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  1. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Donfeng 12.2 miles behind Vestas... Go the Dong!!!
  2. Small tri beams

    All Zonker is saying is correct. If I may, I would add one comment: yes, you have to look at Stiffness (how much it deflects), strength (how much load before it breaks)... but also, ideally, fatigue. Fatigue is the characteristic of how much strength does a material keep when subjected to cyclic loading... If you subject a beam to 70% of its maximum load (load for which it would break), and you apply the load, release the load, apply the load, release the load, etc. and you do it tens of thousands of time, or hundred of thousands or even million of times, it will eventually break, even though it has never been subjected to its maximum load. For a beach trimaran beams, that is not an issue, but for offshore boats, hitting on waves every few seconds, for decades, it is an issue. On that matter, fatigue, wood is much better than aluminum. It is not as strong, but it loses little of its original strength. Aluminum will degrade continuously, but at a known rate (this is why planes in aluminum are still safe; you can tell how much "life" is left in the structure). Some material have a virtually flat asymptot; they will lose X% of their original strength, but if you never subject them to a load higher than this reduced load, you can cycle them as much as you want, it will not break...
  3. Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2017

    Does anybody know if they recovered the pieces of the mast? Not much information on the Spindrift website...
  4. Jupiter flyby - Amazing

    Amazing. Nature is beautiful.
  5. I hope zat you noticed zat ze Frenchman waz speaking Inglische at ze beginning! At 2:30 remaining, the young French bloke (I do not know his name...) is saying: "they have a multitude of layers of fleece, foulweather-watertight gear, wet baclava, that they have to put on and off each time they go on deck. Not much fun each time you have to get out of your warm sleeping bag to get back into those soaking wet clothes... But you have to do it! So they are wet, tired, cold, salty, but everything is fine! At 1:35 remaining, Pascal Bidegorry explains that he is trying to wake up the off crew not too late for the gybes, so they have time to wake up and prepare. It is a bit complicated to coordinate because usually, when you want to do a maneuvre, it is a bit in an emergency mode. So when I call them, I say "please"... it is better. Or "I am sorry but we have to do this"... We try to anticipate, because outside, it is cold, it is wet, and they are getting a beating... At some point it is wearing them down... So you have to give them time to get ready to get in the cold.... Yes, I use the intercom to call everybody for the gybes against the icegate. Since the stronger wind is South, we are trying to get as close as possible to the icegate. You are sailing at 20-25 knots, you arrive pedal to the metal to a virtual wall. It is like an island: you are not allowed to touch it! Sometimes we get really really close... So I give a count down, 1 minute, 30 seconds... before the gybe..." WOW! just WOW! They get to the ice gate just like the AC sailors???*
  6. The last video from DongFeng in the "raw footage" section appears to be a mixed bag to me about "morale". Stu gives the party line propaganda: "Mapfre is in front but we will have many opportunities; the result will depend on the minute mistakes by any team, and we are ready to pounce as soon as they make one" But Kevin Escoffier is showing more concerns: "we were playing the accordion in front (i.e. the rubber band effect, the gap shrinking and expanding depending on weather), but only when it was to the advantage of the followers, meaning that it was compression from the front, because of weather. Now, Mapfre is in front, and it is a time where the rich will get richer, because of the different weather forecast". Kevin wanted to put a good face on it, but he did not seem very happy about the situation (that's understandable...) but more importantly, not really optimistic either...
  7. Lithium Batteries - New Prototype

    I was wondering the same thing: between a wind turbine and a hydrogenerator, which one of the two is the most efficient? In other words, how much drag per 100 W generated? Obviously, we are converting the motion of a fluid (air or water) into electricity, so there must be some losses. I understand also that hydrogenerators are much more powerful, so they generate more absolute drag, but if you compare to the electricity produced, which one is best? Thanks!
