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  1. Although the advert says they are free so not sure why anyone stumped up cash. Stupid is as stupid does I suppose.
  2. sosoomii

    29er kite hoist system new

    An elastic halyard, great idea!!
  3. If Ovington reached an agreement with Velum, could they brand their boats with the traditional Laser starburst logo? Or can ILCA somehow veto that happening?
  4. sosoomii

    Team NYYC

    Love the minimalist look of the US boat, but surprised European Airbus are the partners rather than Boeing. Also hate the look of the short stubby jibs, the way the gap between leech and mast opens up, but I guess it’s unavoidable?
  5. I like the c rigs. If I was an ILCA member and I had the chance to vote I would vote to have them in the association. But I wouldn’t expect them to be included without the class membership getting a vote.
  6. If they introduced a 9m sail, wouldn’t it reduce the fleet size of the standard rig? You might care about that. Similarly the Radial would have taken sailors from the standard fleet (as well as opening up the Laser to a whole new group). Not saying the Radial or a hypothetical 9m rig are wrong decisions, but it’s not the ILCA leaderships decision to take unilaterally. In a class association led class I would have thought it good governance to run these things past the membership. In a manufacturer led class I would understand that you get whatever the manufacturer gives you, and you can take it or leave it. But ILCA have made song and dance the last couple of years about how Laser is class led not manufacturer led.
  7. Would you be happy if the laminate rigs were introduced as ILCA rigs without a vote?
  8. No... The argument that ILCA members didn’t need to vote on the 4.7 and Radial rigs only holds water if you accept that the Laser was traditionally a manufacturer led class, not a membership led one.
  9. Probably all of the above. But either they are separate classes and should have their own CA’s, or they are part of the Laser/ILCA/whatever class and there should have been a vote to let them join the party. I do not see how anyone can argue with a straight face that the Radial and 4.7 are separate classes and therefore didn’t need a vote whilst simultaneously saying they are part of the International Laser Class Association. Could ILCA act as an umbrella for the 18ft skiffs if the leadership of both decided that’s what they wanted, without putting it to a vote?
  10. If they are new classes why are they under the ILCA constitution and class rules? This smacks of having cake and eating it.
  11. I notice you don’t claim he is wrong though
  12. OMG, what kind of insignia is that?
  13. Weird, innit? I’m not really a rules kind of chap, but if your going to have them they may as well be followed.
  14. sosoomii

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    That’s hilarious - European and Australian Lasers being used to promote North American ILCAs