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  1. Thistle3868

    The F1 2020 thread

    Saw an article indicating that pushing/pulling the wheel adjusts toe. Enter corner, add toe out. Exit corner toe back in.
  2. Thistle3868

    Full Frontal Samatha Bee ... fun

    On this one...I gotta say "Point, Dog".
  3. Thistle3868

    impeachment hearing play by play

    Policy may preclude indicting a sitting president...the rest of them....not so much.
  4. Thistle3868

    Lindsay Graham - la la la

    I think that's very likely to happen. We've seen some brief instances of spine that disappear shortly after. I think is compass is being subverted by political survival instincts.
  5. Sounds like something for Jack Ryan to start looking into.....
  6. Thistle3868

    College Football 2019

    Gotta be better than the triple option....
  7. Thistle3868

    Team NYYC

    November 8-9 is BA homecoming airshow in PNS. Race course is right under one of the regroup lobes for the homecoming airshow. Start sequence with high speed fly bys adds an element of excitement.
  8. Thistle3868

    Trump cutting supporters off at the knees

    I don't think a lot of them have much of a choice. As much fun as we poke at Lindsey Graham, I think he's acting out of straight survival instinct to get reelected. You cross Trump in South Carolina, you get primaried....plain and simple.
  9. Thistle3868

    rant: driving fuckery

    The winners have names like Bridgestone, Cooper, Pirelli, Michellin.....
  10. Thistle3868

    Best Place to Live for a Sailor in the USA

    Charleston full. Go back to Ohio.
  11. Thistle3868

    TdF 2019

    All Bernal, all the time in the Alps.
  12. Thistle3868

    Buying Hydroptere, fastest ocean going trimaran

    Met the buyer's brother a couple of weekends ago....not unless it arrived quickly in the last 10 days.
  13. Thistle3868

    Drip Drip Drip

    And by the will of those states. Nebraska and Maine allocate their EC votes based on proportionality.....other states could as well.