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  1. wick

    Battery-powered motoring navigation light

  2. Offset will work fine. Have had this on 2 boats smaller and lighter than yours with transom hung rudders. 5HP Honda 4stroke on Garelick adjustable bracket on one. Fixed transom mount on the other. Motor sailing was not a problem. Tight manoeuvring was good by being able to swing the motor. Then had a 9.9 Yamaha centreline on a Nonsuch 22. (5000 lb) Not able to swing for tight turns. So had to 3 point turn some times. Motor sailed fine. Could not tilt it up, but diesels drag props as well, so didn’t worry about it. Just scrubbed the leg 2x a season. I don’t think you will notice any performance problem with offset position vs centreline, and if it gives you better access to turn in tight places, go with that.
  3. wick

    31 feet deck saloon boat

    Is that bottle of rum on the stbd aft rail seat? What neglect! Did it slide overboard during the squall mentioned in the article?
  4. wick

    Cruising Quarantine Issues RE Covid-19

    check Noonsite for individual advisories, lockdowns etc
  5. wick

    Side-mounted swim ladder

    Another one. Will be ordering this for our Niagara 35. https://klacko.ca/trifold-midship-ladder/
  6. wick


    I have used a Nanopress for a year. Occasional leaks at first, but I have dialled in the grind size pretty good now, and most importantly, how hard that you tamp the coffee down in the holder. Too much and it does blow out through the threads. Get pretty good crema that can last more than 2 minutes. (The standard that Italy is claiming as they try to trademark espresso terms). Can add hot water for a longer americano. Also have an insulated French press on board for longer mornings, or to stand in the sink when heading out early. The Kamira looks interesting.
  7. wick

    Fixing punky Ash on thistle rail

    Scarf in a new piece. If the area has rot in it now that is more than just staining, it will continue to grow, regardless of drying, hesting, sealing etc.
  8. wick

    Teak shower base treatment

    For a finish to build evenly around corners/edges, the edges need to be eased with a slight radius. Surface tension makes a liquid finish pull back from the sharp edges, so the finish cures with a thinner build at the corners. That is a lot of detail sanding on your grate. And it will still breakdown faster at the edges. Consider the above recommendation on leaving it bare and just cleaning a couple of times a year. Less work.
  9. wick

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Paps, Looks like a nice area for overnighting and still be close to home. Thanks for the map. Bill
  10. wick

    Who makes custom soft fresh water tanks?

    Svein, Would this work for you? 1, 2.5, 5, gallon size with grommets to secure. Looks like a couple of different spout options https://www.smartbottleinc.com/
  11. wick

    SAR Run Aground Bad Accident

    I came across this link to an essay from an angry former Sooke RCMSAR member while looking through news reports on the accident. I didn't realize that RCMSAR was only in BC. on the Lake Ontario where I sail, volunteer SAR organizations are Coast Guard Auxiliary. (ie GAMRU, TOWARF, PARA etc) They seem similar. Was the RCMSAR only created when the CCG stations were closed in BC? http://jwalk.mywhc.ca/
  12. wick

    onboard coffee??

    Didn't know about the Kamira.. Looking that up. Thanks
  13. wick

    onboard coffee??

    We did that for years when on canoe trips. Seemed fine then. Just let it sit for a few minutes and most of the grounds settled. Dad would trickle a little cold water into the pot in a circle. Said the cold water sinking would take the grounds down too. Was never sure on that.
  14. wick

    onboard coffee??

    We have used both an insulated stainless French press (4 cups-2 each) and an Aeropress 2 cups at a time into the accessory Java Jug. The jug gives you a stable pressing base, and then you add more hot water to suit the number of cups or strength. The Aeropress stores inside the jug, so it takes about the same space as the French press. I think we prefer the French press as it involves no more effort for the second cups for both of us. And watching the world from the cockpit is what it is all about. We often keep the second cups back till we are on the move. Just set the press and cups on the lee side of the cockpit on a rubber mat till ready.
  15. wick

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Just a few more degrees to his right and he may have driven up on a reef between the 2 big sections of the island. Probably would needed about 30 degrees (eyeball guess on google) to miss the island. Lady luck was with him for where he did strike.