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  1. New/Surplus HALL Carbon masts for sale; Bene 10R, Farr 36

    I know where they have been testing and sailing out of. I can attest the wing can stay up tied to dock in very windy conditions, rotate freely and have no issues moored near other boats. The foiling Ted boat is pretty cool too
  2. ORC and sport boats

    Whats the consensus on how they are treated? Are they punished due to disp/length ratio like IRC? Melges 32, CC30, ID 35, one off euro sport boats etc.
  3. Thompson 35 Rumours/Vida Zee Specs & Info Needed

    Rated -3 and after mods -12
  4. Thompson 35 Rumours/Vida Zee Specs & Info Needed

    Some great memories on that boat. Tim was fun to sail with and had no problem pushing the boat. Just make sure you pump out the water after a long beat before turning the corner and popping the kite! plenty of people in Newport with direct knowledge of mods. will chime in
  5. Garmin 741xs power on problem

    Similar issue with mine. Approx 4 years old
  6. J 121

    The Handicapper, Bump Wilcox, won't change the 111 rating as he races on one!
  7. NYYC One Design

    Build was to be under 200k. Sail inventory is very limited ie 1 main, 1 jib and 1 kite. B&G triton package and your sailing these boats under 250k?
  8. J 121

    Will, The form says water ballast substituting for 4 crew? So is this with water ballast rating or not? You should know, thanks
  9. J 121

    Looks like this is a full crew rating but mentions water ballast replacing 4 crew so anyone's guess https://www.phrf-nb.org/node/12560 You can bet the rating will never go down as j will market it as a great phrf racer
  10. J 121

    Does the 30 rating allow for water ballast use? I didn't think phrf Narragansett bay allowed water ballast.
  11. NYYC One Design

    At 8000lbs it's a overbuilt club boat. Will be slower than a melges 32 around the cans. Probably will be offshore capable but better options under 200k I would expect some private owners to use the design but build it custom in carbon.
  12. B & G ZUES AIS issues

    +1. Give the user the choice
  13. B & G ZUES AIS issues

    After 20 mile range they are gone. Please post if you get a response from Navico