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    "On the Hard" because I hardly ever sail anymore. I'm like that old Cal 29 that has been sitting on jack stands for the last 4 years in the back of the boat yard.

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  1. On The Hard


    Until I played it I was wondering what was remotely "Joke" about this. Then I listened......hehehehe
  2. On The Hard

    Funniest Movie Scenes

    Not all that funny, but damn cute and makes me smile every time I see it
  3. On The Hard

    My daughter called

    I guess I have been a successful Dad. My 2 daughters are each well educated and mostly independent. (Somehow still paying their cell phone bills!) They don't agree with my religion or politics, but love me anyway. Exactly one year ago we did a family charter in the San Juan Islands for a week. It was pure magic to be just the four of us again. There will probably be sons in law in the not too distant future, so glad whenever we have time together.
  4. On The Hard

    The rise of the KAREN

    I hadn't seen that article, but thought I'd recalled that the city water authority ended up buying it. The whole thing just pointed out how antiquated our water laws were. The article was right, the law was on his side. On a side note, they just implemented watering restrictions last week. Another dry and hot July.
  5. On The Hard

    PSA hand sanitizer

    More than a handful of corpses in Cancun a year or two ago as I recall
  6. On The Hard

    The rise of the KAREN

    On Medina Lake (the one in question) they do all sorts of shit the Corp would probably not approve of. Since the Corps didn't build the dam (funded by Scottish venture capitalists that lost their collective asses) I'm not sure they have ownership. The water itself is owned by the Bexar, Medina, Atiscosa Water Authority which sells water to farmers and to San Antonio
  7. On The Hard

    The rise of the KAREN

    The lake above ours is used as storage for irrigation. In the Texas heat, it can get drawn down 40-50 feet at times. Ownership of land goes down to the elevation of the top of the spillway. The land below the spillway level is public. When the lake is down people will have biggg fukin' parties and bonfires in front of people's houses. It gets testy. On our lake, the land was owned by deed before they built the damn. According to the Texas Supreme Court, the public owns the original river bed, but not the current lake shore. It gets interesting sometimes instructing people who think they know the law as to what the law actually is. Public access is very limited so it's not much of a problem, but it's enough of one to be a nuisance.
  8. On The Hard

    Garage Renovation Anarchy...

    I sweep my 1955 model every six months or so. Looks awesome when I'm through. At least compared to what it was. You guys take your garages very seriously! (I did build some storage and a work bench about a year ago. It does come in handy!)
  9. On The Hard

    Whiskey Anarchy

    I tried Jack Rudy tonic concentrate for a while, but never got used to the color. This looks even darker. If I have the choice, I like Schweppes in the 12 oz bottles. The plastic liter bottles lose a little on the shelf. Schweppes is owned by Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group, which has massive distribution. So why can I never find it at the grocery store?
  10. On The Hard

    Whiskey Anarchy

    The Cucumber element in Hendrix doesn't work for a G&T for me. Great in a martini though. Willin', you weren't kidding about the price of Plymouth. At that price I'd just save it for martini's. Ratings are really high though. I just bought a bottle of Ford's. I will let you know after this weekend, but the reviews are good and the price was right at $20 for a .75
  11. On The Hard

    Whiskey Anarchy

    So you bring up a good point, my friend, and although this is a whiskey thread, I'd appreciate some thoughts on the best affordable gin for Gin and Tonics. If I'm having something other than wine (or margaritas) that is likely to be my choice during the summer months. Dad swore by Gordons. To him it was all the quality without the advertising budget. I think Gordon's is underrated but Beefeater is more to my taste, although not sure I could tell them apart in a blind tasting. Currently killing a bottle of regular Bombay which seems quite suited to the task. But always looking for a better G&T. (Schweppes if I can find it, or Fever Tree for the tonic. The others are crap!) I figure there are some good ideas in this Forum! Let's hear 'em!
  12. On The Hard

    NZ's dealing with kids watching porn, a good approach

    I actually like this ad. Good stuff
  13. On The Hard

    Whiskey Anarchy

    I missed this the first time around. My wife and I took a tour while we were in Dublin. It's in the old part of town where the distilleries USED to be. Founded by a family that made a fortune selling out and started making this one for the love of it. It was not as good as the Red Breast, but really very good! If you make it to Dublin, it's worth a couple of hours to take the tour, and the tasting is fun.
  14. On The Hard


    When your dick is even shorter than the guy in the lifted F250!
  15. On The Hard


    I remember a huge ice storm in Dallas in 85/86 winter. I was crawling, along with all the other sane folks, down your loop 635 when some guy in one of THOSE trucks goes flying by me, about two overpasses later I see him pointing the wrong way against the median with no doubt a shit ton of body damage on the passenger side. In his own way, he was "on the hard" too!