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  1. Solarbri

    Catamaran seen in Italy

    Yeah, but, you got one of them weird biplane cats , with with booms that go both ways.
  2. Solarbri

    Chris White carbon 70ft cat w/ freestanding rig

    I would’ve be quite surprised if CW didn’t design this boat to have the booms shorter than the distance between masts. And as far as accidentally gybing both sails into the center... it would take an idiot, actually trying to make that happen, for it to happen. Plus it sounds like the pivot of the masts are controlled electrically...
  3. Solarbri

    Kleen Breeze

    Yup. Makes me real sad to think that KB may end up exactly as your describing.
  4. Solarbri

    Portable fridge.

    ARB. Same tech as Engel.
  5. Solarbri

    How big a square top?

    I’ve got something like a code zero, but my continuous line roller fuller needs to be top down to work correctly, and it’s not, so it does not furl properly. I can still use the sail, and it works great on certain angles, but it’s a pain compared to sailing with just the two mains. Having loaded up the masts with this added on, top of the mast mounted “Genoa”, pretty hard while racing, I doubt the mast top would bend off much more than 6-8” with a larger square top. But I’m curious if the “vanging” of the wishbone boom would be sufficient to keep the leech of a squaretop sail sufficiently tight. Especially say when reaching, or sailing deep downwind. There is basically no sheet tension pulling down, only back. Would the top of the sail bend off too easily with a wishbone boom setup?
  6. Solarbri

    How big a square top?

    Any reason why a big square top wouldn’t work well on wishbone boom rig/freestanding masts? Pretty low aspect sails. Could use more power in light air
  7. Solarbri

    Kleen Breeze

    She’s still on my mind, but yeah, everything from the title, to getting a visa, to the huge amount of work needed, and my tiny pile of money. Plus, I absolutely LOVE my boat. So, yeah, I’m sticking with what I got...for now.
  8. Solarbri

    Kleen Breeze

    If you’re referring to me, as much as I’d like to...nope.
  9. Solarbri

    R2AK 2018

    Would this be considered legal? I LOVE the idea!
  10. Solarbri

    Cat2Fold featured in Multihulls Magazine

    Points just fine. Here’s some vid doing 9-10 knots just yesterday.
  11. Solarbri

    Cat2Fold featured in Multihulls Magazine

    Yes, when sailing at 90 apparent, the windward sail blankets the leeward. Enough so, that if spacing out while driving, and you bare off without realizing, or sheeting out, the leeward sail gibes over, battens and all, in to the lee of the windward sail. Easy to overcome. Pay attention. Sail a bit higher than 90, or deeper. Or sail at 90, and lose half your sail area, by feathering the windward sail to spill onto the leeward. When tacking, I’m sheeted in tight and there is no rig interference at all. Reefing can be done on any point of sail. I have 150 feet of sheet on a 4:1 tackle. Dead downwind and downswell reefing is a wonderful thing.