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  1. Foolish

    Singlehanded insurance

    As I wrote in my singlehanded tips book, many policies will have a clause asking about "anything else" that might impact on insure-ability. The agent that I interviewed said that singlehanding would certainly fall into this category, so be careful that you if you don't declare, you might not be covered after the accident. Given that, I've had a few bumps myself while singlehanding and they have never failed to cover me.
  2. Foolish

    Figaro solo

    Did Nathalie ship her boat to the US, then back to Europe again? Or did she just leave it there?
  3. Foolish

    Can you mix instruments and transducers?

    Well that's a simple decision. The itc-5 is priced at $319 CDN. I'd rather just buy a complete Garmin system and drill a new through-hull and not worry about all the problems that will ensue from an attempt at mixing.
  4. Foolish

    Can you mix instruments and transducers?

    I really didn't want to add intermediary components into the system, because each just creates another failure point, especially in a salt water environment. And of course when I add a new Palegic autopilot, then I can be assured that nothing will work the way that the manual says it will. I think I'll check with Airmar and see what they say.
  5. Foolish

    Can you mix instruments and transducers?

    If we are only talking about the output of the transducer itself, then has it even reached the stage of Seatalk yet? Wouldn't that be done somewhere later down the line in the electronics? But when we are just looking at the spinning knotmeter, is it not just electric pulses at this point?
  6. I've got Raymarine instruments installed now. I'd like to switch to Garmin. Is it necessary to change the transducers (the knot meter in the hull and the wind meter at the top of the mast)? I'd prefer not to drill new holes or climb the mast.
  7. Foolish

    Efficient sail handling with an asym snuffer

    Really just depends on the experience of the skipper. Do anything a thousand times and you're bound to get good at it. Including hour glasses, running out of water, broaches, the whole thing. But a thousand times starts with the first one.
  8. Foolish

    Efficient sail handling with an asym snuffer

    There is no place in round the buoys racing for a snuffer. You need to learn to douse onto your foredeck if you have crew or into your cockpit if you are shorthanded. I can tell you from experience that there is no reason why, even singlehanded, you shouldn't be able to launch and douse your spinnaker as fast as any crewed boat.
  9. Foolish

    Ordering new sails - set wind speed?

    I'm thinking more of the general sail shape. Flatter for higher wind or deeper for lighter wind. Someone who only sails in light winds might want a deeper sail while someone who prefers to sail in higher wind might prefer a flatter sail. A flatter sail might give a few more knots of wind speed before a reef is required. On the other hand a flattening point on the clew might serve the same purpose. A wealthy sailor might have both types of sails for different conditions. Of course I'm thinking of performance sailing here. Is it good to specify this to the sail maker so that is is designed in at the start? Or is it just better to take the "general" design that covers a wider range of conditions? What have others done when ordering sails.
  10. When ordering new sails, is it normal to choose a wind speed at which most of the sailing will be done? For example 15 knots. Or is it better to just let the loft select their own typical wind speed for the area with a wide range?
  11. Foolish

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    I've often heard sailors say "sailing doublehanded is just about the same, because you're alone on deck most of the time anyway." I consider this to be false. The entire challenge of singlehanding is that you are completely alone, with no one to rely on other than yourself. You would never see a sailor breakdown and cry in front of another sailor. But you certainly read about singlehanders breaking down. People ask why would we go through this emotional pain? I reply that it is pain, just the same way that a marathon runner faces pain or a weight lifter faces pain. The successful singlehander learns to revel in this pain. It's part of the experience and it is the reason why we do it.
  12. Foolish

    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    The published version of the book has some 40,000 more words on a bunch of additional topics that are not covered in the free version, is professionally edited, etc. Certainly worth a couple of sawbucks. And look on Amazon for "My Brother Chuck".
  13. Foolish

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race Check out chapter 2, "The Mental Challenge" including emotions & crying, stress & coping, hallucinations, psychological breakdown, etc.
  14. Foolish

    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    The best technical book on how to singlehanded sail : Singlehanded Sailing: Thoughts, Tips, Techniques & Tactics. Available on Amazon.
  15. Foolish

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    So they have to find a 3' big yellow bouy, using only a sextant and the sky is overcast. Will they even find the island?