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  1. ExOmo

    AC 75 foils legal (shit)storm?

    How much is a brazilian?
  2. Just because you can do something doesn't make it a good idea.
  3. ExOmo

    Rethinking the drug war

    I heard they sent the check but there are apparently some issues with the USPS...
  4. The only thing I know is that when they say 'small craft advisories for hazardous seas' in the area they actually mean it.
  5. ExOmo

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    of course Kushner got turned down and likely rightly so. Nice when el Jefe can just overrule. Now with that being said if you or I did something like Chilary with email we would have been immediately fired from our company, loss of any security clearance and probably still be facing actual legal issues, assuming of course we could post bail or didn't flee the country...
  6. ExOmo

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    of course we can't honestly say that...and besides if we did it wouldn't be a secret Chinese bank account...
  7. ExOmo

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    Those rules only apply to the little people...
  8. ExOmo

    I'm a moron so help me spend my money.

    Beer. Lots of beer. And some Sprite.
  9. ExOmo

    Log book pen anarchy

  10. ExOmo

    Low gas prices, low taxes....winning.

    oh. I see. I guess I could relocate.
  11. ExOmo

    Low gas prices, low taxes....winning.

    Where are these low gas prices you speak of?
  12. Is it paranoia if they are out to get you?
  13. ExOmo

    Noteworthy Puget Sound Traffic

    Replacement Engine
  14. If it were actually true, then there would something to discuss. So we'll just move on.
  15. ExOmo

    Houston area yacht clubs

    When the Shit Hits the Fan