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  1. Had a pow-wow with the Admiral, in the salon this afternoon. Our decision has boiled down to a choice between the Smartkat 4.20m Edition, or the Minicat 420. btw Raz'r,,, I too love the PT-11, but no room at the Inn. (onboard) If we spent more time dirt-dwelling in Vancouver, I'd probably go for a Weta. So,, does anyone have experience or an informed opinion about either of the SmartKat or MiniCat,,, I'm listening! Cheers.
  2. That's it !! I think that's exactly what we are looking for. : ) So, our choice is between the Minicat 420, the Smatkat, or the Tiwal 3.2 Should be interesting to see which way the Admiral wants to go,,, I'll let you know.
  3. Thanks for all the info guys. The boats' main purpose is fun,,, to scoot around the anchorages, getting my sailing mojo back once we have completed a long passage. I have looked at all the suggestions you guys have made. These are very much appreciated, cheers However,,, new info. It appears that we don't have the deck real estate I thought we might have had. Stdb side has a 60HP Nouvurania 410, and port side has two 50cc Yamaha scooters, no shit. I was thinking we might trade the scooter real estate for the new sailing dinghy,,, Err 'no' says the Admiral. So, I have been looking into a foldable/buildable/stowable solution, and have come up with the Smartkat and the Minicat 420. Also looked at the Ducky, but this one seems too heavy, and too expedition purposed for our needs. That leads us to just two options I'm aware of. The Smartkat and the Minicat 420. My priorities are build quality, ease of assembly, and will it do what it says on the tin? They are priced similar, so that is awash. Which one would you choose?
  4. Thanks for your prompt reply Dex. The boat needs to be able to carry two people. The RS Aero seems perfect in every respect, apart from this one. The RS seems single-hander only. (Although it will be single handed most of the time ) Staying dry, not so important. Fast is always good!!
  5. Hello SA. I'm a sailor at heart, and have owned a few sailboats in our time. However, my wife & I are currently transiting God's blue earth, in a powerboat. Fact is; I miss sailing much of the time. I have space for a small sailboat on deck (up to say, 4.6 m long, x 2m wide). I'm asking for recommendations for sailboats that I could secure on deck, & assemble once at anchorage. Mono or cat, what ever the best package is.
  6. Jack, Great posts - thanks. Please keep'em coming.
  7. Yeah, got all that, Cody The dog-basic interior is exactly what I'm after dude. Thanks.
  8. The BCC is a similar LWL to the C275, but the displacement of the BCC is twice that of the FC22. I have no doubt I could single-hand the BCC, but I do not want 'that much boat' next time 'round. If it's the FC22, I'll get into Transpac voyaging/racing right away. If it's the C275, I'll move into coastal trips / Wed. night racing, that sort of thing. I can't lose either way. (BTW, I have owned a Catalina 36 for 5 years before, and loved it. I have secretly been searching for a Catalina that I could come back to,,, I think I may have found it ). Thank you again for your help. You got those interior shots coming right?
  9. Codybear, Many thanks for the info Dude, very much appreciated. I'm happy to say that the intell you provided made my decision that much firmer. I'm a few years away yet - I'm currently circumnavigating in a Trawler but you can't keep the sails away from a sailor! My other choice of sailboat (which you enquired about) is a Falmouth Cutter 22. Yes, yes, I know, 2 completely different boats. The irony has not escaped me either,, but this is coming from a guy who's on SA who owns a Trawler, so there you go. Either way, I have a fantastic saling program carved out in my mind, for which ever boat I end of purchasing. Thanks for your input. Waiting to see some photos of the interior now. Cheers.
  10. So Codybear, How are we getting on with our Catalina 275? Anecdotes / performance reviews / photos / vids >> post what you got Dude! I've nailed my next sailboat down to one-of-two boats, and you Sir, are playing a significant role in this decision right now : ) / no pressure.
  11. Zeyang, I just invested 13 hours over two days reading every post and viewing every single photo in your thread. Absolutely Fantastic work! I'm simply overwhelmed & in awe. Really looking to see more work accomplished on the boat. The farm stuff not so much Keep it going Dude! I guess the deck will be installed soon? Looking forward to see the engine install too. Oh I have so many questions,,,,,how did you afford the farm, farmhouse, acerage, & no income for the last 18 months? Please ignore if too personal, just curious. Well I'll let you get on with some more of the important stuff! Cho.