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  1. stick

    Clipper Does a Vestas

    I stand corrected, that’s good news. I imagine their insurance renewal discussions may be painful!
  2. stick

    Clipper Does a Vestas

    What are they doing about clearing up their mess? Completely unverified but I’ve heard that after removing diesel and salvaging some parts they’re going to leave the thing on the beach in a national park, as too expensive/difficult to remove. Fucking joke if you ask me, particularly given all the focus on plastic in the ocean. Sure, maybe they can’t get a crane barge in but they could pony up for a heavy lift helicopter or chop it up and use a regular one. Smacks of “its only South Africa, we can do what we like”. Guess it’s to be expected if some of the stories about dumping non degradable garbage into the ocean on legs are true.
  3. Yes, reckon I would. At the time the conversation I had with my wife was that if we were getting a boat it had to be about the sailing, otherwise a remote cabin or holiday house would be a better option, so a big heavy beneteau/jeanneau/etc was not on the cards. If anything I'd go for an even more spartan spec, but that's influenced by cruising in an area with loads of small marinas and great old towns to visit. If I was based in Vancouver for instance I'd go for a very different spec, starting with heating and hot water. We've also really enjoyed having a small boat (or rather a boat no bigger than we need), makes everything easier.
  4. As someone who's now in the second year of cruising and doing a little bit of racing in a pogo 30, and looked at (smaller versions) of some of the other boats you mention some thoughts yes, if they're a serious option get over and visit pogo and rm - Brittany's a nice part of the world and you should be able to charter one locally if you want to see what it's like for a few days with wife and kids single handing, the pogos roots are in single handed racing so no worries there, though a 40ft boat is always going to be decent work to single hand, particularly in big wind upwind, yes they can be a bit of a slog, but in my experience so will all of the other boats on your list (j may be a little better). Apparently the new 36 is meaningfully better in this regard. roller furling main, I find a stack pack and luff cars (rather than bolt rope) super easy, can reef single handed and much less to go wrong. Saw a brand new x6 having all sorts of problems with their in boom furling recently. weight/size - a lighter or smaller boat means lower loads, so easier to get the family or novices involved in the actual sailing, which will be key to long term enjoyment. Check the displacements. interior volume - beamy boats like the pogo and to a lesser extent rm are a lot bigger inside than a more traditional boat of the same length, so a pogo 36 may be more roomy than a 40.7 for example. planing boats, sure you might not want to tear the ring out of it with wife and kids onboard but having lunch with the autopilot on while zipping along at 12-15 knots without pushing the envelope is something only the planing boats will do. Lastly, as others have said think about what cruising you will do and where. How many nights will you be away from shore facilities? For example, on a 40ft boat the shower in the marina is almost always going to be preferable, so you'd think of it more as a backup. If you're tied up near a nice restaurant, are you going to be cooking on board, etc. Cutting out unnecessary complexity in systems etc makes life a hell of a lot easier and ultimately more fun.
  5. stick

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Is he hoping to take the boat on the ship like Stamm? Otherwise presumably they could send the chopper to get there sooner, presuming it has the necessary kit (winch?) for SAR.
  6. stick

    Pogo30 vs Rm890

    While I'd agree it's quite weight sensitive (including to distribution of the weight), and I certainly didn't go anywhere near a full house of options for this reason, you can pick and choose what's important to you, and many are surprisingly light, eg heating is about 7kg, curtains less than 1kg etc. I think your average owner will be blunting performance much more with general excess crap on board, full tanks, etc. So yoü can customise to what's important to you, and presuming that's not trying to make it into an oyster, keep the weight down.
  7. stick

    Pogo30 vs Rm890

    Having looked at both (and bought a p30) I'd definitely say the p30 is the faster boat. It certainly does plane, with a hull shape that helps. But of course it is a comfortable cruising boat too with the weight implications (though much lighter than most). If your evening racing is going to be windward leeward then it's fair to say you're unlikely be picking up any trophies. I've done a lot of cruising with 4 adults and it's plenty comfortable for that with nice large berths, and the cloth doors provide privacy without weight and bulk. There's plenty of scope for customisation to suit your comfort needs, eg larger fridges, ovens, hot water, shower, heaters, different sink configurations etc. The p30's navigation station chair is a winner for passages. Take a look and see how you feel about the set up and interiors on both, eg you may hate lack of floorboards, but as I'm tall it's great as it maximises headroom. Sailing wise it's very easy to sail, comfortable doing 15kn in 25t on autopilot while cooking lunch.
  8. stick

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Looks to me like ecwmf is calling for the area of light wind to expand and swallow at up. Gfs looks like he's clear. Not sure the former helps the chasers much though as the south hes gained still helps at. Somewhere in between the two with an expanding area of light wind he can stay in front of but the others need to sail through would probably be best for at.
  9. stick

    Harken Reflex Top Down Furler Anyone using one?

    It's not clear to me what it does that existing furlers from karver and profurl don't (you can switch them between sails and they can handle spinnakers and code sails). Perhaps it's the different cable, but that seems a marginal difference to me.
  10. stick

    Origami Boat Thread

    What size/displacement of boat are you needing 90ton strength on? Do your boats have positive buoyancy when completely flooded? When they don't hole, they don't flood. Water doesn't come thru a dent, where there are no holes. Working with a material of 60,000 psi tensile strength, 90 tons comes easy. So why not? Are you suggesting one should go to great lengths to make it weaker? So, I don't get the priorities here. If a through hull fitting or possibly a hatch or window fails youre sinking, but you spec a 90t cleat? If your 36 weighs 10t that's enough to pull 9g. Alternatively, assuming 11mx3m with 1.5m freeboard, enough to hold it completely submerged with a safer factor of nearly 4x. Why?
  11. stick

    Origami Boat Thread

    If these guys are as good at boat building as they are at sailing I'm not too sure why them building it themselves should give them more peace of mind.
  12. stick

    Origami Boat Thread

    What size/displacement of boat are you needing 90ton strength on? Do your boats have positive buoyancy when completely flooded?
  13. stick

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    They do a removable topmast set of backstays for the 30 with the carbon backstayless rig. These are just for tuning forestay tension though, not to provide structural strength (hence no checkstays). They may well do similar for the 40.
  14. stick

    My newest project

    Listing: from the oed, referencing Young's nautical dictionary of 1846 - Listing, a narrow strip cut out off the edge of a plank in order to expose the vessel's timbers for examination; or in order to put in a new piece instead of altogether replacing a defective or damaged plank
  15. stick

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    The brown foam is the higher density stuff. Green is the lighter non-flexible iirc