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  1. Depends how long you’ve been asleep!
  2. Here’s an allegory for those who wonder how a coup to replace the bad people at LPE with a membership led committee turns out. International Laser Class bad, ILCA good...
  3. sosoomii

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    If they are still Lasers are not not in breach of the tradename?
  4. No, no. This isn’t a Laser regatta, just a straightforward ILCA weekend.
  5. Ain't no Lasers here, mister.
  6. Its quite clear that a good class association is worth its weight in gold, and that even non-members benefit by strong resale values associated with a strong class. In nearly all cases it is the class association more than the actual dinghy that determines whether a boat will be a success. To my mind the Laser is an exception. It is/was a manufacturer led class that sold by the bucket load for various reasons and whilst the CA has performed a necessary job organising events and managing class rules it has not been central to the run away success of the class. Regarding IYRU/ISAF/WS. It is more than just a change of name. With the switch from IYRU to ISAF it went from being bottom up to top down - from a confederation of states united by a common interest to a federation of subordinate member states headed by a central government. The switch to WS further cemented and commercialised that change. Maybe in the 21st century these changes are necessary to conform to governance requirements but, much like ILCA, it sure smacks of sleight of hand to take control of something that was not yours.
  7. sosoomii

    rs aero

    Comparing the RS Aero and the RS 100 would be an interesting case study. One is a roaring success, the other less so. One focussed on lightness, simplicity and inclusivity. The other on speed, tech and adrenaline. One had a champion incentivised to promote it, the other was a pioneer of development via social media. There's a lesson for ILCA somewhere there.
  8. And the “new” ILCA dinghy from PSA...
  9. Some details of the Laser League, from the RayA Dinghy Show guide/Yachts & Yachting
  10. But it seems that sailboats are the only UK vendor with legal sails. Does that reflect a lack of demand for ILCA sails or the slow progress in complying with antitrust laws?
  11. Firstly, how have they got a monopoly on supplying class legal sails? It seems inconceivable that nobody else in the UK would like to be a supplier. Secondly, why would they offer 10% off when there is no competition?
  12. I thought you were talking about ILCA there for a second