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  1. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Wait a daggumm minute.. wasn't the 70 model a big improvement over the 67?
  2. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Refers to the original report Oracle owner poised to announce 'World Series of Sailing' - report https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/98003060/Oracle-owner-poised-to-announce-World-Series-of-Sailing-report
  3. The LV (not the AC) WS

    It may still be subject to whatever broadcast license agreements were done. GD said that through the ACPI the 'americascup.com' gets transferred but he didn't know the rest and that Russell Green was going to look into it soon and that if they do get all the vids they'd be published freely accessible since Why Not. He also said the ACEA crew were employed until only the day of the final race but some lawyer guy in Bermuda was left as a follow-on contact, for a time.
  4. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Yep, could be. But all those $Billions matter. They could park a few super yachts off Porto Cervo with nobody else around and still indulge in watching their teams compete in the fastest in-shore course racers in history. LE said what he liked about the Framework Agreement in a short video, it was by far the most we ever heard him say about AC35. There's little reason to think he has changed his mind about it.
  5. Oracle Team USA

    As a matter of fact I do remember that! And yes, the ESS was a far more practical operation, and you have maintained for a long time that hard wings are not. Turner is a good marketer and strategist but he's never had the 'that's a completely different game' $B-backed event to indulge in and he may like that change of pace, a lot. Given his recent VOR resignation I had him figured as already heading for a Chinese Challenge for AC36, a GD mention of the Cup going there soon to show it off added to that, but the possibility of an LVWS has me wondering now about this. RC did already approach him once back-when.
  6. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Lots of people sink money into non-AC programs and enjoy them. Re: LR - Yes the Cup has enormous cache. But guess what? It's concentrated mostly in just NZ. How does that help LR when Cook's wharf is full of crappy/used cars imported from Japan that already passed their Japanese used-by dates pollution-wise?
  7. The LV (not the AC) WS

    If LE and friends do then that's who most care about still moving ahead with the progression of extreme foiling multihulls. Will anyone care enough to watch it? Probably so but who else besides the $B's really matters? Nobody watches the J's either, it's also a passion thing by the owners. GD may have misjudged what it was going to mean when he trashed most everything that was already in motion and changed the game this much. Or, both the LVPS and AC36 will still be fine independently - just a lot different.
  8. The LV (not the AC) WS

    That will be the least of LE's concerns. He can do and does do anything he wants to do in sailing and other endeavors - it's been that way since forever already. But if you do think about it from purely a cost standpoint then even BAR may do a head-turn since they already have an AC50 program plus a lot else around it and - think about it - which series might provide Land Rover the best overall exposure? In the AC36 Protocol it says the PCWS will 'possibly' have 2 events in late '19, then 3 plus the 'Christmas Cup' in '20 in NZ in a bad time zone, and only after those anything actually Cup points related - in '21 which is even farther distant. And on top of that, any PCWS events still run entry fees of $335K each time, plus (and here's one of many financial zingers in the Prot) any cost overruns, at any PCWS events, have to be borne by Challengers; P$B can spend at will, charging them for it, at every one of them. The cost equation may not be as obvious as at first blush, or the timing, or the frequency, or the locations, or the amount of LiveLine coverage. LE has taken on a great deal of that over the past two cycles and so can presumably continue to - even redouble the effort if he so fancies.
  9. Team NZ

    After all the white-glove treatment by GGYC for the past 7 years it's a bit of a surprise to see the, not groping, but handling of the Cup on this tour. Since they need to add a base anyway perhaps any restoration to the Silver will be done at that time.
  10. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Yes. If what gets presented is a choice between two concepts, and the possibility of competing for eyeballs helps sway the decision towards the top-end of those concepts, a try to be 'as fast or faster than AC50s' then that could be cool - very cool.
  11. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Agreed, the prospect of competing with bad-ass-fast winged foilers may sway some AC75 thoughts more towards the extreme of what could be done in a mono, for example at the Nov 15 Challs input-gathering meeting ahead of the Nov 30 final decision/reveal. GD made an interesting comment on about if they did choose a foiler when he said it would be bad if they could foil down but not up, because a 3 boat lead approaching the top mark would turn into a 20 boat lead as soon as the first boat rounded it. He said it was very important to not get 'half pregnant' and he complimented the AC50 foilers for being able to avoid that. So to me, the AC75's either will be up & down foilers that can compare to Next Gen AC50's, or they will be far slower and instead 'JAR' boats.
  12. Oracle Team USA

