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  1. Nice!

    What are the planks in the

    No you don't. You use them for the same reason you start useless threads like this one. You want attention. Good attention, bad attention, you don't care. You just want somebody to notice you.
  2. Nice!

    What are the planks in the

    You shouldn't. He might wear a tan suit.
  3. He didn't know. He was told, but he doesn't listen and he doesn't learn. Plus, the news was going to be bad for his re-election campaign, so he chose disregard facts and stay within his own false reality. That's why he said things that we all knew were ridiculous, like there were just 15 cases (case numbers were in the 60s that day) and that soon it would be down to zero. That's why he kept holding rallies where people were gathering in enclosed spaces, probably spreading the virus, as late as March 2nd. What I don't get is how the elk can reconcile things like: "The 15 cases, within a couple days it will be close to zero" (Feb 25) and "We're going very substantially down, not up." (Feb 26) with "I always treated the Chinese virus very seriously" (Mar 18) (and that's without getting into the dog-whistle racism) "We have thousands of people that get better just by you know, sitting around and even going to work - some of them go to work but they get better." (Mar 4) with "I NEVER said people that are feeling sick should go to work." (Mar 5) - While technically true, he never said they SHOULD go to work, he suggested that it was okay if they did because those who do get better. "Anybody right now, and yesterday, anybody who needs a test gets a test." despite the fact that was, and still is, categorically untrue. "I always treated the Chinese virus very seriously." (Mar 18) despite holding rallies on Jan 3, Jan 9, Jan 14, Jan 28, Jan 30, Feb 10, Feb 19, Feb 20, Feb 21, Feb 28 and Mar 2. Please, tell me, how do you resolve these obvious conflicting words and actions in your mind?
  4. Nice!

    Bernie is out!

    And now cue all the Berniebros who will complain loudly when their guy doesn't get nominated but not actually show up to vote for him in the Primaries.
  5. Come on now. It was only in the daily intelligence briefing. Who's going to see it there? It's not like it was discussed on Fox or OAN.
  6. Nice!

    Fuck You Republicans

    Such empathy and understanding from the elk.
  7. Nice!

    Why Bernie is not dropping out

    Another elk thread that didn't age well.
  8. Nice!

    There’s a Memo, Because of Course There Is

    "Unavailable in your country."
  9. Nice!

    There’s a Memo, Because of Course There Is

    It's true. Seoul's population is 38 metres.
  10. Nice!

    Will the Coronavirus bring down Trump?

    Let us hope that all this exposes more than just Trump. Coronavirus Is Forcing the GOP to (Tacitly) Admit Its Ideology Is Delusional ...listen carefully to recent directives from the Trump administration and its allies and you’ll hear unmistakably: Our theory of governance is a lie.
  11. Nice!

    Trump, The Clueless

    She lost, get over it.
  12. Percent change in average travel for the week of March 23, compared with travel before the coronavirus outbreak.
  13. Still wrong. Let's try again. The map compares how far people travelled *before* the stay-in-place announcements against how far they are travelling *after* the announcements. The actual distance they travel is not measured.
  14. Anybody tired of all the winning yet?