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  1. Kleen Breeze

    I agree. I don’t want to think about any conspiracy theories as to what may have happened to Robin. The back of Cat2Fold was similarly exposed when I first bought her. A solid handrail with a bench seat added a world of safety and comfort!
  2. Kleen Breeze

    The ladder looks to me like it should be reachable from the water with a little bit of effort. The only thing I can think, is that he could have possibly hit his head on the way down, or he was possibly drunk. Or, or...?
  3. Kleen Breeze

  4. Kleen Breeze

    I got this one video walk through up on YouTube. Here you go...
  5. Kleen Breeze

    I’m getting ready to start my flights back. So, more later, but, in a nutshell, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the decision I have to make. Here are some pics. There is a TON of work still to do. Unfortunately, we couldn’t sail her, so that variable is still unknown to me. I’m being offered a pretty good deal, where I’d only need to put down a small deposit before I could move aboard, start sailing her, and fixing her up, but couldn’t leave the country. Robin’s body has still never been found, so there is no death certificate yet, so the title to the boat is still in his name. His widow should get the title at some point, but not yet. It’s also quite obvious that this thing is a BIG, heavy boat, with HUGE wingsail masts (windage), and a single, centrally mounted outboard. Compare that with the incredibly nimble and agile Cat2Fold, that I can sail on and off the hook, sometimes on and off the dock, and just maneuver her like she’s an extension of my body, whether under sail or under power, and this thing will take some getting used to. But, this thing is a full on home. Cat2Fold is an amazing, luxury camping platform. Ive really got a lot to digest... ...all the photos and vids are too big to upload here. Go check them at the Facebook page for Cat2Fold. otherwise, when I have more time, I’ll see what I can do. Gotta run now though!
  6. Kleen Breeze

    Got some weed. Everything is back under control. The food is great! But, I am allergic to shellfish. Not nearly as cheap as Mexico though!
  7. Kleen Breeze

    And I’m still sitting around here in Portugal, patiently waiting, to just go have a look see at Kleen Breeze. The weather has been crap, so today’s scheduled viewing is on hold til Monday. And, if/when I do get this boat and sail her, I still don’t have a drone, so I won’t be of much help to the requests. Man o man. How does one stay patient in a foreign country, in the rain, with nothing to do without weed?
  8. Kleen Breeze

    Thanks guys. The one thing I don’t have is $$$. BUT, I do seem to have a shit ton of magic luck that follows me around. I think between me selling everything I own, and with the help of some outside financiers who are rooting hard for me, Kleen Breeze will be mine. I will be documenting our exisistence together! If we get together. I missed my flight today from London to Faro, so I won’t get there til tomorrow morning, only after spending more unnecessary money, and another night on an airport floor. Oh joy. Glad I’m not in my 70’s. I’m scheduled to meet up with Robin’s widow, Merlene, and a fellow who was involved in the build, this Saturday for a tour of the boat. So excited, in a “groggy, been on airplanes, airports and buses for the past 30 hours with another 10 to go kinda feeling”...
  9. Kleen Breeze

    Agreed. If I end up with this thing, I will most definitely be documenting my experience.
  10. Kleen Breeze

    I’m going to let the cat out of the bag here... im flying to Portugal in a couple of days to meet Robin’s widow and look at this crazy cool boat, with the intention of buying her.... BIG changes for me if this goes down!
  11. Rosella 36c by Fareast

    Yup. Sounds perfect for what you want. Talk to me...
  12. Seeking greener pastures

    If you want roomy comfortable, safe, fast trailerable multihull, check out how much more boat you get than an F9RX with Cat2Fold. Price is negotiable... http://catamarans.com/portal/catamaran-full-specifications.aspx?pCondition=Preowned&pManufacturer=CUSTOM&pModel=Cat2Fold&pModelYear=2004&pName=CAT-2-FOLD&Vessel_id=820484&ListingType=Full Specifications
  13. Scammer in the Classifieds

    I've got Cat2Fold listed here in the classifieds, and I got a stupid scam artist trying to fuck me... Has it happened to anyone else...?
  14. Caribbean 600

