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  1. Foolish

    A wee little boat

    constructed the vessel as part of research into potential designs for vehicles that could travel inside the human body, for example to administer medical treatments. Colonoscopy: "Looks like you've got a few polyps there Bluto. Need to eat more spinach."
  2. Foolish

    When I Win the Lottery

    The opening paragraph of a very famous sailing book: If I was the richest man in the world, I'd have a bigger boat with newer sails. But on a Saturday afternoon with nothing but God and the wind, I wouldn't be any happier than I am right now.
  3. Foolish

    Trump will save the World

    I think you would have found differently. Of course not everyone would come on board, but you just have to look at how the country (and the world) was united after 9/11 to see what happens in a crisis. A couple of good, rousing leadership speeches and the hordes are quick to fall in line.
  4. Foolish

    Trump will save the World

    What surprises me most is how Trump wasted the opportunity that Covid gave him. Most incumbent politicians pray for a war because it give them a chance to unit the population against a common enemy. Think of George Bush 2 or the movie Wag the Dog. Trump could very easily have come out in March, with his usual bombast, and said "I will lead the country out of this plague. I will hire the best doctors and scientists and I will be a shining example that we can all follow." Instead he did exactly the opposite, saying there was no plague and criticizing the doctors and scientists. We only have to look at examples of leaders newly reelected with huge majorities (New Zealand, British Columbia) who have shown this leadership to unite their population against the common foe. And before you criticize the Democrats for dividing the country, this was their entire purpose - to get elected. So they had every reason to divide the country and make it look all Trumps fault. They did a perfect job. And then make Biden look like the man who would unit the country, which they have done. And don't bother criticizing the media. The US has a free press, not the Soviet Union. The press is free to report any way they damn well choose and say anything they want. Trump has spent the last 4 years lambasting the press so he dug his own grave on this one. Had Trump united the country on Covid, he would be reelected in a landslide. But he has missed that opportunity. But it's as if Trump went out of his way to divide the population.
  5. Article on autopilots for the IMOCA boats here:: But far more interesting are the comments on sail design. Because of the very high speeds, and very fast changes in speed, with the foiling boats, the skippers can't possibly keep up with sail trim. So they are redesigning the sails for a wider range of apparent wind angle. Having very tight sail design is great if a crew can keep up with trim 24-7. But not so good for a singlehander, especially if the sail goes dead with a change in apparent wind angle. So, since these same IMOCA boats will be used for singlehanded and crewed races, they will have completely different sail inventories. If you remember back to my singlehanded book (see below) you'll remember that a sail designer mentioned deeper chords on spinnakers to allow for singlehanding. The article from Sail World is the first time I've seen this in print from any other source.
  6. Foolish

    Building an O30 elliptical rudder

    Wow, you guys are pessimistic. It's the fun of it mostly. I'll see how it goes.
  7. Foolish

    Building an O30 elliptical rudder

    That's why I wouldn't consider it. We've got lots of kelp here and with the standard O30 rudder I often cut right through the kelp patch, while other racers are forced to divert.
  8. Foolish

    Building an O30 elliptical rudder Photos of the build process. Very helpful.
  9. For a winter project I'd like to build my own O30 elliptical rudder (to get better control downwind with my autopilot). I've got the design from the O30 website. But I have some questions: On youtube I've seen rudders that were just very hard foam mounted over the shaft, then covered with fibreglass, etc. I've also seen rudders with horizontal pieces welded onto the shaft to define the shape before the foam was added. Which is better for this project? The design plans have the outside measurements, so I have to recalculate the size of the foam to take the fibreglass and coatings into account. How thick is fibreglass? How many layers of fibreglass do I put on the sides? The leading edge? What is the best way to measure in the proper shape of the foam? Do I fill the stainless tube rudder shaft with foam to keep out the water?
  10. It has been proven over and over again that the death sentence is not a deterrent to crime. It's like spanking your child and while you are screaming "don't hit your brother!" Any society that approves of violence against it's citizens if destined to face violence from it's citizens. Just look at the US, where they have both the highest rate of capital punishment and the highest rate of murder. It just doesn't work. Nothing more than a bone thrown to the citizens. Think back to the crowds that watched beheadings in France. Just entertainment.
  11. Good on him. I'll be watching. Why did he choose to go North of Australia and NZ? He's missing the 5 great capes. And wow, a wooden boat. It will be very interesting to watch how well it holds up. Once in the southern ocean, he will be pounding into gales every 36 hours. A great test for a boat, and a man.
  12. For singlehanding, I always like to remember that sails take much more of a beating that with a crew. There will be times, many times, when your sails are flogging when you are working to fix some other problem. So unless you are made of money, you want sails that can take flogging without failing.
  13. Foolish

    Sngle handed head sail arrangement

    Learn how to work the main sheet to twist off the top of the mainsail. The Figaro skippers rarely (some say never) reef their mainsail, even in 50 knots of wind so I've been told. The key is that they allow the top of the main to twist off. So keep the traveler up, but ease the sheet to allow the top to fall off. This is a very powerful way to sail, because by heading down a bit you have full sail, and heading up a bit you have 1/2 sail. So keep your main sheet in hand and ease it the instant you feel a pull. It was blowing 20 last night and I was doing this, even with my reefed main.
  14. Foolish

    Singlehanding a J46?

    I'm just a boy, standing in front of a boat, asking her to love him. Sail trim is everything. If you can't get it properly trimmed, you're doing it wrong. I'm going to assume that the boat was properly designed for this. Jib and Main only racing.