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  1. crashtestdummy

    Black Pearl - Botin 56

    Looks like the bobstay tore out
  2. crashtestdummy

    Annapolis Newport Race

    Perfect, what boat wil you be on?
  3. crashtestdummy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Any reported damage on Charal? He was passing through the fleet but now seems to be slow and maintaining that spot in the fleet.
  4. crashtestdummy

    Annapolis Newport Race

    Thanks. Exactly the type of information I am looking for What mistakes did you make in the bay? Did you go out to the stream on the offshore portion?
  5. crashtestdummy

    Annapolis Newport Race

    Will be participating for first time this June. Looking for good sites to gather information on Chesapeake currents and any General information from past participants on the race
  6. crashtestdummy

    Assy vs Sym

    Offshore asym is more stable off a pole and can be flown easier in unstable conditions. But, I still go for the sym. Your never going to beat a sprit boat on their angles so keep your advantage and hope the course/wind allows you to use it
  7. crashtestdummy

    Mainsail area on a sporty

    50’ P measurement 18’ E measurement and small foretriangle. Say 38’ I and 10’ is that too much power and not enough forward drive? Seems to me like there is a crossover for sportys where you would sacrifice upwind performance by having to big of a mainsail
  8. crashtestdummy

    Mainsail area on a sporty

    Is there a point where a large, fathead main with relatively small headail is too much and makes the big slower upwind? obviously, reaching and running with kites, it would help but I am thinking too big of a main would hinder upwind performance in all conditions Commengs?
  9. crashtestdummy

    Taxi dancer

    old titan?
  10. crashtestdummy

    Henderson 30-Farr 30-FT 10M in 12 kts plus

    No..Never more than 7 total crew and easy boat to DH race. Very stable with 2200 in bulb and a lot of form stability
  11. crashtestdummy

    Henderson 30-Farr 30-FT 10M in 12 kts plus

    It's 36, #4400, 9' draft, faster than a Melges 32 and flat out fun to sail!
  12. Looks like I'm joining another 40' team project this winter, so I will be putting off getting my own boat for a while. Who knows what's going to happen as far as Caribbean Regatta this spring??

  13. crashtestdummy

    Henderson 30-Farr 30-FT 10M in 12 kts plus

    What kind of racing are you looking to do? I may have the perfect boat for you but it’s still in Carribean on the trailer. 80k that is race ready with recent electronics, sails and bottom job
  14. Four Stars Sprit, midified bow railing and bunch of other stuff. Rob macmillan from Q Newport was involved with John
  15. crashtestdummy

    Assy vs Sym

    Jib is not going to help you at vmg angles. spin staysail will had 1/2 knot when you put it up and 1/2 knot when you take it down! if kites are same size and vmg running in 10-15, symmetrical will always win in any boat unless you can break free n that low TWS