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  1. Reasonable Gun Control

    Really. So when somebody walks into WALMART and drops $80 for a shotgun, they have to go through an FBI background check before they can walk out of the store with it? In every state?
  2. F1 2018...

    Meh. The halo makes the car look different. By the 3rd race when something exciting is happening in the season (Torro Roso on the podium!) nobody will even notice them anymore.
  3. Drip Drip Drip

    Oh, this again. Right, Hillary "colluded" with the Russians because she funded research that included talking to Russian people. Yah, because that totally fits the definition of collusion. Of course it does. Everybody is saying it. People tell me all the time. Believe me.
  4. Reasonable Gun Control

    Basic background checks for all gun purchases. Including online purchases.
  5. Drip Drip Drip

    I'm not sure. Like I said, it's just a guess. Manafort was a significant part of the effort to get 45 elected. If some unsavory things were happening with regard to Russians who were helping, Manafort would be aware of it. Let's not forget, he was in attendance at the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Jr, Kush and a bunch of Kremlin-connected Russians.
  6. Drip Drip Drip

    My guess: Mueller has Gates flipping on Manafort, which he will use to get Manafort to flip on 45.
  7. FBI too busy chasing fake dossiers

    Just wait for the pee pee tape. It'll be tremendous. The best ever.
  8. Banning Gun Stores

    Step 1) look at countries that have low gun violence Step 2) copy their gun laws Step 3) enjoy reduced dead-children rates
  9. So now she is admitting that there was an affair, and that there was a confidentiality agreement.
  10. Rich comments from the primary fabricator of the Benghazi investigation: https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/14/politics/trey-gowdy-retirement-cnntv/index.html
  11. So long Huck Finn

    Amazing. Two things I agree with you on, both in the same day (the other is the condemning of the cornstarch incident).
  12. Seriously. If Hannity sees sperm in that photo, he has an unhealthy obsession with sperm. On black men's faces. That's a weird sexual fantasy.
  13. “God and Donald Trump.”

    Or how much they hate gay people.
  14. Yes, we all knew she was pretty terrible from day one. So the question becomes, why then did Donnie hire her for a White House position? I thought he knew all the best people?