  8. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, Yves Parlier. The rules in the Vendee Globe is of course no external assistance, but also as a competitor, you are not allowed to go over the highest tide limit. Knowing that he was going to be short on food, he harvested wild mussels on shore to supplement his diet while repairing his mast. I particularly like this picture. How do you raise an IMOCA mast on a mooring in a small island off NZ, by yourself ? With a lot of lines apparently.... http://www.thmartinez.com/folio/339/media/J6CF1SWEJS0RIOL2U300ZZ/yves-parlier-fra-vendee-globe-2000-01.html Also, going fishing mussels. http://www.thmartinez.com/folio/339/media/ZSAFYJ9O39N15F35BA6DT3/yves-parlier-fra-vendee-globe-2000-01.html http://www.thmartinez.com/folio/339/media/4JTXQ70XAO57O840RP371X/yves-parlier-fra-vendee-globe-2000-01.html http://www.thmartinez.com/folio/339/media/F4M48F98LY2BLD2X946G78/yves-parlier-fra-vendee-globe-2000-01.html Sorry for the (late) drift...
  9. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    yl75, thank you for finding this first reaction from Thomas Coville! A few more tidbits from Thomas: "The time for this record, is in line with everything you did in the past 3 or 4 years". "People will say: "he had a better boat, he had a better weather window", maybe it is somewhat true, but at the end of the day, YOU dared to try it, YOU went, YOU did it, YOU had it in your guts; what you did is magistral". "this record is feeding the Ultim Class, we are building a new boat with Sodebo, and it is very exciting. Offshore sailing, because of you, because of what we are building together, has never been so alive." "One more time, congratulations! Live this at 200%; keep it inside you. You own it!"
  10. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    A long interview, right off the docks. WARNING : LOOOONG translation! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5cQeiK29J4 Journalist: "Not only you break the record, but you shattered it!" FG: "yes, I do not know the global history of records, but yes... I did not expect that. To be honest, I had a slight hope to break the record, but to break it by that much, I would never have thought..." Journalist: "What are you the most proud of?" FG: "I am the most proud of all the work we did with the team and his boat, since.... I can't even recall the number of years! 2, 3 or 4 years since we launched this project. We made a super boat, and a super trip. I am proud of this trip." Journalist: "how do you rank the emotions of today?" FG: "You should not rank or compare emotions... but it is huge...." Journalist: "... " (can't hear what the lady is asking) FG: "it was unreal last night, in pitch black! In the middle of fishing boats. There was a fisherman right on the finish line! I called him on the radio and asked him if I could pass on the right... "Yeah, sure, no problem"... It was strange... but to be here, now with all of you, it feels really strange as well!" "As I said prior to the start, you need 3 parameters to succeed: - a good weather window - some luck, and I definitely got some luck; maybe if I had not left on November 4th, maybe if I had left 3 hours later, I would have missed this good weather window in the South Atlantic... - and then once you have this good weather window in the South Atlantic, you had to hang to it!" Journalist: "Did you hide anything?" FG: "NO! I did not hide anything. If it had been a race, it would have been different. I tried to share as much as possible. By decency, there are a few things you do not say, but it has been hard, you know it, I said so. I was on the edge, all the time. This is what I wanted to do. And I did it." Journalist: "Do you have a word for Thomas Coville?" FG: "I want to thank both boats from last year. First Thomas pushed me like never before. I think that if there hadn"t been the record by Thomas, I would not have done as well. That's for sure. He boosted us to do better... And even Francis Joyon with crew after that. It was very re-assuring, after Thomas record. For sure, they were 6 on board, but if they can do it in 40 days, maybe there is a way to do better than 49 days, solo. Both boats last year made me dream, and pushed me. If I am here today with this timing, it is in part because of them." Journalist: "did you imagine to have a virtual competitor, right behind you, to boost you?" FG: "I told myself to be full throttle, all the time, what ever happens. Whether you are ahead or behind, try to do the best, the best you know, from start to finish, without taking thoughtless risks, but without slowing down... So I have been racing against the daily routings. You always try to nibble a few more miles here and there." Journalist: "did you know it was going to be so tiring?" FG: "yes, I was expecting that." Journalist: "when did you