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  1. bostonspider

    Team NYYC

    Sounds like AM wants to launch their surrogate boat by October 15th, get a month of sailing in up in Portsmouth/Newport, and then move operations to Key West for the winter. They will return late spring when the AC boat is launched.
  2. bostonspider

    Team UK

    I heard that the US boat, which will be about 40' will be launched next month, sail in Newport for a month or so, and then head down to Key West for the winter, coming back up to Newport in the Spring when the AC75 is ready.
  3. bostonspider

    AC36 - The Venue

    So when the AC gets moved to Italy, will we hear all the same moaning and groaning we heard when GGYC moved it to Bermuda?
  4. bostonspider

    Team NYYC

    looking at the NYYC challenge, Hap Fauth surely is not early as ostentatiously wealthy as the Devos or any of the Silicon Valley boys.. His family yacht, Whisper His racing yacht, Bella Mente His little catboat and summer cottage in the background
  5. bostonspider


    Pretty cool Lego model of the Hamilton Princess
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    Remove everything after the .jpg on the address. It removes the RG tag and allows the image to enlarge to the full size...
  8. bostonspider


    Not the most recent view, but a nice of of Cross Island (AC Village). You can enlarge and zoom in fairly well.
  9. bostonspider

    Oracle Team USA
  10. bostonspider

    Oracle Team USA

    I think I make out a jib on Oracle in that picture..
  11. bostonspider


    Looks like the yacht's sister Fountainhead is also in St. George's today. Bermuda will be getting some spectacular yachts the next month or so..
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    I wonder if Larry is on island? His yacht, MUSASHI, is in St. George's as we speak.
  15. bostonspider


    No more cruise ships until Monday morning..