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    Team UK dont know if this ones already been posted...
  2. TeamRed

    AC50 or AC75 CAD Drawings

    k2mav - thanks - these are exactly what I was looking for. My goal is to get the mesh, scale down to 1.5M and add some off the shelf robotics to evolve from RC -> drone. Test project for a bunch of things that interest me: 3D Design; 3D printing; IOT; Machine Learning; Computer Vision; ... using sailing as the platform ... clearly not going to be a quick turn around. If there are any STLs of anything I'll be a happy camper. Really appreciate the wing!! I'm also up to collaborate on this project if that's something you're interested in!!
  3. TeamRed

    AC50 or AC75 CAD Drawings

    NICE BOOBS (dual whomper wing spec?) & thanks for the politeness! Have a c-class wing drawing. @hoom thanks!!! Going to reach out to cat sailing news - very close to what I'm looking for to get started. Other references helpful! Not looking to build an AC50/75 - ha ... so ya hydraulics / internal ops totally irrelevant ... I'd take a few cross sections ... 360 frames from a 360 render ... anything creative.... The AC50 at least being out of the box - no CAD drawings or at least detailed spec on the one design components in public domain? Seriously nothing?
  4. Anarchists - can anyone point me in the direction of AC50/AC75(proposed) CAD designs? Clearly the AC75 hasn't been built yet so... I couldn't even find the actual AC50 one design specs online ... Looking for something to 3D print & potentially modify into RC/drone...
  5. TeamRed

    AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    With respect to a 75ft foiling mono & state of tech, how do you envision oil becoming less relevant? Can he give any examples based on previous experience? Presumably have to move some ballast etc. Russell Coutts has suggested he could get back into the game with a move back to Monos. Given Russell is one of the people that could raise the dough, what's your perspective on a defender series and potentially going head to head against Russell to represent the Cup?