tell yourself "it's in the bag"? Or did you wait until the finish line?" FG: "comparing to Vendee Globe, this time around, I have known for the past few days that the record should be broken, unless there is a technical problem. That being said, the technical risk is very present from first to last day, even more so towards the end, when the skipper is tired..." Journalist: "Is it stronger emotions than the Vendee Globe arrival?" FG: "you should not classify emotions... I wanted it to be as big as the Vendee Globe. And here, it is great (FG choking)" Journalist: "you talked a lot about tiredness, how do you feel?" FG: "I hurt everywhere.... everywhere... I have been hurting everywhere for weeks now. I don't sleep; last night I did not sleep... I am exhausted." Journalist: "does it feel good to cry"? FG: "yes; it feels good." Journalist: "what new challenge could you give yourself? What about the Mini-transat, it is the only race you have not done!" FG: "the mini-transat, I don't think so..." Journalist: "did you talk about that with Michel Desjoyeaux, on the water, after the finish line?" FG: "He was wondering about that... But I am not too worried about that. There are wonderful boats. This boat flew once in a while, but not for long. In a very short time, we will be able to fly, around the world. It is coming around the corner; tomorrow!" Journalist: "would you go back to break your own record?" FG: "not right now!!! What would make me dream right now, flying around the word, yes, that would be appealing. I think that with a crew, we are not far from it, with a crew you should be able to fly 90% of the time. And it is going to go very-very fast. This record is going to be broken, and it is going to be broken soon and by a large margin!" Journalist: "but what about the right weather?" FG: "yes, but if the boat flies in 15 knots wind speed, and goes twice as fast, the right weather, we will find it! Of course it is not going to be easy. I sure hope so! I hope that the next person is not going to think that it is a done deal before the start! Of course, it is going to be hard for the next one, but he will break the record; for sure. And he will break the record by a lot! I am convinced of it!" Journalist: "if you have been in a crewed configuration, what would be different? Any faster?" FG: "I would be less tired... And it would have been faster. For instance, the last high pressure ridge, right before the end, it is holding on to just a few % faster in the Trade Winds, and you can avoid the ridge, and maybe shorten the course by 24 or 36 hours... But we will never know... There are some parts, when you go very fast under autopilot, like the end of the Pacific Ocean and the beginning of the South Atlantic, it would not have changed much to be with a crew... Now, all the transition periods, where there are a lot of maneuvers, for sure, it will be faster with a crew. But first of all, I would not be as much tired. With a crew, you trust the others and you can really rest." Journalist: "what are you the most proud of?" FG: "I am proud of the boat and all the work we did with the team before the record. When we started this project 4 years ago; we started from a blank sheet of paper. There was no Ultim. Of course, there were already Sodebo and Idec, these beautiful big boats, but there was not the dynamic there is today around Ultim Class. I thank Macif, because it was audacious. And they went for it, and we went for it and we made a wonderful boat. I am proud to gather the team, to conceive, and build this boat. And then I am proud of being up to the boat. This boat deserved to go fast. There were times when I thought I cannot ease up, I cannot slow down; this boat wants only one thing: go fast! I am proud of this boat, and I am proud to be up to the challenge of sailing this boat." "The feelings are wonderful; the Vendee Globe was incredible; here also it is incredible. I do not want to compare. It is new; and maybe the hardest part was to live again something as strong as the Vendee Globe. Everybody, ALL of YOU, were telling me at the end of the Vendee Globe: "you are never going to live something as beautiful again...". You all said that. But no... and here we are. There is always a way to do well, better, different. And it is beautiful". Journalist: "you have won the Vendee Globe, the Route du Rhum, the Transat Jacques Vabre,, this is your first record. Did you like this new way of sailing?" FG: "yes, I liked it. I think it came at the right time. I have been sailing competitively for the past 20-30 years. But here you are all alone, facing yourself. It was the right time. In life, there are the right times for the right things. And here, it was the right time." Journalist: "François, there are guys saying that you are very lucky..." (the journalist is using a French colloquial saying that