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  1. Geotta

    Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Or how he has never one the americas cup by coming through the defender series and beating everyone! One the DOG challenge then the defender in San Fran! Team oracle bmw is not that good I think and it was proven in ac35!
  2. Geotta

    Team NZ

    What was the item that was mentioned that begins with P that someone mentioned a month or so ago?
  3. Geotta

    Race Replays

    I? there a complete race to watch from this point of view? Would be so interesting watching a whole race. Might even get sea sick from moving the camera around 360!!
  4. Geotta

    Team UK

    I agree with that! They stuffed it up just as much as the current lot have.
  5. Geotta

    Team NZ

    Has anyone seen any good footage of the recent Louis Vuitton Cup presentation to ETNZ? I have only seen highlights. Was the complete event even recorded or shown on Americas Cup TV? I cant find it on their site at all. All the pressers but no cup presentation. I'm sure if another team had one it they would of covered the whole presentation.
  6. Geotta

    Team NZ

    I agree! The bases join each other I think - I'm guessing a open door(physically and literally) policy between both bases - come and go any time you like!!! Sure they would not have to leave one base to enter the other!! Just the secret passage between them!!
  7. Geotta

    Team NZ

    On part four of the video at about 5.20 onwards what's the two things on the stern? On each hull but looks like they are in different positions. Not sure I have noticed that before? Any ideas what they might be?
  8. Geotta

    Team NZ

    Yes read that as well. I guess the "history" of the cup no longer matters. The just want a F1 sailing series. I think if Oracle win there will no history to the cup any more. And it will be held the USA for another 100 years or so or however long they held it before Australia took it off them. Lets make it a "world series" that only the USA compete in. Who want's to help the opposition "warm up" unless you were under their spell which I am guessing all the of the puddles are. They have no idea what TNZ might do for the cup if we win. All the rumors are likely feed from Orcale head office.
  9. If TNZ were to win this would GD be able to rip Orrifice a new one!! Would he be able to lash out at the like of LE, RC, etc or would he still be constrained by his "gagging rule". Would love him to have a good rant and tell the world what really has happened behind the scenes with the latest AC and how bad the management really was. I mean they can't even keep spectator boats of the official race cause. Hew basic is that!!
  10. Geotta

    Team NZ

    LOL you mean the "Facebook Generation" in the famous words of Sir Russell. I would be quite happy to watch these races go at least another couple of legs. Guess the bottom line for the ACEA in the mighty $$$$$.
  11. Geotta

    Team NZ

    Since when did yacht races need a time limit!! I don't see a time limit happening in the Volo ocean race to keep viewers happy! They should just have a 9 leg race and be done with it. The 7 legs seem to go way to fast. You can hardly call the first and last a "leg" either! Just a speed test run.
  12. Geotta


    Just like Oracle can't find a USA Helmsman....
  13. Geotta

    Team NZ

    I heard that!! Like if the races are lost for the rest of the week(heavy winds) its the last race winner that goes through. Why not just flip a coin to stat with to see who goes through. Why did they agree to this one? Would a count back not be the best method - like how many times did you beat your opposition in the round robins. Lets just hope that this is not the case and that the best two teams make it through to the final of the challenger series.
  14. Geotta

    Team NZ

    It's been reported that Burling has nothing to do with the foil adjustment at all unlike all the other helmsmen. That's why he does have time to look outside the boat etc. Tuke does them on his bike. He has controls there as far as I know and what has been shown on tv.