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  1. wick

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Paps, Looks like a nice area for overnighting and still be close to home. Thanks for the map. Bill
  2. wick

    Who makes custom soft fresh water tanks?

    Svein, Would this work for you? 1, 2.5, 5, gallon size with grommets to secure. Looks like a couple of different spout options https://www.smartbottleinc.com/
  3. wick

    SAR Run Aground Bad Accident

    I came across this link to an essay from an angry former Sooke RCMSAR member while looking through news reports on the accident. I didn't realize that RCMSAR was only in BC. on the Lake Ontario where I sail, volunteer SAR organizations are Coast Guard Auxiliary. (ie GAMRU, TOWARF, PARA etc) They seem similar. Was the RCMSAR only created when the CCG stations were closed in BC? http://jwalk.mywhc.ca/
  4. wick

    onboard coffee??

    Didn't know about the Kamira.. Looking that up. Thanks
  5. wick

    onboard coffee??

    We did that for years when on canoe trips. Seemed fine then. Just let it sit for a few minutes and most of the grounds settled. Dad would trickle a little cold water into the pot in a circle. Said the cold water sinking would take the grounds down too. Was never sure on that.
  6. wick

    onboard coffee??

    We have used both an insulated stainless French press (4 cups-2 each) and an Aeropress 2 cups at a time into the accessory Java Jug. The jug gives you a stable pressing base, and then you add more hot water to suit the number of cups or strength. The Aeropress stores inside the jug, so it takes about the same space as the French press. I think we prefer the French press as it involves no more effort for the second cups for both of us. And watching the world from the cockpit is what it is all about. We often keep the second cups back till we are on the move. Just set the press and cups on the lee side of the cockpit on a rubber mat till ready.
  7. wick

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Just a few more degrees to his right and he may have driven up on a reef between the 2 big sections of the island. Probably would needed about 30 degrees (eyeball guess on google) to miss the island. Lady luck was with him for where he did strike.
  8. wick

    Our Daily Bread...

    So you like that NYT no knead recipe too? The heat requirement for a good crust is at odds with the desire to save propane. We don’t have an oven, just a 2 burner stove. So any baking of bread products is usually flatbreads or tortillas. Bannock if we want to up the fat quotient for cold days. Bill
  9. wick

    Show your boat not sailing

    Bull, do you sketch it out and work up the final paint version later, or work from a photograph? Really nice. Thanks for putting it and your others up here.
  10. We have a Defence Dept. small arms range next to our marina on Lake Ontario. A legacy from when it was just a rural area. The high back stop berm is at the lake shore and is signed and is flagged on shore when in use. Yellow marker buoys run out 1 mile from shore, 1/2 mile across. Boaters of all types with no chart, or no knowledge of the notes on the charts transit the area daily. Firing normally stops when that happens. Rounds don't top the berm very often, but we have heard them zipping/snapping down range on occasion. Have not heard of any casualties in the last 10 years we have been there.
  11. wick

    Lightning protection or no?

    Our Nonsuch 22 (free standing rig) was hit by lightning in July 2017, on Lake Ontario. The mast step has two 4AWG wires from the step to: 1. Guest Dynaplate, about 18" from the mast 2. Forward keelbolt, about 6 feet from the mast. At haul out the next day it was clearly evident that both wires carried charge to the water. The Dynaplate had a couple of "tree branches" radiating out from it in the bottom paint. The keel had several dozen pock marks (up to 1/8" diameter) through the barrier coat and bottom paint, all below the keel joint line. No other hull damage. We had the bottom stripped, inspected, and redone the next spring before launch. Electric casualties were VHF antenna, bicolor and steaming lights (both on the mast), VHF radio, handheld GPS, solar charge controller. Those items along with ALL wiring, panels and fixtures, and the bottom work all replaced/upgraded by insurance. I was aboard at the time in the cockpit. Felt no charge, but my hearing was bad for about 3 days after. Bill
  12. Glad to see you are still at it. Or maybe you're not, having wanted to complete the job faster! Anyway, i'm enjoying seeing the progress. Did you remove most of the hard filler? Bill
  13. wick

    Keel joint hairline cracks

    Put it back in the water. Then you can't see them. Problem solved.
  14. wick

    Talk this Sunday at Sausalito YC

    Don't forget, "make yourself at home in our showers, the keypad code is 1234"
  15. wick

    LO 300

    They are stretched out the full length of the lake. See here http://yb.tl/lo3002018#