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    Brexit, WTF

    How many million brits & they still haven't figured out the only GREAT thing they HAVE LEFT IS YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS & GRAVY ON SUNDAY! Guess what you nutters!!!! We are ON TO YOU!! (Also show me your tits!!!)
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    Team UK dont know if this ones already been posted...
  3. TeamRed

    AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    With respect to a 75ft foiling mono & state of tech, how do you envision oil becoming less relevant? Can he give any examples based on previous experience? Presumably have to move some ballast etc. Russell Coutts has suggested he could get back into the game with a move back to Monos. Given Russell is one of the people that could raise the dough, what's your perspective on a defender series and potentially going head to head against Russell to represent the Cup?