    It has Mark Turner written all over it, should he want to head up this gig. Could see the AC45F Red Bull Youth teams excited too.
  13. The LV (not the AC) WS

    And it may prove to be the better game. Could be blast comparing the LVWS racing to the PCWS racing.
  14. The LV (not the AC) WS

    A Torture-Tran of http://segelreporter.com/regatta/americas-cup-meldet-sich-larry-ellison-zurueck-neue-plaene-mit-den-alten-foiler-kats/ Little things is not the thing of Larry Ellison. It had become suspiciously quiet around the software billionaire after the delicate clapping in Bermuda. Since he had created the best sailing regatta of all time with his buddy Coutts and convinced even the opponents of the correctness of his vision, and then the only critic withdrawn the can of his reach. He had, by the withdrawal of the Vorregatten, supposedly so cleverly and decisively weakened the New Zealanders that they should no longer be a danger. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! They formed an alliance with the other enemy (Luna Rossa), who had knocked him out of the field early on by the change in boat size, defeated him against all the early predictions and now turn the bike back with pleasure. Italians are looking for revenge The return to the Monohull is a little bit like the actions of a trump, which is more out of principle to reverse the Obama achievements, but compared to the US president, the kiwis with the revenge-seeking Italians can make their game clearer and clear exercise. But Ellison would not be himself, if he would just go back quietly. That is why the message from the Australian journalist Rob Mundle sounds not unlikely that the software mogul plans a counter-event. Mundle has been well connected to the Oracle team since he just released the biography of skipper Jimmy Spithill. Now, on his website, he published a report that states that Ellison is about to announce a so-called "World Series of Sailing", which uses the flying AC50 catamarans. "Obscene" regatta? Louis Vuitton is supposed to sponsor the series, which is difficult to believe, as the long-standing representative Bruno Troublé was the sharpest critic of the Kat circus, and he described the regatta as "obscene". However, he did not seem to have any great influence on the French market. Finally, she was also expelled from Prada's Kiwi Cup. In addition to the Oracle team, Softbank (JPN), Team France and Artemis would be logical participants. They all have problems or little interest in participating in the 36th Cup. Mundle even mentions Ernesto Bertarelli as a possible participant, who is also not exactly as an Ellison friend. Whether the message can be much more than a rumor is still not clear. But they might have a meaning as there is nothing comparable to the flight catamarans, and the product works well for viewers. Ellison must be interested in protecting his investment. And with onedesign flyers, several teams would be able to participate in the event. There have been many efforts to install counter-events for the Cup. It has never worked. But if an Ellison makes serious and brings in his financial power - unlike any of his hard-hitting Japanese Sofbank-mates - this could be the decisive difference.
  15. Team UK

    At http://www.sailweb.co.uk/Multihull/29196/ben-ainslie-on-board-for-extreme-sailing Ainslie will join Land Rover BAR Academy for their penultimate 2017 event, Act 7 of the Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego Bay, 19 – 22 October. Land Rover BAR Academy have competed in the series since March 2016 – recently on home waters in Cardiff – and currently sit sixth (and last) behind a competitive, experienced fleet. The Land Rover BAR Academy recently held a recruitment day; over 20 young sailors aged between 19-24 came together at the Land Rover BAR team base, Portsmouth, to trial for the team. Land Rover BAR Academy Crew List: Ben Ainslie, Helmsman Rob Bunce, Skipper Owen Bowerman, Support Helmsman Oli Greber, Jib Trimmer Adam Kay, Jib Trimmer / Float Elliot Hanson, Wing Trimmer Will Alloway, Main Trimmer