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  1. Carbon mast, boom, sprit OR Aluminum? Not sure how you can do that for 15k even in Aluminum Just new running rigging will be 3k and standing rigging another 5 mansails and kites for certain. Are headsails same size or need to be replaced too? From my experience with boats that size 3DI main 6k, 2 kites @3k each, headsails 2.5 each. not doubting you but I think your numbers are a salesman pitch not actuality
  2. Better off buying a new boat! 50k retrofit by time you factor in sails and standing rigging? OD change is great but the value of those 8 us boats was just halved
  3. What about current boats? Owner# now need to modify to one design specs to race in class? Sails, motor, keel etc?
  4. Is the hope to have one design sailing in the US or just a class of these with rating adjustments? whats full up, electronics, sails, trailer- everythimg you need to travel and race to win cost of your one design version?
  5. crashtestdummy

    NYYC One Design

    Isn’t there a second builder to help keep up with orders? I read somewhere 3 of the first 10 are going to Canada very high boom, reefable jib, heavy boat. How Melges manages will determine class growth. If they really keep cat 3’s off I can see many nyyc members buying
  6. crashtestdummy

    B&G H3000 Questions

    I have 3 30/30’s for h3000 system. Any interest? Make an offer.
  7. crashtestdummy

    CRW 2018

    GP 26, J35 and tp52 for the win on each class
  8. These boats are running simple b&g triton displays or similar. My Vulcan 7” gps and triton system with 3 displays only draws 1.5 amps so if your gps draws that much it’s either an old technology display to something is wrong
  9. Two 14.4 v batteries. Solder in wires with quick connects. together. Keep one as a spare and you should be good for 24 hours typical setups on melges 20, j70. No weight and charge at home
  10. crashtestdummy

    Figaro's on the East Coast

    There is one in my Harbor. Only time it sails is for 1-2. Went on the beach las fall but appeared to only take cosmetic damage. Not sure if it’s for sale but could track down owner if your interested
  11. crashtestdummy

    Melges 32 wet hull

    The interior paint absorbed water. Look for one that his been opened up, dried out and repainted. There was a reason scot got his so cheap
  12. crashtestdummy

    Insurance-Double Handed race coverage

    Pantaenius came through. Coverage for the double handed race and preliminary 25% than AIG. Some slight differences but overall better coverage
  13. crashtestdummy

    VIRB 360 and instrument data - it works!

    Looking into this but setup with a 7610 plotter. Is there a page on the plotter standard or something you had to download? Does the video display on the screen? Start/stop? Still photos an option from plotter? I was trying to figure out how to control camera if I mounted on radar pole. Has battery life?
  14. crashtestdummy

    Insurance-Double Handed race coverage

    Double handed deliveries have not been an issue. Racing offshore is the challenge Double handed class in regular Newport Bermuda Race I brought this to their attention on the last email and waiting for a response Thanks
  15. crashtestdummy

    Black Widow

    Just about anything can go over vc offshore/baltoplate but I don’t know of anything you can put them over(Salt water)