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  1. ro!

    Chicago Area III

    Well most amps only go up to ten....mine goes to eleven.....
  2. ro!

    F1 2018...

    Kimi 2.5 off the pace, time to get rid and find someone quick.... Oh...fp2...P2 behind Danny by .06, Vettel guys need to give it a rest...
  3. ro!

    F1 2018...

    Kimi has qualified P2 at the first three races, he caught Hamiton in Oz and would have passed for second at any other track, his pit stop took him out of Bahrain, if his teammate hadn't cut off his demon start allowing Bottas past and his team hadn't fucked his strategy to advantage his teammate he was in with a chance to win China. He has finally got a car that suits his style, they need to let him fight if they are going to win the Constructors title..
  4. ro!

    F1 2018...

    Max is making the same aggressive mistakes that Vettel, Hamilton, Schuie Hunt and Gilles made in the early stages in their careers, maybe it's taking him a bit longer to figure out but he will get there, especially knowing that this race was his to lose.... don't know what 5iq mist is.. kimis race was fucked when his 'team' left him out there to back up Bottas to Vettel, even without a SC the best he was going to be was third, perhaps worse with the red bulls likely on a better already said how hard it was to pass, he needed softer tires not newer ones.. last I heard it was blow it out your ass motorcycle man...consider it blown....maybe I was a bit harsh last night...
  5. ro!

    Stormy On The View

    His third wife who fucked him while he was married to his second is shocked by the assortment of playmates and porn stars popping up for their return on investment for fucking her hubbie..his base thinks he's a stud and the religious right are giving him a mulligan.. The wall is almost finished, humpty trumpty inspected six 40' sections last week, declared it beatifuful and said Mexico was shipping $250Billion to pay for it through a tunnel under section 3...
  6. ro!

    F1 2018...

    Ferrari kept Kimi out only to help Vettel, fucking his race and then they didn't bring him for softs when he could have been advantaged by the safety car..why do you think he was so pissed on the podium? Bottas was pissed because he knew they had done a great race if only they hadn't have been a SC...but it turned a so so race into a very exciting race which for some reason you didn't like! By comparing Max to Maldanado shows how little you know about F1... Mercedes and Ferrari went for track position and "clear air" but Ricciardo showed that passes were possible with better tires even with less power.. Maybe you need to listen to Martin during the race rather than the pit walk to get a clue..
  7. ro!

    Team NYYC

    Yea it's not like lazza was ever unethical in his business dealings and who knows about the offshore CIA accounts....
  8. ro!

    AC36 - The Venue

    Yea it's always much better when the defender bends over the CoR and gives them a good rodgering...
  9. ro!

    Team NYYC

    What a fucking mess...looks like they copied a 70's Firebird hood, using 70's drugs...magic!
  10. ro!


    Classic spinbot annual melt down.....the Pinot kicks in hard and he goes mental....tosser...
  11. ro!


    Cue spinbot...Artemis are fully aligned with lazza in starting the world super league of the world ac 50 boats which are being extensively modified at Core as we speak.... te has pinged him that artemis are also looking at getting involved in the super 12M World Series coincidently being promoted by te....
  12. ro!

    Team NZ

    Revisionist spinbot....nav just had the bot go all TRUMPION on his ass.... i suspect that Shirley is well aware of team oracles cheating tendencies, Ian Murrays sketchy pro Oracle calls over the years and how the gang of five conspired to fuck with Team NZ in Burmuda, and yet still managed to make a fair and balanced documentary which showed that it was a totally brilliant team effort that brought the Cup back to NZ. next week we will see spinbot start to walk back his decade long hatred of P$B, Max and anything to do with Luna Rossa, now that his ginger bromance has rejoined thier new favorite team..
  13. ro!

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Even though spinbot hates Max, PB, LR and Prada he's added this to his spank bank...
  14. ro!

    State of the Union - how was it for you

    My game word was ''ouwur'...
  15. ro!

    AC36 - The Venue

    Nice.... anyone who gets to 50,000 posts can reinvent their profile...