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  1. 2016 Olympic Games

    Opti nationals are always in July and are in Texas next week. Florida Yacht Club hosting Southeast Champs in September. Agree that the most relevant boat for kids to sail is the one in each sailor's area that has the highest fleet size. More boats = more events = more competition = more starts. The Opti is the boat that typically fits that criteria and blaming it for the decline in U.S. Olympic success is way off base. The UK, for example, has very strong Opti participation and not a lot of complaints about UK success. Post-Opti in the U.S. becomes about college sailing. While dedicated sailors elsewhere begin to think about Olympic campaigns, most U.S. youth sailors are focused on getting on to the best university sailing team. After four years of college 420 sailing, the smaller number who may want to campaign find the funding demands as a crushing burden. Money buys the podium, plain and simple. With money sailors can get the best training with the best coaches and travel to compete against the best competition. With the minimal national funding available, the potential field of competitive sailors dwindles rapidly. Change is afoot to turn this around, but it can't happen overnight. The Olympic Development Program is a step in the right direction, along with organizations like Oakcliff. The U.S. is not short of wealthy sailors who are involved in the highest level of the sport. Perhaps most donate to the amateur cause and we just don't know about it, but that seems unlikely. For example, a financial rounding error for Team Oracle could go a long way towards funding U.S. Sailing. That's the only way the game will change.
  2. Great generosity all around. Really good to see. Congratulations on a great race!
  3. NoThey're sailing into a bomb Billy! So I guess in hindsight, if this edition of the Bermuda Race, and its "forecast" would have been in the movie version, the Andrea Gail would have motored right through the Bomb, set the market with only 2/3 of their catch (the damn ice maker crapped out after a cheap re-build), and a week or two later, Bugsy would have taken that pig Irene up to Digby in his brand new used F-150 and would be knocking the bottom and sides out of it, with a Dark n Stormy hangover.... Glad the kiddies on Noon beat all the other grown ups with bigger, fancier boats, kudos to Benj and Heidi for signing the permission slip... Glad to be on the couch watching this one, that frickin' breeze always seems to crap out with less than 10nm to go, and I survived the light air fest in '98 where you could hear the Barrits Ginger beer cans being cracked open at the bar, but you couldn't get there fast enough... Think I'll rig up my old One Design 14 this month and maybe go blast about if some breeze comes in! Jaylo44 kudos to Benj and Heidi for signing the permission slip... Absolutely! Incredibly generous. For clarity, why has it also been mentioned that it was loaned by the Merchant Marine Academy? Was it first donated to the Academy?
  4. Real Sailors Do This

    Gouv - right on! My 17 year old Laser sailing son doesn't consider that boring and didn't when he sailed Opti's either.