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  1. Practicing Saying It

    I'm still a fan of "Gropenfuhrer".
  2. F1 2016

    Who's the top test driver at Merc?
  3. F1 2016

    WTF pitting Verstappen from second when he was on matching tires to both Merc's? Why not cover Rossberg the whole way through? That being said...stupid tactics set Max up for an entertaining romp back to the podium.....
  4. What's good to do in Greenville, SC?

    Several good waterfall hikes around G'ville. http://www.sctrails.net/Trails/ALLTRAILS/waterfalls/waterfalls.html
  5. Death & Dynasties (Rules for Rulers Follow-up)

    When this mess started, I feared Bush vs. Clinton was going to be the worst matchup...I have been proven incorrect.
  6. New low lat. Caribbean Hurricane - paging Mark !

    Clean - Horse owner that I work with is moving her horses today.
  7. Charleston People. Little help

    If you're into seafood, The Ordinary has a loft space that would accomodate 25. Alternatively, the separate room at McCrady's is pretty awesome.
  8. J24 Tuning

    At the risk of sounding like an ass..... A lot of time has been spent by sailors far better than either of us developing the sails and matching the tuning. I find it extremely unlikely that departing from that guidance will yield a positive result. One of the great things about the J/24 class is you do have a playbook for getting damn near 100% of the speed out of the boat in a fairly straight forward manner. That being said, what are you doing to tune to induce weather helm. The stock J/24 is notorious for wicked lee helm. That's why all the effort to shift CLR forward (keel max forward) and CE aft (max j, max headstay length) and that just gets you to "mushy" helm. The only way we see weather helm is if we are heeled too much.
  9. Charleston Race Week Registration Dip

    What do you think the verdict for tomorrow on the inshore course will be?
  10. New Dangerous Weapon In Florida

    Lower Alabama for sure. A scant 15 miles north of my old stomping grounds.....Niceville.
  11. My understanding of their "logic" is that the government is prosecuting the asset, not the citizen. And that an asset isn't afforded the same rights of "innocent until proven guilty" as a citizen. Ergo, you have to prove the asset isn't dirty before they will give it back. Good luck proving a negative. Total BS. Does anyone know if a case challenging this has made it to the USSC?
  12. Pensacola Yacht Club hosts their Jubilee Regatta in November and it usually coincides with the Blues final show of the year. The race course is under one of the lobes of their show course. We don't get to see the maneuvers at show center, but we do get to see them pulling big g's and stoking the burners to get caught up and reform for the next pass. Prestart is hard when you can't hear shit and everyone is looking straight up in the sky...
  13. I don't know IB....sometimes knowing the elephant bird is coming for you may be incentive enough to leave the scene....
  14. money wins!

    Etchells....at least when you buy your championship in the M20 fleet, you get to drive your boat.
  15. I don't have any facts, but based on the parade of Midwinters that run through St. Pete YC and Davis Island YC, they aren't doing it for charity....