of the line"... How come? Also, if they are full main, reef 1, and reef 2, how can they ALL be taught at the same time?... I am confused... Some say it is my normal state of mine, though... Thanks!
  9. Laurent

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Yeah.... but what I want to see is the new foils!!!
  10. Laurent

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    Back in positive territory with more than 200 nm lead. They should have another day of good Trade winds and then a last low wind zone to pass before they can hook up to a low pressure system barreling towards Scotland. Maserati had several days of so-so, taking back and forth along the coast of Morocco. So baring equipment failure, they should be able to take the record... To be continued.
  11. Laurent


    Latest report from Johns Hopkins University is jumping to 60,000 cases... What happened??? A glitch??? or reporting getting more accurate/open?
  12. Laurent

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Sounds like "the land cut" on the ICW in Southern Texas, except for the alligators... I think...
  13. Laurent

    what is it?

    And heavy, despite the fact that she is built in carbon fiber. 56 tons without the payload !!! (From article)
  14. Laurent

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Jean Le Cam is registered as a participant for the next Vendée Globe, but he is still looking for a budget... He is looking for 5 sponsors, at 280,000 euros each, for a 2 year period... He already paid the subscription of 30,000 euros to be a contender, though... I hope he can find the budget...
  15. Laurent

    Identify this Boat

    I don't think that he b gh is talking about the rake, but the rotation of the aft mast. If you compare the picture above to the link in the previous post, the aft mast seems to be rotated 180° and "pointing aft"... Weird. Weird rig anyway...