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  1. waterboy42

    AC36 - The Venue

    Bledisloe Wharf Option? It may well have been considered and discounted, but so far I've seen no debate on Bledisloe Wharf (or missed it..) Currently a Car Park (for imported vehicles), it has approximately the same footprint as the whole of the Wynyard Point / Tank Farm area, and far more than the current Cup Village area as currently projected. There is no pressing reason I can see car import shipping can't be split between North Port and Port of Tauranga. Having our most publicly accessible Wharf in the heart of the CBD used as a car park has got to be low priority when alternatives are available. The current Government and the Auckland Mayor have both had removal of POAL (Ports of Auckland Ltd) from the CBD as central to their campaigns, what better way to kick off getting the Cargo Ports out of the CBD.
  2. waterboy42

    AC36 - The Venue

    Unfortunately, the recent court case against Mobil as to whether they were liable for the multi-million dollar cost of remediating the tank site determined they were not liable... The main issue is their ground lease just has a "clean & tidy" clause, not an environmental remediation one. - obligation on the tenant to keep and deliver up the land in ‘good order and clean and tidy and free from rubbish, weeds and growth, to the reasonable satisfaction of [the lessor]’ (the ‘clean and tidy clause’). As many of the leases were established in the 1980's where environmental awareness was not great, and have had successive polluting tenants on the same site, the tenancy agreements are not written with a safe public end use in mind. Likely, the Council and therefore the people of Auckland will bare the cost of clearing this toxic soup. https://www.kensingtonswan.com/news-updates-and-events/mobil-wins-tank-farm-contamination-appeal/
  3. waterboy42

    AC36 - The Venue

    ^These visitors from Hawke's Bay, they're so envious...
  4. waterboy42

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Sounds like the new Tesla Roadster will be right for you.. 900+ km range, 0-100km in 1.9secs. They're not cheap, but I hear there will be a good used one available soon. The downside is it will be as is, where is and location = Mars.
  5. waterboy42

    AC36 - The Venue

    The statistics put out by the PwC Report commissioned by the Bermudan Government paint a different picture: - Broadcasted in 163 countries by 31 broadcasters to 452m people, Dunkley said hosting the Cup put the island on the map
  6. If the mock up video is an indicator of ETNZ thinking, then it seems syndicates would have a crane + a cradle set up. This zoomed shot shows an ETNZ boat on a high cradle with foils out. They could lift it in mooring mode then cant the foils to a suitable position for wing change / maintenance before dropping on the cradle. At Stability mode level, the wings are horizontal, so an easy drop onto a jig & trolley.
  7. Speculating, but I think lead ballast in the end of one design foil arms, but cnc machined bolt on steel wings would be a great cost saver and still allow the wings to be a box rule design component. Custom wings could be machined in a week or so rather than months for GRP foils, plus steel is 7.85 specific gravity vs 13.34 lead or GRP 1.60, so still get fairly good ballast
  8. Do you recall which interview / article that was from? Don't think it was mentioned in the Sailing Illustrated interview with Tom Ehman. Another one maybe?
  9. Actually, that would likely be the quickest and safest way, but they are about 50ft wide x 75ft long in that mode, so how many bases will have that water space capacity... Maybe, if they remove the dock fingers.. Interestingly the mock-up AC Village video shows tall mobile cranes on 3 syndicate bases, which may reinforce that this is their plan.
  10. Yeah, I think Tom didn't want to push Dan on finer details as he'd already said they were very much a work in progress.. I was assuming the wings would be a custom design element and possibly have light air / heavy air configurations, but I can't see them being quick or easy to swap out... Removing the arms up through the hull was my thinking too, but how do you get those 1.5t wings off first... I doubt they'll want to lift the boats, or they'll have similar cost, time issues as hoisting solid Wing Sails. Maybe the whole foil assembly will be one design..
  11. The hull and foils are obviously very much a work in progress, as I don't think they can work in their current configuration... The images show the foils exiting the hull very close to waterline with fairly square hull sides and bottom. The images also show approx. 140 deg range of motion. To move such a mass and long arm they will need some form of inboard lever arm to act on, otherwise the forces required approach infinity as you approach the pivot axis, but the square sides and bottom limit the range of motion to 90 degrees at best.. The only way to get greater rotation is to have the pivot bearing higher on the side of the hull This pic below seems to show a short lever arm protruding through the starboard side of the hull..
  12. OK, makes sense as the compact power units have an integrated electric motor, but act as a hydraulic pump.
  13. Dan: "We're envisaging.. The cant operation will be powered by batteries driving a hydraulic motor, although it's early days.." Tom: So Hydraulic Motor not an Electric Motor?" Dan: "Well.. I think we'll look at both options, it's an interesting area, traditionally in AC, we've been focused on hydraulics for driving high loads. Electric Motors are moving into that area and it's something we'll look at" Tom: "it's going to require a lot of torque one way or other right?" Dan: "for sure... And yes, no fore / aft main foil canting (too much energy to operate) and trim tabs like ailerons on the wing trailing edge for ride height.
  14. waterboy42

    AC36 - The Venue

    Actually, it would be pretty awesome out off the main, or Papamoa beach. Ocean swells would add an exciting element (shades of Fremantle). Perfect for close to shore racing and the viewing vantage points would be endless. Might snag a few surfies on the foils though..
  15. Given that Dan has said a hydraulic "motor" will (most probably) drive the foils, its still intriguing what system he's thinking of as you need a pump not a motor to actuate rams right? Unless he mixed up his terms...