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  1. Square heads

    You mean like these?
  2. It's just not cricket

    The BBC has a policy of not reporting news unless verified (or stating it is unverified), so I'd believe it. Anyway, his position is untenable, he was ultimately in charge of a rabble.
  3. Square heads

    Charming. Have you made a positive contribution to sailing? Would live to hear all about it.
  4. I've not sailed one but a friend had one for a number of years. Very stable platform, but he found it hard to tack. Not a massive problem, just be aware that tacking may be harder and slower than other boats.
  5. Youth evolution in sailing

    Yes, quite. College sailing is not/should not be the pathway to Olympic level sailing.
  6. New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

    There's a reason for that... Looks good though!
  7. Kiwis lead JJ Giltinan

    I'm surprised there hasn't been more chatter about this, I've really enjoyed watching it. How come the Kiwi's are dominating - faster boats or better sailors?
  8. Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    Thank You! So much negativity about sailing in the US, but plenty of reasons to be optimistic, just needs someone to drive it forward.
  9. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Says who? World Sailing don't claim that, and the sailing public haven't shown much interest. It's nothing of the sort, it's just a commercial Australian race series in a butt ugly design that is proving hard to sail and not especially quick. How many people in the UK, US, France, Japan, Brazil or wherever have even heard of it? About 4 people.
  10. Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    Is there really a significant difference between a ladies Singlehander and a lightweight ladies Singlehander? I know a kg or two is supposed to make all the difference, and the average Radial sailor is above average for a fit woman, but still.. Surely one boat, for marginally less weight than the Radial, would suit a wide enough demographic. Better to use the extra woman's event for an actually different event rather then the same event (fleet racing) in a subtlety different design. Elimination racing a la Bang the Corner Moth racing requires different tactics. Or team racing. But fleet racing in Radials and Bytes? That's just double vision.
  11. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    The racing will improve, but this series is all about the boats, and I'm sorry but I think they look far short of leading edge design. Ugly as sin and decorated in retro colour schemes, they look like a 1980s take on the future.
  12. Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    I love the diversity of boats in this clip. Personally I would much prefer to race in this kind of low key, fun looking, event where you can admire the boats than do a Laser regatta. What's the tri at the end by the way?
  13. VPP for dinghies and skiffs

    Well, I made it up... I took the 59er drag curve and amended by nothing more than judgement - less wetted but shorter length etc so less draggy at low speeds and more (much more) draggy as speed builds. Aero model is essentially the same between both boats, but with the right sail areas and some allowance for the 59er sails being v flat in comparison. I know the 200 looks too fast, maybe I need to add even more drag. Or it may be that the 200 rig is much draggier/less adjustable than I allowed for. But if you take the ratio of the VMG at 45 degrees, you get pretty near the ratio of their PYs, so maybe it isn't that far off after all.
  14. VPP for dinghies and skiffs

    This polar shows the difference between an RS200 and a 59er (chosen because they are opposite ends of the hiking asymmetric spectrum and the 59er drag curve is available in HPS2). The 200s VMG downwind is pretty consistent across the angles, giving a choice as to whether to soak of go for speed, depending on tide, fleet position shifts etc. The 59er is much spikier, as the kite can't be carried too high and speed drops off quickly if pointed too low. Get it right though and you can go downwind at windspeed, and stay in a gust for the whole leg.
  15. VPP for dinghies and skiffs

    Sure it does, you can't hold the kite at a TWA of 110 degrees