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  1. ExOmo

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    well growing up I liked to draw pictures and build models and ended up in engineering. I guess nothing has changed in all reality but I haven't built a model in a long time. Worked in the marine industry in the past. Space business now.
  2. ExOmo

    Cheap diesel cabin heaters

    I don't understand. You claim to buy a cheap Chinese heater and your friend died from another heater and you express concern. Why didn't you just get something that would not have raised your concerns to begin with? I understand there are many choices but...
  3. ExOmo

    Random PicThread

  4. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/sd-me-midway-crash-20180826-story.html#
  5. ExOmo

    Initial setup of a mast with mast jack

    What P_Wop said.
  6. Presumably, they'd be washed out to sea. But your mileage may vary.
  7. ExOmo

    2018 I-14 Worlds

  8. ExOmo

    2018 I-14 Worlds

  9. ExOmo

    Random PicThread

  10. ExOmo

    Random PicThread

  11. ExOmo

    2018 I-14 Worlds

  12. ExOmo

    2018 I-14 Worlds