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  1. crashtestdummy

    N2B 2020 Cancelled

    I am in Mass and was registered?
  2. crashtestdummy

    Farr 920 - US Watercraft auction

    What do you Want to know? Design 54, was Fresh water boat from Tennessee. Came to NE and then raced locally and key west RW And Charleston RW need light 1, heavy 1 and 3. Two Kites and sail to victory. Sweet boat, out sailed the rating downwind broken mast led it to be owned by hall spar employee where they put alerion rig in. Never sailed by them and sat at waterline for at least 6 years. keel grid area was reinforced at some point. Rudder modification was done in 90’s. Many of the 30’s had simile rudder mod done Where is boat now? Condition? Selling?
  3. crashtestdummy

    Boat transport PR to SXM

    Anyone have experience on shipping boat/trailer from PR to SXM? 36’ sport boat currently in Fajardo. We prefer to get boat and trailer but it seems like a logistical nightmare so option 2 is someone in PR with a powerboat that can tow the boat over. This would have to be someone local who can take advantage of a wind/weather window and get boat 120 miles upwind.
  4. crashtestdummy

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Jboat rules allow if your over a certain age
  5. crashtestdummy

    McConaghey 38

    Riot was donated to mass maritime and now racing in Caribbean based out of Puerto Rico
  6. crashtestdummy

    Making a Carbon Kevlar 1" tube

    Try packing tape
  7. crashtestdummy

    NYYC One Design

    It’s an issue and I almost had mine grinded into the main sheet block. Supposedly they will be making covers to help avoid this happening again
  8. crashtestdummy

    NYYC One Design

    A third of ones in RI now were made in UK. You can tell which boat you get by the sticker in the stbd aft cockpit
  9. crashtestdummy

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    It’s a good thing the watermaker broke for the safety of those on board!
  10. crashtestdummy

    NYYC One Design

    Practice weekend was loaded with pros. Even hutch was on board a boat Sunday. Only chance these boats have bog approaching a leeward mark at 15knots is in 25tws! Fun weekend wish we had more breeze Saturday
  11. crashtestdummy

    NYYC One Design

    Buck up or shut up!! practice weekend and then we have access to the boat for majority of June. Charters are responsible between events for boat storage and can practice as they wish.
  12. crashtestdummy

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    Make a reasonable offer and come get it. It’s just a kids play toy
  13. crashtestdummy

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    I have a laser II in the northeast that’s for sale if your interested
  14. crashtestdummy

    Any Baltic 51 Owners or Sailors OutThere?

    Which version? Year?
  15. crashtestdummy

    Sources for Rope by the spool...

    Che k your inbox. Sent you a PM earlier