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  1. My body is a complete disaster. Except for my heart. After my mom died of a stroke I figured it was time to take my (then) 57 year old carcass to the cardiologist for a full work up. I quit when I felt like I could go another 30 seconds but just thought I'd done enough. When I stopped it felt like my heart rate ACCELERATED for the next minute or so. I was damn glad I had stopped. At the end of the day after all the imaging and stuff, they said I had the heart of a 35 year old. So at least SOMETHING is working right. (knees, achilles, back, neck, wrist, etc., not so much)
  2. wallcfa

    Aretha Checking Out

    Willie did pay his taxes. At least the tax that his high powered accountants told him he owed. (Earnst and Young?) Anyway, at their advice he invested in tax shelters that the IRS later decided were abusive and the tax court (surprise, surprise) agreed. He ultimately paid what they said he owed and got a pretty substantial part of it back from the firm for their shitty advice.
  3. wallcfa

    Building a superyacht video timelapse

    I've never had a problem with rich people. Various rich people have provided me and my family a nice living over the last 30 years.
  4. wallcfa

    College Football 2018

    One thing is also certain...Vanderbilt will continue to be the SEC punching bag and will be lucky to be .500. Flashes of brilliance last year against K State, but if Baylor and TCU can put a competitive team on the field, why can't my alma mater?
  5. Bump (410): What's an appropriate gift to bring to my boyfriend's wife's baby shower? (443): Shame?
  6. wallcfa

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Useless Trivia She grew up in Corpus Christi. Went to Ray High School before moving on to University of Texas and future fame. My cousin's wife was a close friend throughout including fame, fortune and misfortune. She said Farrah could be a little Hollywood at first when they'd get back together, but within a few minutes, she was just the kid down the street in high school. A nice kid and a classic beauty
  7. wallcfa

    Awesome Book

    Robert K Massie Catherine the Great "Portrait of a Woman" I'm envious of your reading time...it must be really enriching!
  8. (303): My ex-wife, who I haven't heard from since the divorce, just Amazoned me cherry flavored massage oil and a rainbow caps with the message "Happy Pride". What's the polite response?
  9. Thanks for resurrecting this. Always my favorite thread. Reminds me of all the chicks I didn't fuck when I had the chance. :-(
  10. wallcfa

    Awesome Book

    Sounds really good. I usually tend to read fiction and print sailing magazines (a little jab to our host here). Anyway, a friend just lent me a copy of a biography of Catherine the Great. Halfway through it. Really well researched and the writing moves along. It'll take you some time to get through it though, and take notes on the people. Everyone is related to everyone else, sometimes two different ways, even the ones they are at war with.
  11. wallcfa

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    I've always loved this one. Bein' from Texas and all... Iv
  12. wallcfa

    "Because I Could Not Stop For Death

    I sort of get your point, but the OP was neither right or left wing. It's a personal decision and it does have financial consequences on the rest of us. Taken across the entire population those consequences are enormous. Selfish? Of course it is!!! But if you can't be selfish about how you exit this silly existence, what can you be selfish about. I suppose we will have to wait and see what kind of fighter I am. Hope to never find out, but I suspect I will accept the inevitable...when it is inevitable... and just go the most comfortable route. Dad died of Parkinson's. A horrible 8 year decline that I wouldn't with on anyone, and certainly not myself
  13. wallcfa

    Asian female driver

    Anybody ever drive in Rome? Holy Fuck!! It makes Mexico City look tame by comparison. And not an Asian driver to be seen as far as I can tell. Experience behind the wheel and driving norms in the country where you learned to drive are more likely the determinant factors rather than race, but since those aren't visually observable, we observe that which is. I got my ass handed to me for using the word "Oriental" in front of my oh so enlightened 22 year old daughter. Never occurred to me that it was offensive, but discovering it to be so, I steer clear of the term. (Even though I still haven't been informed exactly what the beef is. I think it may have something to do with Colonialism and the English referring to vast swaths of non-Europeans as Oriental, but not sure) I firmly believe that intentionally antagonizing people is ugly behavior. Unless they deserve it.....LOL
  14. wallcfa

    Do you live in a shithole city?

    Hmmm. Riverwalk? It is what you make of it. Some very nice stretches and good restaurants. Some very forgettable places with mediocre food also. Prices are not a bargain in either