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  1. They could help the aero situation by eliminating 3 helmets. It will require 3 of the cycling team to stick there head up each other's arse. Those Kiwis can handle it. They are used to all that sheep shagging.
  2. The UFO is a cool boat. The price point is very attractive. I truly hope it brings foiling to the masses. There is a little smoke and mirrors going on with it in my opinion. The video with the Wazp portrays its the same speed or faster than a Wazp. That is a false. The UFO is no speedster. That is not a bad thing. I just think it's false advertising. Personally I think the S9 is more stable and easier/less work than the UFO. It's really 2 different markets. Yes the S9 is more expensive it's also a proper boat. I think the old dudes that want to go foiling before than can't sail anymore have a better chance on the S9. I am just speaking up because the UFO guy is bombing this thread. It's really kinda lame. Let's hope both of these boats takeoff.
  3. Nothing is changing on the Flying Phantom. Those boats are still being built.Phantom International is building a new recreational boat. The Phantom Essential is geared for the average sailor to take his friends foiling. They are 2 different boats/2 different markets.
  4. Unbelievable... Talk about Flinstones. It is hard to imagine they can be this inept. I guess Larry saw there was 580 people watching the free facebook live feed and pulled the plug?
  5. Now that the watch is waterproof and has a GPS it seems it could replace all sailing watches. Does anyone know of any apps to use it for starting? I would think there would be several new apps for it.
  6. There are 2 boats headed to Florida and 2 to Texas. There are 3 boats still available. PM me if you want details.
  7. The foiling tack has got to be faster. The boat ahead in a practice line up means nothing. You don't know where they were when they lined up or there individual agendas.If you look closely TJ come up high before the tack. Yes they may have to come out of the tack a little lower. I wonder what there speed was when they passed head to wind? I bet it was above 18 knots. That is a lot of vmg gained in the middle of the tack. I feel like if there is over 12 knots of breeze in the Cup no one will touch after the start. The only reason someone will come off the foils is close boat on boat combat.
  8. Container should be arriving late October. There are a few boats still available.
  9. Just to clear a few things up. First of all I really have no skin in this game. I don't work for either of these companies. I also have never sailed a Nacra FCS.I was helming the Phantom that sailed the Florida 300 this year. To be fair we had the boat 2 weeks before we did this Regatta with maybe 8 hours of foiling expierence. We were pretty green in the foiling department. I don't want anyone to base there opinion of either boat off of the outcome of that Regatta. To be fair of the 3 legs we completed I would say the good majority was in breeze at or under 10 knots and a very tight Starboard reach. There also was a ton of sargassum weed. We struggled for power to get on the foils that close to the wind in light pressure. This was a double whamey for us. If you could foil you would blast through the weeds with little negative effect on the performance of the boat. If you could not foil then the weeds were a major problem. You can not clear the foils by lifting them or by hand. The only way to clear the weeds from the foils is go head to wind and do a backdown. We have learned alot since then and could definetely represent the boat better now. Looking back we could of forced the boat to foil more than we did in the race. The fact of the matter is the Nacra is a larger boat with a larger sail plan. In my opinion the Nacra is going to get on the foils upwind earlier than the Phantom in lighter conditions. There was a comment of the Phantom mast being fragile. That kinda shocks me. We find the mast very stiff and tough. It is alot stiffer than any F18 mast I have sailed. Also the comment from Todd about the Phantom not handling the ocean as well as the Nacra. I belive he is baseing that comment off of stories he heard from the race. We did pitchpole the boat broad reaching in 20-25 knots in 5-7 foot seas. We were twin trapezing pushing hard and trying not to foil when this happened. We had taken alll the lift from the boards the boat would still foil every once in a while coming off the back of a wave whether we wanted it to or not. I can assure you the Nacra would of bitten the farm also. I was told from the Nacra helm that they shut the boat down and were single trapezing when they expierenced these conditions that day.We wanted to find the limit and we did. We had full cunningham on and front flipped stuffing it into the back of a wave not foiling. The mast hit really hard and was fine. I was impressed with the mast for sure. These boats really shine in flat water in 10-20 knots of breeze. There is nothing more fun that I have done sailing than sailing these boats in these conditions. Can you sail in big breeze and big waves? Yes you can you just have to shut the boat down and take it easy. The boats still rip in conservative mode. The question of which boat is faster I couldn't tell you. I have heard lots of conflicting stories from some reallly good sailors about this.The truth is once you are over 26-27 knots you are not really looking for more if there is any chop. Is there more to be had? Definetly but you can't live there long. I think the boats are going to end up alot faster than they are now. At this point the foils and mainly the rudder/casings are the speed limit on the boats. Once you get over 27 knots the boats get loose and kinda gets the speed wobbles. I hope this shines some light on the sitituation. If anyone is serious about getting into the foiling beach cats you can PM me and I will answer any question I can. I'm not really into typing on the computer as you can tell. I would rather talk on the phone. John
  10. The old 45's were not doing foiling gybes. I think this maybe what they are using it for. It seems that getting the wing to pop over sooner than it naturally would helps new flow attachment/power to keep the boat from falling off the foils on the new gybe. That's my best guess anyway.
  11. I had the same problem with this clown. I tried to cancel the order after waiting for 6 weeks. He wouldn't do it. I finally got my stuff then 6 months later he tried to bill me again for the same order. I will never do business with him again.