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  1. Team NZ

    GD had good wry answer to question about what boats might be- staying with foiling cats?- for next AC, with him saying current class might not be so good for Hauraki Gulf- something about going down the mine in a NEer and opposing tide off Rangi- and saying the boats need to be able to sail the match in the weather conditions expected off Aukland one hopes that means something that can go safely sailing in winds over 24 knots
  2. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    we got the who now, what, where, when?
  3. Live Racing Thread

  4. Live Racing Thread

    a large woman is singing a sad song in Swedish
  5. Live Racing Thread

    swedish meatball compared to flying kiwis
  6. Live Racing Thread

    how long will they wait for wind before calling it a day? when the broadcast window ends?
  7. Live Racing Thread

    this is a rich history of AC races in drifting conditions- but you youngsters are probably too young to remember Newport in August
  8. Live Racing Thread

    displacement racing!
  9. Live Racing Thread

    no Ken Read today on NBC, wonder why
  10. cyclors advantage?

    IMHO, it was sheer genius of ETNZ to recognize the two huge bonuses of going cycling over spinning handles: a more reliable way of supplying a constant power source, and the HUGE aero advantage
  11. Live Racing Thread

    between the whistling and the clicking, ART is an ear irritant
  12. Live Racing Thread

    one of those camera angles on the gate rounding is a little hairy looking
  13. Live Racing Thread

    gotta agree that someone didn't have their eyes outside the boat on that
  14. Live Racing Thread

  15. Live Racing Thread

    this leg may be for all the marbles in this series