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  1. Nice!

    Fox News stopped tweeting

    And now Fox is backing CNN and Jim Acosta. Repeated for emphasis - Mitch McConnell was seen last week meeting with Rupert Murdoch.
  2. Nice!

    Jim Acosta...out

    Your incessant whataboutism game is boring and weak.
  3. Nice!

    Melania flexes her muscles

    What say does Melania have regarding National Security staffing choices?
  4. Nice!

    Fox News stopped tweeting

    Rudi Giuliani has also stopped Tweeting since November 9th.
  5. Fox News hasn't tweeted since November 8th - and they typically tweet dozens of times a day. Fox Business, Drudge and National Enquirer have also stopped tweeting. Fox has today claimed that the reason was to protest Twitter. But they never announced that upfront, nor did they tell their correspondents and staff to stop tweeting to their own accounts. And they have run nothing to promote or explain their protest of Twitter - something that one would expect them to do in the that scenario. In other news, Mitch McConnell was seen last week meeting with Rupert Murdoch.
  6. Nice!

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    John Q Barrett is a law professor at St John's University. He teaches constitutional law, criminal procedure and legal history.
  7. Nice!

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    Yep. Or Lindsay "Trump's a kook" Graham.
  8. Nice!

    Jim Acosta...out

    Trying to distract from the fake news video that the White House just released, are we?
  9. Nice!

    Jim Acosta...out

    The White House is spreading actual fake news. They released a doctored video that makes Jim Acosta's actions look more agressive than they actually were.
  10. Nice!

    Rememberance Day in Canada

  11. Nice!

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    It's not just a rumor. Mueller submitted several sealed indictments at the same time as he submitted some of the known indictments early in the investigation. Those are still sealed, somewhere.
  12. Nice!

    Drip Drip Drip

    Technically, no. But Rosenstein can. Or whoever replaces Rosenstein when Trumpy's new AG fires Rosenstein.
  13. Nice!

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    Prediction: Rudy Guiliani will be Trumpy's new AG in an attempt to shut down the Mueller investigation.
  14. In the bigger picture, this is pretty much a non story.
  15. I wonder what those militia members were trying to achieve? Was it to keep those dangerous brown-skinned violent people out of the USA so they don't set off bombs on their jihad? Perhaps, while they are in jail, somebody will explain the meaning of the terms "hypocrisy" and "irony" to them.