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  1. It will come down mostly to selling public interest in NZ, to the NZ ticket-buying or the NZ TV-watching public, since nobody else cares much. The touring of the Cup around the country should, may, give cover to the politicians when they vote about whether to direct actual taxpayer funds to it. P$B looks to me like a good direction to look, for if cash-strapped Auckland would like to find or charge the money it will take to clear out whatever waterfront space the event is trying to rent or reconstruct. Nobody else looks to be stepping up, so why not?
  2. ^ It's an Us Versus The World culture among some down there, that strikes me as a bit aggressive-ugly but is apparently a motivating factor for whatever reason. No Seattle campaign would feel that dirty, as the (JS helmed) OneWorld campaign proved. OneWorld was intentionally a Class Act that got muddied only by a controversial Kiwi, with accusation shots taken also by other Kiwis. Rough situation down there, the makeup of the Arbitration Panel could be instrumental by the end of this cycle, with the aggressive 'ETNZ against all Enemies' legalistic attitude history we've seen.
  3. It's natural for RG to be a home boy and I'm sure he like others are thrilled that ETNZ won AC35. All good, and he has a 'Lone Wolf' book to sell starting soon about the AC35 campaign that has a cheezy cover but that I will buy anyway to support him even if I don't read much of it, which is fine too. But he was very honestly 'STUNNED' for many good reasons he spoke about, that GD sold out to P$B, to go back to monohulls.
  4. Are you really that blind? Kiwi journalism is worse than most tabloid papers in the USA - which is saying a lot. Between that sensationalist journalism, and the Cup smasher, and the Blackheart campaign, and the 'Lone Wolf' attack mode propensity GD has towards the rest of the world, well it's a pretty effing reasonable guess that this coming AC will devolve in short order. Entertaining in some morbid sense? Almost certainly!
  5. In a strict DoG Match, exactly as was set down by the donors, the result of the contemplated competition came down to a Constructed in Country 'fastest boats they could design and build' Match. There is plenty of other great sailing to follow, yes including Olympic Lasers as dogwatch always points out, but the idea that the fundamental point of this particular competition between nations was ~not~ about designing and building the fastest boats possible requires a very convoluted argument given the AC33 evidence. MC is obviously a different deal but seriously: if the point is still to be fast, then why even try to do it with lead for ballast? To try replicate 18XX 'Tradition'? It feels like just a cheap, modern money-men, fancy-purse-selling, $ell-out. There's a J Class already for the Tradition.
  6. Perfect. Mike drop..
  7. Why do you suppose that in the most recent DoG Match, AC33 in Valencia, both the Challenger and Defender built the fastest Deed-proscribed course racing boats they could design and build? As an aside, why did sailor nationality have nothing to do with any of the NYSC court arguments, but CiC including sails did?
  8. at https://www.sailingillustrated.com/single-post/2017/09/20/AC36-Dalts-confirms-return-of-grinders-nationality-rule-for-sailors-only-Prada-Cup-for-challengers-Bertelli-buying-a-TP52 AC36: Dalts confirms return of grinders, nationality rule for sailors only; 'Prada Cup' for challengers; Bertelli buying a TP52?
  9. More from JS. Team New Zealand's switch to monohulls is a step back for the America's Cup – Jimmy Spithill https://www.google.com/amp/www.newshub.co.nz/home/sport/2017/09/team-new-zealand-s-switch-to-monohull-s-is-a-step-back-for-the-america-s-cup-jimmy-spithill.amp.html me: the headline (as usual in Kiwi media) was not JS's main point but we may as well get used to this too - heavy doses of it! Lol
  10. There's a couple quotes in an RC44 piece also referencing the AC's return to mono's, one of them by Bruni who raced for Azzura (was it?) in the TP52 Super Series and now for the Bronenosec (?) RC44 team. edit: may have that backwards but something like that
  11. Yes, the winner gets to choose, just as JS says. But he does make a decent argument that if it were up to the past-cycle AC sailors instead of up to the marketers, promoters, and maybe especially one Mr Prada $Billionaire's preference for 'a return to Tradition' (whatever the f that means...) well then: The choice would have been to take the speed-thrill technology forwards instead of backwards. Which is what every single AC35 sailor has also said, it's not just JS! But like SailByDate and others say, might as well take it on the chin regardless. The deal got made, may as well just accept that on Sep 29 we will get to read this Prada Protocol.
  12. Well said. I feel the same way at this point.
  13. A quote from JS "For the sailors too, what I'm fascinated too is did Dalton and co ask the guys that were on their boat what they think? Did they get a vote, the guys who actually go out there and race?" Spithill said. https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/97070759/jimmy-spithill-questions-team-new-zealands-plan-to-return-to-monohulls He's got a point, based on what everyone even including Burling and Gashby have been quoted saying.