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  1. Even better than that ! After saying that eating Charal Beef does not help her to be first, she just quips : "I hope Jeremy Beyou has a Banque Populaire visa card...."
  2. I confirm, unless there is a dramatic turn of events, Texas is fucked and Houston is in deep shit. Data from Worldometer and The number of ACTIVE cases in Texas is over 100,000 for the first time. The 7 days average death rate has never been so high. In Houston, the number of daily COVID19 hospitalization is going through the roof The ICU and Med/Surgery beds occupied by COVID patients went above 25% for the first time. The hospitals had to go to "Phase 2" to increase the number of available beds. The ONLY silver lining is the % of positive tests is going down. But since the number of tests has increased, it is only a reduction of 200 positive test per day in the past week.
  3. Laurent

    Random PicThread

    OK, I'll bite.. What is it? Some kind of old rheostat?
  4. Kevin Escoffier on PRB dropped a bit because he had to make a repair on his main sail. He had a hole to patch and had to stay with 2 reefs longer than the other boats. He still has to "finish" his repair and waits to be in the lull, after the upcoming low pressure system passing by them, to drop the main and finish the repair.
  5. But I thought that it was the mode of construction for all recent IMOCA? No core material, more longitudinal stiffeners, on a "thicker" carbon fiber skin for the forward part of the hull (thicker being a relative term, here...). I believe Alex Thomson started the trend with the previous Hugo Boss.
  6. Laurent

    Random PicThread

    And I give you the Citroën GSA dashboard, from early 70's... All the controls were on the "satellite pods" behind the wheel, and reachable without leaving the hand from the wheel. The speedometer and the odometer where sliding left and right behind the central vertical static line, in both square windows with magnifying glass. Yes, it was weird...
  7. Laurent

    Couch potato paragliding

    Good Lord !!! I have mixed feelings about this. I can't decide if the guy is a genius... or a fucking moron! He does not seem to be even somewhat attached to the couch! The landing was pretty impressive too.
  8. When speaking a foreign language, you will make mistakes: be ready to laugh at yourself.... One day, while in Nova Scotia, we are playing table tennis with buddies and organizing a game of 2 against 2. So I ask everybody: "who wants to play with me?" After a short silence, one of the guys says: "errr, Laurent, be careful, if you say that to a bunch of guys, it might be mis-interpreted..." Another time, much later, a colleagues ask me if I found good housing since my move to the US. I lived in a condo, short for CONDOMinium... So he asks me: "- Hey, Laurent, did you find a place to live? - Yes! I live in a condom! - .... - ??? - well... that must be tight, then..."
  9. I don't play the guitar; I learned music and played as a kid but I was not good... Regarding foreign languages; don't fool yourself, it requires work (just like music, I guess). You have to learn a minimum of grammar rules; you have to learn the words; you have to learn to conjugate... But my personal experience with English: throw the baby in the bath and see it swim... You can learn in books, but you can learn also by speaking and asking to be corrected. English is the only topic I got a score below average at my final high school exam... I was really bad. I had the opportunity for my National Service not to be in the French army but instead to work for a French company overseas. I spent 14 months in a plant in Nova Scotia: 700 employees: 7 of them speak French. My head could barely go through the door when I was going home everynight... so much effort to understand and express yourself... But I learned more in those 14 months than I did in the 12 years I studied English at school (middle school, high school, engineering school) However, after 6 months, I could follow the news on the TV without a problem (it is actually a good test: it goes really fast and the topic changes randomly every few minutes); I could understand people on the phone. You know you are there when: - you remember the film you saw last night, and you don't remember if it was in your native language or the one you are learning - you dream in a foreign language! I will always have an accent, but I don't care. And I am told it is very sexy anyway...
  10. Laurent


    PB, good to hear that you are doing better!
  11. Laurent

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Good summary. Just one small correction, the race in July is the Drheam Cup, even if strangely enough, I do not see the Class Ultim Category in the list if the official web site... but the site seems only half cooked with a lot of filler text "lorem ipsum..."
  12. Laurent

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    I concur, thanks jb5 for the translations! I suspect it is a google translate... A tell-tale is the word "drift" popping up where it does not make much sense. In that case, replace it with "daggerboard" and it usually makes much more sense. Drift and daggerboard are the same word in French: dérive. But Google translate invariably translates it to "drift", where very often, it should be "daggerboard".
  13. "Houston, we have a problem." The data below may not interest everybody, but I know that a few of us live in the area... And I am afraid it will be repeated in other large metropolitan areas. For those who always find some anecdotal data: "my neighbor has a cousin working in the hospital and he says that there are free beds"... type of deal, here is some hard data. This is from TMC stands for Texas Medical Center; this is a consortium of all the major hospitals and all the major universities teaching medicine in the Houston area. The data below is for Harris county (basically, Houston) and all adjacent counties. TMC describes itself as "the number one "medical city" in the world". Not a small player... As of June 24th: ICU Occupancy: 99.6%: 1325/1330 beds. They plan to increase ICU capacity in the coming weeks, to 1703 and stretch it even further later to 2207. Covid19 Occupancy rate in ICU: 28% and growing FAST The occupancy rate of Covid19 in ICU has been growing at a daily rate of 6.4% for the past 9 days. From 16% to 28% in 9 days... What it means is that you better not have a car accident, a heart attack or some elective surgery in the coming weeks; you will be in competion with some Covid 19 patients for a bed in ICU. And some of those covid 19 patients are FUCKING MORONS who went to bars and gatherings without social distancing or masks, because "it infringes my personal freedom" or "this is just the flu" The % of positive tests is GROWING. The number of tests performed may be increasing (slightly, from the graph below), but stating that the increase of cases is due to the increase in testing is false. If the amount of testing was "on top" of the progression of the pandemic, the % of positive cases should go down as we test more and more people: this is NOT the case! The more we test, the more the % of positive results increases!!! That means that we are finally discovering the extent of the spread of the virus. Last but not least, the number of daily new cases is exploding! The 7 day average went from 409 to 970 in 9 days "errrr, Houston, we do not have a problem..... we're fucked!"
  14. Laurent

    Floriduh Man

    Same thing for Texas!!! Abbot closed all bars starting at noon today, and reduced capacity for restaurants from 75% to 50% starting Monday.
  15. Laurent

    Moovie Review Threade

    We just semi-binge watch "The Eddy" on Netflix. A mini series about a Jazz club in Paris, its owner(s) and the band playing there. There is a murder/gang twist also but we loved it for the music, the acting (done by the actual musicians) and the way it was filmed. Directed by Damien Chazelle, who made Lalaland and Whiplash... If you like Jazz, and Paris, and are not adverse to a movie where half the dialogs are in English and half in French, a must see. For the dialogs, if you chose English sub-title, only the French dialogs are sub-titled, and vice versa. The music is fantastic, the characters are deep, and lovable. Even if some times, you want to scream at the main character: "but why don't you fucking tell her!!! Four snaggs...