    Or maybe they are coming into anchor, or to the beach, and dropping sail? ...and since no one has said anything recently... Good on you Groucho! Way to dream up, build, and SAIL some REALLY cool boats! You are the MAN!!!
  15. Caribbean 600

    Sorry I stirred the shit pot, everyone.
  16. Caribbean 600

    Ummm yeah. I guess I am an idiot. Better than being an Asshole. Now FUCK OFF with your clever use of google translate, and stuff your nose further up the hot gas, ass master himself. You fucking groupie.
  17. Caribbean 600

  18. Caribbean 600

    FFS... then why don’t you start a fucking thread titled “Old School Sailing Gear-open discussion. Everyone except Rob Denney May participate”. That should help you feel better. Or maybe a thread titled, “I can’t fucking stand Rob Denney-who’s with me?” Because, lord knows, it would be terrible to have discussions, theories, ideas, etc, thrown out there about multihull capsizes, the why’s, the what’s, and the what if’s, in a thread about a race where a notorious Catamaran flipped. So let’s keep talking about jackets. Or maybe it’s a good time to bring out some tits!
  19. Scammer in the Classifieds

    His email is mrjamesron1@gmail.com If anyone has any good ideas on fun things to do, or interesting info I can send him, please fill me in!
  20. Caribbean 600

    I have sailed over 22,000 miles aboard Cat2Fold, a freestanding, rotating, biplane rigged Catamaran. Each of my masts weigh just over 100lbs! I can carry them around the work yard by myself! Is my boat better at absolutely everything you want in a boat? Absolutely not. No boat has that! But, do I LOVE the way my boat cruises dead downwind better than ANY other boat I’ve ever come across, or how I can safely dump the sheets on any point of sail, or how wide open my decks are to enjoy with no foresails needed (unless you want more strings to play with in lighter air) or how safe and easy it is to handle two, low aspect , low COE sails, using only a 4:1 tackle like an oversized sailing dinghy???? ABSOLUTELY!!! I’ve sailed on enough other cats to know that my boat doesn’t necessarily excel at the same points of sail as traditionally rigged cats, but I know that my boat does excel on points of sail that others do not. Add to that the calm, comfortable feeling I have while hauling ass, knowing I can depower in an instant without even touching them helm, the ease of tacking upwind by only pushing/pulling the tiller, and I’m really blown away there are not more boats out there, multi and mono, that don’t use freestanding masts. In my simple mechanical mind, unprejudiced by decades of sailing “experience”, using rotating, freestanding rigs is a NO BRAINER! Coincidentally, Cat2Fold, the only 36’ folding, trailerable Catamaran is listed for sale (Yes, I bought an add), in order to hopefully get enough money together to purchase a much large multihull... A 20m HarryProa!!! Got my fingers crossed, and my eyes fixed on the stars! TO INFINITY...AND BEYOND!
  21. Captain Ron DVD

    Lets kick the tires, and light the fires!
  22. Hey there B-C...

    My boat doesn’t have the classic old traditional yacht look, but it fits all your other requirements! You’d have the COOLEST boat in your neighborhood. Plus you can put it away on her trailer for the winter!...

    I’m quite willing to negotiate on price for the right owner!




  23. what is it?

    Wishbone booms on 360 spinning, freestanding masts make SO MUCH sense, I’m blown away there are not more, and more! Mono, or multi! I’ve never owned any other boat, but this thing is the easiest thing ever to sail!
  24. Cat2Fold is for sale!!!

    https://www.grinlikeadog.com/sailing/2014/12/29/cat2fold-launches-in-san-carlos.html https://player.vimeo.com/video/115556881
  25. Cat2Fold is for sale!!!

    Just like last year, I’ve got the same Proa calling out to me, wanting me as her new owner. So, I’m offering up my beloved Cat2Fold again, but this time at a much more attractive price. $115,000 obo yes I bought an ad! check out Cat2Fold on Facebook ... https://www.facebook.com/Cat2Fold-195707167166706/ Also, check out all the details of her build here... https://cat2fold.wordpress.com/about/ Here’s a link to a totally amateur “for sale” video I just put together, which shows the boat pretty well...