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  1. Similar issue with mine. Approx 4 years old
  2. The Handicapper, Bump Wilcox, won't change the 111 rating as he races on one!
  3. Build was to be under 200k. Sail inventory is very limited ie 1 main, 1 jib and 1 kite. B&G triton package and your sailing these boats under 250k?
  4. Will, The form says water ballast substituting for 4 crew? So is this with water ballast rating or not? You should know, thanks
  5. Looks like this is a full crew rating but mentions water ballast replacing 4 crew so anyone's guess https://www.phrf-nb.org/node/12560 You can bet the rating will never go down as j will market it as a great phrf racer
  6. Does the 30 rating allow for water ballast use? I didn't think phrf Narragansett bay allowed water ballast.
  7. At 8000lbs it's a overbuilt club boat. Will be slower than a melges 32 around the cans. Probably will be offshore capable but better options under 200k I would expect some private owners to use the design but build it custom in carbon.
  8. +1. Give the user the choice
  9. After 20 mile range they are gone. Please post if you get a response from Navico
  10. Isn't J boats taking it over? Fri-Sun event. Feeder race changing To Tuesday start so boats can do both. Launch on east coast of Florida instead of Key West. Thought they would of announced by now so maybe they are going to wait one year so sailors get excited about it again
  11. AWFUL. They are ruining a great evevt RC work was terribly for buoy races too.
  12. In April I encountered a new navy ship that was undergoing sea trials off Newport RI and heading to the war college to pick up engineers. I can tell you they don't broadcast AIS, but do receive and don't show up on radar until 1.5nm. They called on VHF to tell me they were crossing my bow coming from my starboard quarter. I asked where are you? They weren't visible and within a few minutes the big blob showed on radar. Knowing this first hand I wouldn't be surprised to hear they were in stealth mode, stationary and tanker never saw them until it was too late.
  13. Perfect, thanks
  14. Any way to change the heading to read magnetic?
  15. Looking for information on which years or hull numbers to avoid? I know it's been discussed somewhere but I couldn't find and believe it has to do with laminate issue