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  1. ro!

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    When ever anyone here quotes F1 it usually turns out to be bullshit..why you would equate F1 driver deaths to keel failures in the SH and return baffles me. Your numbers are totally bogus, F1 driver deaths occur in races, practice and and thousands of hours of used to be that 4-5 deaths would occur each year but as safety has increased out of all recognition there have been 5 deaths in the last 30 yrs. You say it’s simply statistics, in your’s not...
  2. ro!

    F1 2019 and E too

    Interesting that you go all fucking shouty whenever someone calls you on your bullshit. Yes there is a reason and it’s got fuckall to do with you paying for cable...ABC is getting the Sky feed for peanuts but they had to agree to no commercials as that’s been fucking up F1 programming in the US from day one. Liberty Media is set on breaking the firewall TV deals so that it can run a streaming F1 with different levels of pay doubt you’ll be complaining about that here soon...
  3. ro!

    F1 2019 and E too

    When was the last time ABC broadcast ANYTHING for two hours with NO commercials? For the last two years there have been no commercials during an F1 race on ABC or ESPN. it seems like you are looking for anything to complain about when an F1 race is broadcast..
  4. ro!

    F1 2019 and E too

    I hope you also told them what fucking morons they are for having NO commercials in a 2 hour ABC broadcast and how much better you thought it was on NBC with five minutes of commercials every ten minutes and three inept commentators who hadn’t been to a race in years.. US F1 viewing figures in the last two years are the highest they have ever been.. How hard is it for you (an IT guy) to google event broadcast times?
  5. ro!

    F1 2019 and E too

    So you liked it better when Vettel/RedBull won four years in succession, Schumacher/Ferrari won six in a row, McLaren won 15 out of 16 races in a year? Which sport is not influenced by Money and has a level playing field? F1 is about money, politics and effort to succeed, it’s not really a sport...
  6. ro!

    F1 2019 and E too

    LH had more race pace so if Max had pitted he would have come out behind and probably not been able to overtake, his only chance was to stay out front and hope his tyres made it to the almost worked. surprised you are here Dawg, usually it’s only after a shit show, to tell us how much F1 sucks..
  7. ro!

    Niki Lauda DTS

    I was there too working on the other Fittipaldi’s team..we used to stay at the Senaca Lodge..legendary parties for F1 mechanics..where the race winner would bring the victory Laurel leaf and hang it behind the bar...they are still there! i was at the ‘ring a year later too but we didn’t know when we left there the severity of Nikis injury...six weeks later at Monza I saw him pull off his helmet after practice and his balaclava was almost totally bloodstained.. i was at Mt Fuji in the winter rain conditions when he pulled in at the end of the first lap where he rightly said the conditions were unsafe for F1 racing.. A giant of a man..
  8. ro!

    World is ‘on notice’’s win win for the trumpers, coal companies, oil companies and those greedy eviromental rapists.. Its lose lose for the rest of the world especially my grand kids who are going to have to deal with all this fuckery....
  9. ro!

    World is ‘on notice’

    So that’s the question that comes to your mind ” why do you think there is oil there”? Not where did all that fucking ice go and why? Just shows you are here trolling....I’m done..
  10. ro!

    World is ‘on notice’

    Maybe you should check out the Muir Glacier in Alaska, in 60 years the face has moved back 7 miles and and lost 2600 feet of depth.. Reasons to be’s now easier to get to the oil...
  11. ro!

    World is ‘on notice’

    Have you checked out the worlds glaciers lately?.....
  12. ro!

    F1 2019 and E too

    I think the team is as much to blame as the kid, they send the cars out on the mediums in Q2 to try and further thier advantage, at a track that is all about rhythm when he had been fastest on the softs. He locks the fronts but the car turns in so he bets on getting round the corner instead of running down the slip road and loses the bet. yea quallie ran long, makes it hard to concentrate eh...maybe take notes in your notebook...
  13. ro!

    F1 2019 and E too

    I don’t know what you watched this year, but I saw a good race in Oz, a great race in Bahrain and an interesting race in China that didn’t live up to its billing.. maybe you should write this shit down in your notebook like Ted and Joe...
  14. ro!

    F1 2019 and E too

    If you watched Bahrain and didn’t see a great F1 race you probably don’t have a pulse...or you should go watch something else...
  15. ro!

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I can’t believe I’m the one defending the odious lazza but cleans tenuous grasp of the truth would have you forget that lazza funded Oracle Team USA from 2003 thru 2017...