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  1. Round The County 2017

    If anyone needs crew I am interested. Did the race 4 times on my old F-27. Over 30 years sailing experience. Most recently I have been crewing on a J-133 but he is not interested in going up for the race. I can trim, drive or do foredeck with asym or symmetrical spinnaker.
  2. Swiftsure

    Any word on the condition of the crew from Terremoto and the boat?
  3. 2017 Van Isle

    Long range forecast is showing cooler and wet weather for the first week. Hopefully still have wind.
  4. Swiftsure

    We were about 6 to 8 miles behind them. We could not get a good position from the Coast Guard just that they had a boat coming out to assist. We were to watch for them and provide assistance if we saw them. But never did. We suspect they hit a log at speed in the fog. It was blowing in the high teens to low 20's in the area. After going thru race passage and the fog cleared we did see several large logs.
  5. Swiftsure

    Well it ended up being a interesting race to say the least! This was my 10th race and there have been none like it weather wise. Anyone know the damage to Terrimoto and the extend of any injuries? Hoping they are all OK.
  6. 2017 Van Isle

    One month to go! Got the boss to let me go for both weeks!
  7. 2017 Van Isle

    Six weeks to go. Hoping for lots of wind this year. The Race to Alaska last year other than a few days was a lite air affair.
  8. 2017 Van Isle

    7 weeks to go. Looking at the boats and the handicaps it should be some close racing. Is anyone going to be sailing race gear?
  9. 2017 Van Isle

    Two months to go. Hoping for better wind than the area had last year.
  10. I have sailed on a J-133 for the last 3 years. Very comfortable boat below. Easy to sail. Does very well upwind in anything over 5 knots. Especially well in 15 to 45 knots upwind. Is not bad downwind. Not a rocket ship but considering everything it has. We sail with a PHRF of 24 and unless we screw up during a race we are normally a top 3 boat. Average age on the boat is close to or over 60. The owner and his wife the past several summers have done extended cruises on it to Mexico and Alaska. So easy to double hand. He is over 70 and she is mid 60's.
  11. 2017 Van Isle

    Well the fleet is set. Much smaller than last time with only 32 boats. But a next group of 35 to 45 foot boats. Only 11 weeks to go. Anyone else ready for summer and the race?
  12. 2017 Van Isle

    12 weeks to go. Looking forward to another great trip around the island.
  13. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    I had just put my boat back in the water after having the shaft and packing gland redone. It was a ruff night sail over to Lanai from Oahu. We were coming into Manele bay when one of my crew calmly asks "Should there be 6 inches of water above the floor board". When I had put the boat in reverse it had spun the packing gland right off because they did not safety wire it when they redid it. Amazing how much water comes in around the shaft that is only a foot below the surface. Got it back on but it took a lot of pumping to get the water out of the boat.
  14. 2017 Van Isle

    Looks like the fleet will be around 35 boats. They have just posted the current fleet with a note that 2 more will be added. Nice group of boats in the 35' to 45' range. Looks like only one multihull. Hoping that Dragonfly is one of those still being processed. Looks like they have the boat back together.
  15. 2017 Van Isle

    List of competitors was supposed to be updated. It showed 32 boats right after that was posted now the page is showing as no longer available.