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  1. Thistle3868

    sacre bleu.. coke2 all over again..

    Ship's Wheel out of Charleston if you have the opportunity.
  2. Thistle3868

    Looking to get a new watch

    Citizen Eco Drive Lineup.
  3. Thistle3868

    Oyster restoration

    Yeah.....remember when Atlanta was going to drill a well in NW GA and suck the water out of the TN river aquifer?
  4. Thistle3868

    Drip Drip Drip

    And why do expect that is? I would prefer to see the summary from the INDEPENDENT counsel myself.
  5. Thistle3868

    Drip Drip Drip

    I disagree that it's moot. From my perspective, it was a clear attempt to frame the discussion in a different way than the SC office's summary. I agree it's bad if folks didn't take the opportunity to view the less redacted version. I would certainly welcome the opportunity.
  6. Thistle3868

    Drip Drip Drip

    Again....if the special counsel's office provided and intro and exec summary of the report, why did Barr find it necessary to create a new artifact to submit to Congress?
  7. Thistle3868

    Mikewof triggers!

    PB's solution amended with Darth's front receiver hitch is flat money.
  8. Thistle3868

    Oyster restoration

    We're just rednecks with a jonboat....get them out of the cold water, put them on ice, a little horseradish and we're good.
  9. Thistle3868

    Oyster restoration

    Does water temp affect it? Or just after harvest? Water temp here in CHS is above 70 now.
  10. Thistle3868

    Barr hearing play by play, if it amuses....

    Riddle me this.... If the SC office provided an executive summary that accurately summarized the "Office's work and conclusions", why was there a need to create a new artifact vs. submitting the summary provided by the SC Office?
  11. Thistle3868

    Oyster restoration

    It's a little late in the season for me...I don't eat them from down here unless the water is cold.
  12. Thistle3868

    Oyster restoration

    It's hard to believe that oysters from Apalach, clusters from SC, Chesapeake and points north are all the same. Certainly an indication of locale. Thanks for the fact.
  13. Thistle3868

    Oyster restoration

    If you haven't recently, try some of the branded ones from around Charleston. They have harvested oysters from the marsh and moved them into contraptions out in open water to let them grow individually and get the mud out. Extremely briny and firm. Capers Blades from Clammer Dave was the first. Now we have Bluffton Wilds, Single Lady's, Charleston Salts and Carolina Cups. All pretty similar, but way different that the typical steamed clusters. Also, growing up in NW Florida you won't convince me there is anything fatter, juicier and sweeter than those from Apalach. Only eat them in the winter though.
  14. Thistle3868

    The debate over assault weapons

    I agree with this, but I've seen this in the major european cities I've visited as part of normal course, no special event needed.
  15. Thistle3868

    Patriot's Owner Busted For Strip Mall Rub N Tug

    Part of me says unleash the video...the other part...not so much.