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    Single Handed roll call?

    I think you got that one backwards , they sail with you when little because you tell them to come along.
  2. Jari

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    I think it's standard equipment on new Dehler 30 OD .
  3. Jari

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Anyone knows when they start practicing ? Even if you don't care about the event , can't deny they look super impressive on the water
  4. Jari

    My newest project

    Swedish disregard for traditional look embracing computer models .
  5. Jari

    Jenneau, Dufour, Beneteau?

    Interesting quote from PBO article regarding influence of newly designed Mini Transat inspired boats https://www.afep-marine.com/pdf/Mini_Transat_3.pdf "Fuller and “scow bows” put volume forward and move the bow waterplane further outboard, making the boat more stable and level fore and aft. They are also good upwind because the waterplane moves out and the bow doesn’t bury. Off the wind they generate extra lift and earlier planing. They also add greatly to interior volume.’ David Raison’s ‘scow-bowed’ Magnum set the cat amongst the pigeons on the 2011 Mini Transat. His logic was that width added to the stern gives more power; so why not at the bow as well? When heeled, the hull retains the same immersed profile, the bow doesn’t dig in and wetted area is reduced. His computer models showed that the concept worked better than traditional lines on all points of sailing. The proof of the pudding? Raison’s TeamWork Evolution won by a country mile in 2011."
  6. Jari

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Any chance to see this boat in Oakland boat show in April? This boat, it seems, begs for SF breeze . We will remake that video from Turkey by the city water front . Please let us try it on left coast
  7. I love projects like this. Keep it coming as you go. Oh and good luck , you need it .