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  1. Unlike that screenshot, the sail doesn’t actually say ILCA on it when you race.
  2. Smart marketing
  3. £529 for Aero 9 in the UK vs £563 for an ILCA 7 sail (including 15% discount currently available, otherwise £663).
  4. Oh my word. Style police. Seriously?
  5. I think @Firefly-DC accidentally hit the wrong button a few times ...and he’ll probably hit the wrong button on this one too.
  6. ILCA daggerboard £565, “replacement daggerboard” £243.83. Rudder £480 vs £190. Boom £220 vs £96. Not condoning buying replica parts, but the temptation is obvious unless you intend to compete at ILCAorganised events. This from the Sailboats website, who told me at the Dinghy Show in March that they only sell class legal stuff. Oh, and masts, OMG. £410 vs £193, but a fancy composite class legal radial (oops, ILCA 6) mast is £1428. I know they last longer, but that is an expensive mast for a crappy sail. Might as well go the whole hog and put the decent Bethwaite rig on it for that.
  7. Better foils are worth every penny of £2632.40 in a class that prides itself on its racing being a test sailor skill not equipment!
  8. Pricewatch: Laser(tm) Hull only £2456 vs ILCA Hull only £3600 Laser(tm) XD, composite mast, Harken fit and Mk2 sail, carbon tiller & extension £3867.60 vs ILCA same spec £6500.00
  9. Are Lasers built by troglodytes or highly experienced and skilled craftsmen?
  10. And that ^ doesn’t need any (mis)interpretation. Seems flawed logic buying a new sucky piece of shit when you could buy a new nice thing though.
  11. sosoomii

    29er lower mast joint

    What’s wrong with that? Are FX hulls differentiated with a different plaque?
  12. Why not? One of the best boat builders on the planet building one of the most popular boats on the planet sounds like a sustainable business.
  13. What happened to them? Is it telling that they don’t still make Lasers?