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  1. Oracle Team USA

    The Pinot noir has kicked in again...after drop kicking LR and TNZ multiple times, lazza turned off his trouser money budget to his own team to make it fair for everyone!.....and is ok with getting spanked by those nice kiwi blokes... So how about we start up a world championship of the world for the boats that got spanked by the kiwis and lazza will be good with paying for a hundred pro sailors to race boats that no one watched when they had Americas Cup in the title..
  2. AC 36 Protocol

    There was nothing wrong with her mind when she died, as for lying that's rich coming from you, you've been conservative with the truth since you first showed up here...and revising history is your MO.. poor marian indeed..
  3. AC 36 Protocol

    Gussie and Marian had thier dispute and I think there was blame on both sides, but the real vitriol was from the west coast maf who hated her for defending EB, and couldn't believe that EB was not the only arsehole in his dispute with lazza and Russ...
  4. AC 36 Protocol

    Marian had personal connections with many in the world wide sailing community..you once asked for an in to EB, forgetting that you had got all up in his business in FL and promoted the story that Russel had fucked EB's wife... She had had an intense dislike of clean, she said she had proof that clean was hacking her SA IM account and towards the end would only use email... I see down thread that spinbot is making comments on her appearance, but then you have to remember that he and his elk had taken to referring to her as a hag and a cunt..it was pretty nasty around here if you had an opinion different to the oracalites...
  5. Team UK

    Amazing that spinbot didn't data mine this article....not..
  6. I don't think it's 'safe' to make assumptions about anything yet, anyone who thinks GD is rolling over for PB knows nothing about the man, or has an agenda... goldielocks median?...alcohol fueled twattery if ever I heard it... 15-20 spinbot posts a day puts him back on his schedule for 50,000 quality posts before his head explodes from Kiwi/Italian/Brit hatred....
  7. Most of the world has moved on from sports cars with huge V8 truck motors, leaf spring suspension and Tupperware bodywork..progress started with the Lotus seven fifty years ago..
  8. Ironic that you dig this up when have spent the last eight years telling us what a fucking arsehole sir Keef is...
  9. F1 2017

    Word on the street is that ESPN is taking the SKy feed with the Sky commentary team, it seems like you have never see thier coverage, so you are in for a pleasant surprise...
  10. Totally disagree, the CoR represents them but it's not supposed to be a committee, TO tried to disadvantage TNZ and LR by getting the weaker challengers to gang up on them..and the London Agreement was a disgrace to the AC, absolutely against the spirit of the Deed... I tried to explain who MP is, he's a very experienced negotiator, and having seen what the gang of five tried to in Bermuda why would LR set themselves up for more of rthe same?
  11. It's 'stooge' when the alcohol has kicked in and his hatred of PB, LR, Prada and Max for helping TNZ kick his heros into touch, knows no bounds, in the sober light of morning it may be a different story... As for Max running the whole show, the guy who helped Russel Green write the protocol is Marco Piccinini, he was the sporting director of Ferrari for many years, and later worked for the FIA the governing body of Motorsport, where he helped write the Concorde Agreement, the secret protocol which decides the rules and money dispersments of F1.. MP...a man spinbot will be adding to his ITA hate list...
  12. F1 2017

    Again....Liberty a US company paid $8B for F1...you don't think they are going to make the US coverage better? Oh yea F1 it's boring...two Ferraris and Verstappen crash out at the first corner last week...and Vettell starts from last and comes to fourth this week.. you need to find another sport to piss on...
  13. I think lazza and Russ have proved you can buy the Americas Cup and create a great team at the same time..
  14. Team NYYC

    Or to quote a4...a loser, no hoper team...
  15. F1 2017

    They got a sweet $3M deal from Bernie because everyone in F1 wants more exposure in the US..they went with the over the hill gang of Hobbs, machett and the shouty oz bloke, sat in a studio in CT with no clue what the fuck is going on, and 3minute commercials every five minutes...they lost the deal because Liberty didn't want them anymore..