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  1. I got divorced today.

    Nicely Done!! Recently signed a 3 yr lease in Burnett County for more per acre than we got selling a ranch and half the minerals in Dimmitt County about 20 years ago. Kinda blew my mind.
  2. Jeep.

    Hey guys. Been gone a while. Had to tell this Jeep story though. (Screenname used to be On The Hard) Bought a '08 Grand Cherokee new. Salesman tells me it has a lifetime warranty on the drivetrain. I asked "mine or Chrysler's"? He wasn't amused anyway in the last 9 years I've gotten a completely new free engine and a new transmission about a month ago im waiting for them to offer me any car on the lot if I will just give the SOB back
  3. Joke

    Thanks Grumpy. 12 years later and just as funny. Almost made beer come out of my nose
  4. Joke

    A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer. The husband types in "mypenis" and the wife falls over laughing, because the message on the screen says, "Error - Not long enough"
  5. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I'm a bit late to the party, but my dad, who could be a bit Buckley-ish with his use of the English Language, named our 17' Boston Whaler "Alacrity" in 1972. We're still using the same Whaler at the lake house. It's on its third engine and runs like a scalded cat. It's a wonderful name. Good choice and congrats on the great work!
  6. College Football 2016

    How can we have a thread about college football and not mention Vanderbilt? LOL But seriously, who would have thought they'd beat 2 ranked teams and finish with 2 more wins than Oregon?
  7. Your Favorite Cover

    Speaking of Dylan covers, Jerry Jeff Walker of all people absolutely nails this one
  8. Your Favorite Cover

    Thanks for that. I hadn't heard it. Amazing stuff. Glad you included the original too. Way to amazing to neglect. Still for Best Cover Ever, I have to agree with All Along the Watchtower. Completely amazing
  9. Joke

    A guy's mother in law is visiting and wife is out shopping, when MIL has a stroke. He rushes her to the hospital where they take her into emergency surgery. Doc comes out a couple hours later and says, "I have some good news and some bad news, which do you want first?" Son in law says "Give me the bad news first" Doc says "Well we saved her but she had massive brain damage. She can't talk and can only make a horrible screeching sound. She's paralyzed so you are going to have to feed her 3 times a day. And she's incontinent so you are going to have deal with diapers, keep her clean, all that stuff." Son in law, says "Oh my god that's terrible! what's the good news?" Doc says; JUST KIDDING! SHE"S DEAD!!
  10. College Football 2016

    I really didn't care whether Clempson (as some folks call it) or FSU won. The obnoxious FSU chant made me cheer for Clempson at the end. But for a game that I didn't have an emotional connection with, that was some damn good football. Lotta fun.
  11. so how do you do that? rent tanks at each destination, rent tanks at start and fill at each destination I thought you were asking how to get a penis and vagina to go together...
  12. sex tourism

    eye rolls from 50ish women do not bother the 50ish men who are banging their hot 25 year old wives. LMAO Decidedly so!
  13. I got divorced today.

    This thread makes me realize just how lucky I've been. 30 years in with my wife. Some of it's luck. Some of it is a mutual decision to make it work. But my life sure as hell doesn't look like I expected it to 30 years ago. But that's OK. I just miss the sailing. I've got to get going on that again
  14. my hero died today

    Dad battled Parkinsons for almost 10 years and for the last few, was a shell of his former self. After he passed I was able to get out of the problems of his decline and focus on his very remarkable life. While he was alive I just focused on his condition. I wish I had spent more time reminiscing with him about great times when I was a kid. Since his death 2 1/2 years ago I think of him with joy in my heart and remember the REAL Bob Wallace, not the way he lived out the last few years. Not sure if your Dad's death was sudden or not, but I pray that you are able to focus on his very best qualities and accept the challenge to live up to them (as I'm sure you do every day!) My condolences on your loss.
  15. Thanks Tim

    As a San Antonio resident we all love our Timmy. To be that good and that uninterested in self-aggrandizement is remarkable. The Anti-Kobe. Love the WSJ article. Love that he fulfilled his promise to his mom and graduated before joining the league. I will be interesting to see what comes next for Tim. He is one of a kind