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  1. Managing epoxy cure times

    +++ on the white vinegar.
  2. Safety gear

    what shape is the rudder in? Just a few leaks into it, or bearing/support issues?
  3. Stern rail issues

    From the South Shore Yachts website: "the staff at South Shore Yachts understand the value of superior customer service before, during and after the sale." "At South Shore Yachts, we are proud of our reputation for providing top quality service and sales. We stand behind every sale we make." I would put it in place on the boat, take take detailed pics of how it (does not) fit, and figure out how to get it back to be made right for you. Could be a pain in the ass taking it across the border, again, and again. As long as it was not your measurements that were out. Good luck
  4. I agree, crazy good skill. Now on to look at his other vids.
  5. ^^ "which we badly need to clean and re-oil." SOMEDAY Sounds like Dorothy is doing just fine
  6. La Semaine du Golfe

    Yes it is a Beniguet. Here is a pic of #1 in the 2007 Semaine du Golfe. I was able to sail there with Matt Newlands of Swallow Yachts (www.swallowyachts.com) on his BayRaider #1. Me at the tiller, Matt and one his shop guys forward. The ebb tide was nothing like I have ever experienced coming from the Great Lakes. More like running whitewater on a river, when you got between the islands of the Golfe. I was only able to make it for one day at the tail end of a business trip. Unforgettable as it was the Grand Parade where all the fleets exit the Golfe then sail in a continuous column back in, making their way as far as they can to the port at Vannes. Everything from 13' dinghies to 3 masted ships. That day it was estimated to be 800-1000 boats on the water, with thousands of specatators on shore. We had to wait for the tide and our fleet to group up in a small port at the mouth of the Golfe. Ended up rafted up with Francois Vivier on one boat and Matt Newlands on another. Was a fun meeting of 2 current small boat designers. If you have the opportunity to get to the event, you will love it. The various flotillas move around the Golfe each day, overnighting at different ports. Huge community involvement to make it a great moving festival. Bill
  7. Universal Tracker

    Thanks for posting the multi tracker links. Looks like several events will be crossing or closing to each other in the next day or two. Gabart crossing the Mini Fleet. The TJV crossing the Mini Fleet. etc. Busy times in the Atlantic
  8. My newest project

    There is a Baba 40 PH for sale in BC. Nice layout. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1984/Ta-Shing-Panda-Tashiba-3038157/Gabriola-Island/Canada#.WLrZQm8rKpo
  9. My newest project

    Yes on the cap rail detail with caulked joint. End grain to end grain joining is always a challenge. Even using butterfly ties or other methods. Anyone have other examples of good cap rail joints they like?
  10. My newest project

    Boomer & Bob, The rudder detail pics are great. Thanks for that. AP bracket and opening nicely detailed. Are the brackets on the transom each side of the rudder for removable davits?
  11. Metal Boats

    Good looking steel boat. Should be no problem going on and on and on with the way it has been cared for.
  12. what are your cruising plans for 2017?

    Going to go the length of Lake Ontario. 50 Point in the west, to Gananoque on the St. Lawrence and return. About 400 miles round trip and then some extra for "meandering" . Stay a few days and then fight the west winds on the way back. Will probably put J. on a train home at some point if we are held up on the return. She only has 3 weeks to be out.
  13. Howard Rice

    Howard was sailing an 11' 11" Scamp. He does have long experience in small boat voyaging. This sounds very tough Can see more at Small Craft Advisor magazine blog with some pics http://smallcraftadvisor.com/our-blog/
  14. Are there any out of production parts?

    Will, what shop are you at in Montreal?
  15. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Compare to the radius on the loop block next to it. Can also see the attachment going through the head, not around the posts