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  1. Imitation rarely yields a superior product..
  2. I think no, due to 1st Rule of Sandbagging: Never Sandbag in the AC, it's too late for risky games, there's no benefit & only downside. Sail with the handbrake on only in the LVC and Prelims. They only reason with infinitesimally small probability of being right is they plan to go into the Movie Business and need a sequel for the - Greatest Comebacks of All Time - series.
  3. If any team can pull a rabbit from the hat OR can, but ETNZ will be trying just as hard in the 5 days to gain further speed edges. Oracles best hope is for a few days of moderate to higher winds which were the conditions where they bested ETNZ twice. I was quite happy to see OR win these, as if ETNZ had gone through RR undefeated, OR skunk-works would have been in overdrive a lot longer. This hill is a lot harder to climb than AC34 as Oracle enabled a "state change" of foiling to windward that created massive speed gain. I don't think there are any such silver bullets on the table, apart from matching & beating ETNZ in the development race, chancing on higher winds, or damage / catastrophic failure of the kiwi boat.
  4. Being involved in Engineering R&D, it's this type of cursory dismissal of compelling ideas that really grates me. It is prevalent in a lot of organisations where people don't want to think too hard, or go on a tangent that is not proven / guaranteed and might end up making them look bad. People defend and justify this by highlighting and magnifying small obstacles as show stoppers. This kind of thinking... should... have no place in AC Syndicates. The leg power advantage is so compelling that ALL syndicates R&D teams looked into it, yet dismissed it. All those Design Teams bar ETNZ failed in their jobs.
  5. Lookalikes.... Mere coincidence? Or have ETNZ really got a big tech secret?!
  6. Thanks again Rudder & others, great stuff! - Can't get 2nd race today to download (overloaded, try again later) - Torrent file just hangs (gathering torrent info, please wait) I guess they are getting oversubscribed, or too many leechers vs seeders. Anyone else found having this issue? Or found a work around? Trying to see it before I hear the result...
  7. Controversial question... I hope not, but if theories are correct and they are Oracle's subsidiary and "boat 2" of a 2 boat Challenge, I will put money on them being out testing against Oracle within the next day or 2. The benefits to Oracle of testing against an identical boat outweigh Japan appearing in the LV Final, especially if they feel threatened by ETNZ's form. 3-1 up to a 5-3 loss. The loss today was in similar conditions to the conditions they showed absolute dominance and composure & stability over Artemis a couple of days ago, but for some reason they were unstable today, an "touched down" 4 times in a couple of minute period allowing Artemis to take the lead.
  8. I think ETNZ will bounce back pretty quickly. I will be surprised not to see them have some sort of race ready package available by tomorrow. I'm sure they are happy to comply with race limits, but it will be a great shame if the AC is decided by gear failure. I'm sure Ben would agree.
  9. It's not just that. At the time it was asked ( by Ian Murray, I think) , if in case of a capsize, the structural strength of the boats would tolerate righting from capsize. Oracle reported their structure would not support tow righting. ETNZ & Luna Rossa reported theirs would. Basically the Oracle 72ft'er would break up if bollard to tow boat righting was attempted.
  10. ^Sounds plausible. I suspect they haven't encountered the tip vortex /aerated water issue to the same extent without 2 boat practise racing in such marginal conditions. The fact that PB thought they still had a penalty and was backing off because of it, is a bit of a concern. Would hate the Cup to be decided by boat damage, but champion effort to even make the first race, and take the point. Damage is a bit of an evening of the luck tables for BAR. I think Dalton will take it in his stride, calm the team down, and they'll be ready for a scrap tomorrow.
  11. Fantastic Rudder! Anyone have issues playing USA v Artemis race? Myself & a friend on a different device were unable to play it, but NZ race played fine.. Maybe the Google Drive .ts download file gets overloaded (if thats possible).
  12. they don't have to protect oracles golden point tomorrow....
  13. You could be right and he's certainly got hammered and that incident, but tacking on top that close with how much speed and distance they lose in the tack, I'm sure Oracle would have rolled them, so probably a lose-lose for deano at that point...
  14. I agree I do feel a bit sorry for him but on the other hand I've been really impressed with Burlings ability to pick the right side he just can't seem to win a start.. It's.... almost.... as if they want to start behind and practice passing boats
  15. To be fair to Deano, few boats have really been covering the opponent, extra tacks are too costly and they tend to bang the corners. I could be imagining it, but there also seems to be often an advantage on the lower left-hand (land-ward) side of the course for overtaking a boat on the right.