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  1. The Next Boat-----2020

    My thoughts also, you could have some form of wide tri-foiler, or other, that was still "technically" a Monohull, possibly without lead. It depends how romantic they want to get with Monohulls of the past. Sometimes I think guys like Troublé and Bertelli would have the crew in Caps, 3/4 pants and blue/white striped shirts, pulling hemp ropes... One of the big mono attractions was Spinnakers and the wind shadow advantage of the trailing boat downwind. Also the close side by side racing will be unlikely / dangerous if you have large Carbon foiling blades, like can openers at the beam of each boat... It's likely they can design a foiling mono to be too quick for a kite, so I start to lose the picture of the benefits of changing...
  2. The Next Boat-----2020

    Nice idea, but an 18ft Skiff is 155kg, crew weight is about 250kg. So, to scale up and have a crew that weighs almost 2x your boat weight on a huge boat that won't remain upright without perfect crew balance could be dangerous & prohibitively expensive..
  3. According to an article in the Herald, Oil Companies have leases till 2022 The estimated cost of buying out these leases early is $20M Tank Farm Point Land Area is 10ha (25 Acres) http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11885754
  4. I'd love to see these two icons of NZ Sailing history honoured by renaming these areas. The Viaduct Basin was a default name for a shitty little eyesore until transformed by Blake's TNZ winning the Cup in 1995 The Tank Farm is another dull default name for another shitty eyesore on Prime waterfront land that current victory will likely hasten development. Thoughts?
  5. Why was TNZ faster ?

    Yes, I've been R&D Engineer contracting to some big Corporates and they attract a different kind of animal. Always trying to "look good" to superiors and financial controllers creates a risk aversion, ass covering culture. I have a lot of respect for large companies like 3M who make constant innovation a core in their business strategies. Even so, dynamism is often inversely proportional to size.
  6. Why was TNZ faster ?

    One of the juiciest aspects of the Cup was beating a world-class Software Company with better software...
  7. Why was TNZ faster ?

    The Defender painted themselves into a corner regarding catch-up improvements. Of the two hardware elements that were modifiable, the foils had a lead time of 3 months, and the Control Systems were hidden. The foil tips were modifiable but you were still stuck with the shape of the base foil The Software element is inherently invisible, bar guessing what's on their screens. I'm guessing they assumed they'd have technical superiority, as did many.
  8. The Future for Foiling Cats

    Agreed, but also think the Grass Roots is never static as well. Look at the trend from traditional dinghy to skiff type. All the kids want to sail a Bic.. Fast, exciting, planing, etc.. I know my nephew couldn't wait to get onto a Bic and was almost bored out of sailing by years in the Opti. There's a chance that cheaper mass produced foiling craft will progress the Grass Roots as well, however, cost and the current need for hand lay up Carbon foils, as well as your weed / depth etc issues are valid.
  9. The Future for Foiling Cats

    Ben Ainslie's put his 2cents in, saying AC36 needs to be in Foiling Cats, so all the development isn't thrown away. There's talk of foiling (or assisted foiling) mono-hulls. A couple of prima facie issues I see with this: - Generally you need a long lifting foil that extends maybe 12ft or more from the beam of the boat, so close side by side racing & luffing will be unlikely / dangerous. - Foil Assist Monos may be too fast for kites, so Gennakers only and still no downwind advantage for trailing boat. I think some of the "traditionalists" have a contradiction. Guys like Bertelli and Troublé romanticise the Monohull, winches and soft sails and think software has no place on an AC boat, but traditionally the AC has also been about the pinnacle of technology, so a regression to de-tech the Cup would be against the spirit & history of the Cup as well... http://i.stuff.co.nz/nz-newspapers/central-north-island/sport/sport-region-6459/94163448/Team-New-Zealand-must-keep-multihulls-as-they-lead-new-Americas-Cup-era-Ben-Ainslie
  10. Why was TNZ faster ?

    Question: (related to this thread) Put any Team on ETNZ boat (with practise) and which Teams would likely have won AC? In other words was it Sailing skill, or Technical superiority that got us through? (possibly an inseparable combination..)
  11. The Future for Foiling Cats

    It will be interesting to know what the final viewing stats are for the whole ACWS + AC35 and if Russell's vision was engaging new audiences. I will be a little disappointed we won't likely see these best of the best sailors race each other for a period likely to be 4-5yrs. Burling, Tuke etc talking about doing a Volvo Race, looks like all sailing teams might go and do their own things for a couple of years.
  12. The Oracle Speaks

    Very funny video, for those interested in the original:
  13. Seems highly probable that these foiling wonders have sailed their last race. Is there any scope for this "F1 on Water" concept to continue, under a new banner, or is it now a lame duck?
  14. Team NZ

    Wouldn't happen, but would love to see ETNZ at least put that option on the table. Taking the Cup to the "Most liveable City in the World" http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11850100 Disgusted not to see old lint pockets Phil Goff and Auckland Council not have something organised on one of the biggest sporting occasions in NZ history when a victory has been well pre-emptable. Auckland will benefit by at least $1BN (based on 12yr old figures) and the best that's organised are some sparklers and a gas torch. A $50 Big Boom set from The Warehouse would have been better.... Clowns! Bill English couldn't even bother to get himself down to a boat club.. Just a meek inane scripted sound-bite... These two are certainly the Beige Men of NZ Politics
  15. Team NZ

    Off to Viaduct... Time to Paaarrrttyyy like it's 1995!!