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  1. Registered WF Regatta - Dave, if we don't have four boats we will need a Portsmouth number - any hints?
  2. He's welcome to try mine anytime.
  3. Good move Dave! I know it's been a challenge. Any interest in sailing Wurstfest with us in November? We can offer free room and board and sausage! http://www.wurstfestregatta.com/index.php/wurstfest-regatta-i/
  4. giodag: very minor two minute fix: footstraps can be mounted in two different locations. Just seal the extra holes.
  5. Wurstfest Regatta: I will have one S9 available for anyone wanting to race it - you pay entrance fee, I provide the boat - free. Multihull weekend is http://www.wurstfestregatta.com/index.php/wurstfest-home-page/ November 10-12. We will have a class of S9s! Charlie
  6. Took Dave's advice and lowered the ride height. Big difference! No capsizes, easy control, much more fun than last time. Seems to foil upwind just fine.
  7. Good luck!
  8. Hi Dave! I registered the UFO for our Boardboat Fall Series Races. What Portsmouth handicap should I use?
  9. "When you come out of a puff, head up and pump." Thank you Dave - that is some useful advice! RT: come up this weekend and help me sail the UFO! Wind should be screaming: up to 10 mph. Jethrow: yep, i was just a bit wet! fastyacht: sorry I missed the joke. I did remember the commercial after RT jogged my memory.
  10. fastyacht: I guess there's a joke in there but I miss it.
  11. Thank you Dave - video of the launch but not flying. I was too far from home for the wife to video and the helmet VIRB was out of battery. Couple more observations: I wore my super traction dinghy shoes. That was stupid. No need for foot traction and very hard to get under and out of the straps. Particularly worrisome while upside down . In gusty conditions it gets squirrelly when you exit the puff - puts your butt in the water pretty quickly - need to be ready for that - but I don't yet know what to do about it. Charlie
  12. Sailed about 2 1/2 hours in inconsistent (like all our winds) North winds about 10+- mph - but better than anything we've had lately. 8 minutes from start to flight - cool! Trying for 5 next time! Tacking, gybing, and general boat behavior quite rewarding compared to 5 mph . Finger of wind coming - bear off, catch it, sheet in, bows lift, sterns lift, woo hoo! Added a bit of stern lift - 5 seconds, easy! All level, really moving, then overtook the gust, sheet in, nothing, butt drags, then upside down on top of me! Easy to right, another gust, another flight, much longer, heading lower this time, thrill! Then the gust goes away and another capsize onto my head. (Wand set up for a high flight. Will try again with a lower flight level. Will be interesting to see differences in real races.) Five capsizes in 2 1/2 hours, all onto my head, all after thrilling foil rides. First four easy to right, last one not so much. Many gallons inside the boat, righting weird as water sloshed fore and and aft. Finally upright. Sluggish sail back home, actually quite high angle upwind considering I was full of water. Very satisfying first real sail. Smacked the mast hard into the water several times. Safe and predictable righting. Really easy to remount and get going again - before I got waterlogged. Didn't want to quit - any good wind is rare here even if it flukey. Very happy. Lots to learn, stay tuned, Charlie
  13. That pic is with the downhaul released. When down properly, the white pouch at the bottom of the sail drags the deck, and the mast acquires a serious bend.
  14. Hi sail(plane)! To me it's like the difference between a pleasure boat and a yacht, a large boat and a ship, how much money does a rich person have - all subjective to me anyway, so here goes: The UFO can be car-topped like most other dinghys, I don't think I've ever seen a modern performance cat car-topped, but it may be possible. Static stability: like any other dinghy, it is pretty risky to put a lot of weight on any end of a floating UFO - I can pretty much bury the UFO sterns or bows when docking or lowering the rudder - that said, it is much more stable than a Sunfish, Laser, or any other monohull dinghy I am familiar with, foiler or not. The S9 is the smallest cat I have ever owned, but I can stand on any corner and not worry about a capsize. So I guess stability at the dock is a difference for me. Tacking: wasn't one of my metrics, but I can blow a tack on any unirig. IMHO UFO seems aimed at a hiking-happy dinghy sailor and a price point < $8,000. The S9 at trapeze-happy cat sailors at a price around $18,000. The dinghy market is much larger than the beach cat market - check any Club parking lot. I do know I can leave the UFO tied up on the dock and launch it within 5 minutes after walking up to it. That's why I bought it. I bought my S9s to learn foiling with my friends - and darn glad I did. Charlie
  15. All the setting up, sailing in 5 mph, and tearing back down is good for refining your systems and techniques, but very frustrating. Maybe like owning an airplane and just taxiing it around the airport. More boat chop than anything else yesterday: