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  1. wallcfa

    Fake Online reviews in the news

    I went to HomeAdvisor to find a design/build remodeler. Two had really good overall reputations but both had one or two scathing 1* reviews. It didn't take much reading between the lines on one of them to determine that I would never, ever, EVER want to meet the completely unreasonable, psychopathic bitch that wrote it. I can't imagine having to deal with people like that as a remodeling contractor. Sometimes the review says a lot more about the reviewer than than the subject.
  2. wallcfa

    Songs that were hits

    Sort of the opposite of this thread... I think that "All along the watch tower" was far better by Hendrix than Dylan I very slightly prefer J. J. Cale's verson of "Cocaine" to Clapton's although I think both are awfully good. (Even if I may be a little tired of it by now) Cale also wrote "After Midnight" which Clapton turned into a hit. Great writer
  3. Intentionally provoking with the subject line. Lots of threads about music, but couldn't find anything about who writes the best lyrics, so I thought I'd take a stab. Bob has his Nobel Prize for literature, but nobody writes better lyrics in my mind than Jason Isbell. A small sample from "Songs that she Sang in the Shower" "...And experience robs me of hope That she'll make it back home So I'm stuck on my own I'm stuck on my own In a room....By myself Looks like I'm here with a guy that I judged worse than anyone else So I pace....And I pray And I repeat the mantra's that might keep me clean for the day..." Great song to listen to, too. He's just the consummate songwriter in my mind. So who do you like (based on lyrics)?
  4. wallcfa

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    He was a fisherman after all!
  5. wallcfa

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    To be fair to all who have posted in this the thread the "Badge of Honor" comment was based on my entire experience on SA, not specifically on this thread. And PB, I agree that on this thread in particular, it is a relevant point to bring up as one's point of view could impact their thoughts about the work. I've always liked what you've had to say and you approach life thoughtfully, which is more than I can say for many people (in and out of SA) So on the Atheism topic there is a phrase I've liked over the years that is actually true regarding one point in my life, "I've tried to be an Atheist but found I'm incapable of that much faith"
  6. wallcfa

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    Funny to me how being an atheist is a badge of honor around here. So I will boldly step out and say I'm not. Hate that about me if you wish. Back to the topic at hand, we bought the album and I saw the touring show at the Corpus Christi Auditorium which he the most awful acoustics you could imagine. Yet even in there, it was a great show. It didn't make a difference one way or another from a belief standpoint, I was already well familiar with the story and at that point, a believer mostly because I was raised to be. Anyway, I loved it because of the music and the play itself . Looking back, it was an amazing work by one scarcely older than I at the time. I haven't seen the new version but hope to catch it at some point.
  7. wallcfa

    More United Dumbphuckery

    I think suffocation is likely. Pretty sure there isn't much air circulation in those bins and even a small dog would run out of oxygen pretty quickly in that small a space. Particularly if the rest of the bin was full of bags. Not a lot of room for air. Doesn't have to be airtight to run out of O2
  8. wallcfa

    not all heros wear capes

    Sounds like this C*** needs to feel a little sad. Get over yourself bitch (Great thread title by the way! LOL)
  9. wallcfa

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    No just decorative. I could do without some of the doodads, but I like the looks overall
  10. wallcfa

    College Anarchy

    Congrats! Back on the Vanderbilt thing. My wife and I both went...turned down my daughter flat.....too white and too Texan.... She ended up a Sewanee and drove up to Vandy to visit friends. Came back saying she was SO glad she didn't get in! The right school can be a great blessing. Your daughter sounds like a rock solid kid! I wish her the best!
  11. wallcfa

    College Anarchy

    Late in the game to be bringing this up, but Vanderbilt has a great nursing program and Nashville is a hell of a town to spend 4 years in.
  12. wallcfa

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    For what it's worth I just took delivery of a 2018 Mustang Convertible - Ecoboost 4 with a manual transmission. Haters gonna hate and I expect to hear about how I should have bought the 5.0, but this little car is a blast to drive, pure and simple, and from a styling standpoint, I think they got it just about perfect.
  13. wallcfa

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    You guys should really cut these youngsters some slack. No doubt they got their inspiration from wait for it Reid Stowe im surprised no one else connected the dots. Lol
  14. wallcfa

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Just so thrilling to know that there are people willing to go after the record that can’t be beaten. I thought it would take a decade. Well done
  15. wallcfa

    Mitsubushi Vehicals - Thumbs Up or Down

    Anybody else see shades of AMC in the back 1/3 of this car? Still not sure how I feel about this one.