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  1. Nice!

    Whacking The Children

    Do you think that makes it okay to separate children from families knowing they are doing nothing to track and record identities, meaning there will never be a way to reunite them? Do you?
  2. Nice!

    Drip Drip Drip

    No way does Mueller's report drop before the midterms. He will wait until there is a better chance of a real impeachment happening.
  3. Nice!

    Whacking The Children

    Semantics. Separating children from their families, with no means of ever reuniting, is a special kind of evil.
  4. Nice!

    Dehumidifier Anarchy

    Just got a boat, it's a Ranger 29. As we are heading into the wet season in the PNW, we need to get a dehumidifier. Looking online, I can get one for under $50, or get one for $1500, or all kinds of prices inbetween. What's the difference? What do I need to know before purchasing one?
  5. Nice!

    Whacking The Children

    You're talking about a country whose government separates children from families trying to immigrate, knowing that they will be unable to reunite them.
  6. I've lived in an apartment complex. It's easy enough to mistake another floor as your own. I went as far as putting my key in the door of my downstairs neighbour, and not realizing until it didn't turn that I was on the wrong floor. Further, on a few occasions I heard a key going into my own door, and then being withdrawn as somebody else was probably mistaking my floor for their own. However. There are a few things about this case that don't add up: 1) She had previously filed noise complaints about this guy who lived right below her. She says she had a long shift and was tired - perhaps she was grumpy too? I'm no lawyer but that sounds like motive to me? 2) From the twitter video, the door appears to be automatically closing on a spring or hydraulic spring. I get that it may be possible for the door not to be fully closed if it was released from only slightly ajar. 3) Her version of the story has changed. First it was closed but not locked (unlikely in apartments where doors are almost always automatically locked when closed, and appears to be in this case), then it was ajar (also unlikely, but possible). 4) She claimed the lights were off and a man was moving around. Why would he be moving around in his own apartment in the dark? That makes no sense. 5) If the lights were indeed off, why wouldn't she turn them on? The switch would be just inside the door, and in the same location as her own apartment. That would seem the obvious thing to do to me. 6) Neighbours have now come forward claiming she was knocking on his door before he opened it.
  7. Nice!

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    Is everything so black-and-white to you?
  8. Nice!

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    Toadstool Bonespurs cannot distinguish between the actual role of the AG, who works for the people, and what he thinks the AG should be doing, which is work for the President.
  9. Nice!

    Drip Drip Drip

    Either: 1) Trumpy was in cahoots with Manafort, his own campaign manager, to help boost the chances of the campaign by cooperating with a foreign enemy government. or: 2) Trumpy is a colossally stupid idiot who had no idea what his campaign manager was cooperating with a foreign enemy government. Either way, it makes him unfit to be president.
  10. Nice!

    Drip Drip Drip

    So then the obvious question remains.
  11. Nice!

    Drip Drip Drip

    Doesn't conspiracy, by definition, have to include multiple people?
  12. The real question with this case is where the money came from. Cohen knows this, and has already told Muller.
  13. Nice!

    No threat, here.

    Wait a moment. Trumpy has suggested that Dems would get violent if Dems win a bunch of mid term seats? What kind of backwards logic is that?
  14. Economic growth, sure. But not in any way that is helping the middle class.