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  1. wick

    Show your boat not sailing

    Bull, do you sketch it out and work up the final paint version later, or work from a photograph? Really nice. Thanks for putting it and your others up here.
  2. We have a Defence Dept. small arms range next to our marina on Lake Ontario. A legacy from when it was just a rural area. The high back stop berm is at the lake shore and is signed and is flagged on shore when in use. Yellow marker buoys run out 1 mile from shore, 1/2 mile across. Boaters of all types with no chart, or no knowledge of the notes on the charts transit the area daily. Firing normally stops when that happens. Rounds don't top the berm very often, but we have heard them zipping/snapping down range on occasion. Have not heard of any casualties in the last 10 years we have been there.
  3. wick

    Lightning protection or no?

    Our Nonsuch 22 (free standing rig) was hit by lightning in July 2017, on Lake Ontario. The mast step has two 4AWG wires from the step to: 1. Guest Dynaplate, about 18" from the mast 2. Forward keelbolt, about 6 feet from the mast. At haul out the next day it was clearly evident that both wires carried charge to the water. The Dynaplate had a couple of "tree branches" radiating out from it in the bottom paint. The keel had several dozen pock marks (up to 1/8" diameter) through the barrier coat and bottom paint, all below the keel joint line. No other hull damage. We had the bottom stripped, inspected, and redone the next spring before launch. Electric casualties were VHF antenna, bicolor and steaming lights (both on the mast), VHF radio, handheld GPS, solar charge controller. Those items along with ALL wiring, panels and fixtures, and the bottom work all replaced/upgraded by insurance. I was aboard at the time in the cockpit. Felt no charge, but my hearing was bad for about 3 days after. Bill
  4. Glad to see you are still at it. Or maybe you're not, having wanted to complete the job faster! Anyway, i'm enjoying seeing the progress. Did you remove most of the hard filler? Bill
  5. wick

    Keel joint hairline cracks

    Put it back in the water. Then you can't see them. Problem solved.
  6. wick

    Talk this Sunday at Sausalito YC

    Don't forget, "make yourself at home in our showers, the keypad code is 1234"
  7. wick

    LO 300

    They are stretched out the full length of the lake. See here http://yb.tl/lo3002018#
  8. wick

    What's going on here?

    Swings both ways
  9. wick

    Positioning winches and clutches

    Great looking paint job and detailing by the way.
  10. wick

    Bottom paint for fresh water

    Lark, It is a pretty hard finish. Some members at our club skip a season of application. If your boat lives on the trailer, and you are launching and retrieving, even for a couple of weeks at a time, maybe not paint anything. A rinse and a wipe after retrieving may work. We trailered a number of boats for years, and never worried about the bottom. 2 weeks in the North Channel, a week in Lake Champlain..
  11. wick

    Bottom paint for fresh water

    VC17M works the charm in zebra infested Lake Ontario. Season is April to late Oct.
  12. Thanks for that. I will look for that foam. Bill
  13. wick

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Congratulations. Looks like a nice ride. Did you sail direct, or stop along the way?
  14. Any advice on the foam used to fill a rudder shell? Would you fill/foam into the 2 halves, then clamp together and seal the seams as described above? Not sure you would want to use an expanding foam on the closed up shell, as you may not know if it completely fills, or over expands. Mine seems to have a filler type material. I just cleaned up around the shaft over the winter, but know I have to open it up like lahana is undertaking. Just reading this thread has me looking forward to it now. Thanks for the inputs. Bill
  15. Not sure where you are but try talking to Port Townsend Foundry http://www.porttownsendfoundry.com/rudder-fittings all their images show rudder mounted pintles but they may have seen/done what you currently have. Or in the eastern Canada New Dublin Ship Fittings http://newdublinshipfittings.com Either may be able to guide you on modifying, or new.