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  1. Savage 17

    Evelyn 32 - Bristol, RI

    It sold don’t know to who
  2. Savage 17

    Henderson 30?

    Why so many Hendos for sale??? 4 or 5 in the classifieds.... what’s going on???
  3. Savage 17

    Sydney 38 in Annapolis

    This is a better deal...
  4. Savage 17

    Henderson 30?

    Which boat?
  5. Savage 17

    J92S sort

    No one at EGYC also, so 3 on the bay
  6. Savage 17

    J92S sort

    Another one in wickford
  7. Savage 17

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Tell the broker to remove the listing...
  8. Savage 17

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Did you buy the Milford,CT boat?
  9. Savage 17

    Waterline Systems

    They are busy joining performance yacht sales to sell Bravaria products per the email I got this week...
  10. Savage 17

    Henderson 30?

    Peacefrog- I bought SOCA from them. I need to quickly switch to 155% for light stuff. I sold the boat years ago and it is in Montana.
  11. Savage 17

    Henderson 30?

    Hawk, Paul Amon built a few boats like this. The problem is rig would need to get taller like what Melges did with 32 for conversion from 30.
  12. Savage 17

    Henderson 30?

    I don't believe any modifications were needed, but ask Bill F.
  13. Savage 17

    Henderson 30?

    Can also use the propane outboard.... works well with limit ventilation the motor well has... mine was on the transom....
  14. Savage 17


    Waterline isn't cheap, but you do get a little ROI or makes it easier to sell the boat with one vs not having one.