I cannot translate...) FG: "yes, it is true, I am lucky. You cannot do that without a bit of luck. Then of course, you have to be looking for it, trigger it, and fight for it. But I got some luck. Journalist: "what do you feel right now?" FG: "tiredness first... some relief... happiness, pleasure to see you all... a lot of beautiful things..." Journalist: "how do you sleep while sailing at 35-40 knots? Do you have to be dead-tired to fall asleep" FG: "it is the challenge, sleeping at 40 knots, living at more than 40 knots... You have to trust the boat, you have to trust yourself. This is the difficulty single handed. Let the boat go fast. But I won't hide from you that sometimes, it is pretty hot..." Journalist: "how do you feel coming back to land?" FG: "it is rather brutal... it is not violent, but yeah, it is a bit "in your face"... Last night, it was a bit strange. You are all alone, in pitch black, then the first boats arrive, and they put bright spot light on you; you can't see a thing... I felt like a hunted wild beast. I could not cope with it. I stayed inside. It was too much too fast". Journalist: "does it mean you wanted to stay at sea?" FG: "No, I am super happy to be back on land. I was happy at sea, though..." Journalist: "what is the first thing you want right now?" FG: "I want to spend some time with everybody, take a shower, and get some sleep. I think I need it...."
  11. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    In the last video, it is asked to each member of the preparation team first if he is going to break the record and then in how many days... You have from the very conservative to the optimistic. But the word from François Gabart himself on radio call is around 45 days, if everything goes well....
  12. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    François Gabart: " Here we go! We just passed the Equator a few minutes ago. Now, the big piece of work in front of us, it is the Doldrums which do not seem too mean today. I hope it is going to hold on. As you can see, there are still some small clouds in front of us. Still some good wind. Once the Doldrums are behind us, then it is the Trade Winds from North East. It is almost a straight track all the way to the Azores Islands. We should be pretty fast to reach the Azores Islands. After that, it is a big mystery for the forecast... It is up North of the Azores that we will catch the weather all the way to France. I hope as fast as possible... In any case, I am focused, I am careful. Of course, I am super happy to cross the Equator with this timing, but I know that the trip is still long. You feel that you are really close to home and at the same time, you still have the whole Northern Atlantic Ocean to climb up... So focused-focused! It is not the time to make stupid mistakes; and we will see how it looks like in a few days. Ciao! "
  13. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    The small video of the day is here, with some pieces we have seen before. FG: "In the next 2 or 3 days, it is going to be "caliente"!" Then some audio from previous conversation in Southern Atlantic: "I have not slept much; well actually not at all...As you understood, tiredness is piling up; it is not easy... But I am not complaining! It is great to be where I am with this timing, so I hang in there; but it's hard... it's hard..." Then his sister talking! "François is tough. It is a sport of endurance, and he is tough, so he will not give up until the finish line is crossed" Then the following day: FG "we are offshore Brazil, the temperature is 28°C, there isn't too many maneuvers, so I try to take some rest. I am not going to complain. And the sea is not too difficult to deal with. Everything is fine!" Then the small tour of this cabin, that we have seen before. "Here is my bed, here is the kitchen, where I store the food, and the computer where I get all the navigation data... And what I see in front of me... here we go! The cockpit, with all the important boat data, speed... Here we go!"
  14. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    In the latest reports from Macif website, they expect him to be close to 5 days ahead of Coville when he reaches the Equator... Also, Jean-Yves Bernot says that he still has a reef in the main but could shake it pretty soon... Small video here that shows his "shack" as he says. He is happy that there is not too much sun right now, but he expects it to be "caliente" in the coming days! You can see how his cabin is compact and how he can litterally jump onto the cockpit. You see in the video that at least one of the sheets is cleated inside his cabin, not on the winch.
  15. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    That's what came to my mind as well; put a permanent "fairing" in front of the furler so it does not get hit by water at 40 knots...