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  1. 2017 Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Race

    Is there no map which has both? I found the "official site" with only monos and it was a total bitch to find the multies. I had to come here to get the link!
  2. 2017 Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Race

    I will have to upload some pics I took from the Shorncliffe jetty. The multi race was MUCH better spectating for shore dwellers. The race was organised so the shore crowds got to see close racing away from, then back towards the jetty. The boats all looked amazing. Who knows what the monos were doing. You needed to be out there on a boat to appreciate anything from them. Hey Alan, these mods sound extreme. This boat was for sale for ages right? Did the new owner decide to do the mods, or did the old owner decide to keep it and do the mods? I would love to hear more about the mods. Before and after specs etc, and pics of the build if there were any. Cheers, Dennis.
  3. What can you guys tell me about this model or even this particular boat? Its for sale. I had a look at it with a mate. The specs indicate it will sail fairly fast and its simply huge inside. I hate the cockpit though and it has a bad case of "shit on the back". Fair enough they put davits on but then the arch became redundant. Unlike every other cat I see this is floating very high too. For sale add: http://ensignbrokers.com.au/ensign/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-catamarans/malcolm-tennant-47/180661/ Tenannt webite: http://www.tennantdesign.co.nz/index.php?page=timeliner---46 The boat for sale "Pelican V" is appears to be the boat in the Tennant site "Pahi" It looked a lot nicer then. Compared to now:
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I watched all of the teleport vids. Pretty cool vlog. Wow their boat was a shit box! But that made it more interesting. Heaps of bears, a few guns. Some shooting but no shot bears. Any other recommendations?
  5. Rudders

    I just used the term chastity strut to convey the idea. I think it might be possible to build it strong enough in this case with hefty lumber or even steel. Once again I have zero knowledge of the construction of the keel in this area. If it were my boat I would consider doing it if was found the keel structure would not be compromised. There would be a reduction in WSA too, but lift would be greater with the better rudder design. Still a heap of work, but if you like tinkering.
  6. First Alpha 42 Abandoned on Maiden Voyage

    Just need a pressure wash and dehumidifier going and it will be right to snap its massive solid 1" rudder tubes again.
  7. Thoughts on Schionnings 15m cruising Tri?

    Me to, but there are those who love tris and I like seeing all sorts of multis and have always liked the idea of a tri that actually has some decent cruising amenities for its gigantic price tag. At almost 3T lighter than a gunboat 48 it would probably a lot faster in most conditions.
  8. Thoughts on Schionnings 15m cruising Tri?

    I would have thought the "high" side would be dry enough?
  9. Thoughts on Schionnings 15m cruising Tri?

    Mojo is almost 16M and is for sale for 800aud which would be 600 usd. Bit its a few years old now. So I guess 1m would be about right in AUD.
  10. Thoughts on Schionnings 15m cruising Tri?

    I would have though it would be well under 2m. More like 700k or so? I wouldn't want to be the first buyer either. I always applaud those willing to be beta testers. Takes a lot of courage (maybe stupidity in some cases) to be the first. What do you find so bad about it? Or is it there is just no point and you may as well get a cat? Can you point out a few notable expensive failures from respected designers?
  11. http://www.schionningdesigns.com.au/1500tri It seems to offer much more deck space with the side cockpits, and with births in the amas appears to come close to a 15m performance cat in accommodations. I'm not sold on the aesthetics of the cabin though. What do you guys think? I would like to see more cruising tris being built, not that I can afford one myself.
  12. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Cheers on the Teleport recommendation. I saw their blog years ago and donated them a very small amount of money for their effort and had a little bit of email correspondence with them. I'm not sure if they even had a youtube channel then. But I will take a look. Much more interesting than tits in a hot place. Not that I have anything against tits, quite the contrary. My fav car mag had no hot models it. I have other magazines for that
  13. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Can anyone reccomend an interesting sailing vlog? I understand where to find tits on the internet so am looking for something that is interesting due to content other than tits. Is this a new and revolutionary idea for a sailing vlog? Content that does not center around tits but around sailing adventure etc? Its an out there idea I know!
  14. Bits n pieces n superglue vs medical stuff

    I have always used standard $2 superglue to glue myself together. It works amazingly well. I never put glue into the wound, but onto the skin after pulling the cut back together. Use some tissue paper as a composite layup if you have to. Anyone familiar with CA (super) glue knows it literally glues skin better than anything!
  15. Rudders

    Eric Sponbergs website has changed and I can't find the article that was linked here http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/sailboats/sailboat-heavy-helm-rudder-analysis-47906-2.html#post644565 Anyway I have my own idea which no one has seemed to mention yet. Maybe that's because of my ignorance in how silly it might be not knowing the structure of the keel. It would seem that moving the rudder stock position would be way too much effort. Moving the rudder back or straightening the angle has the benefit of allowing room for balance, plus allowing some free water flow on the leading edge rather than being stuck behind deadwood. That would allow a real foil shape to have a proper advantage, but yeah. Not worth the hassle of moving the stock and I would never consider that. So how about leaving the angle and position exactly the same, but simply removing some of the keel below the prop instead, then adding a Chastity Strut . This has the same benefit of moving the whole rudder, but without the massive amount of work. Removing stuff is easier than adding it. But I have no idea on the construction of your boat in this area. You would gain area for balance below the prop, the rudder would have free water flow on the leading edge, and it would still be supported at the bottom. Note the shitty mspaint is just to show the idea. Obviously it would be done with whole new optimized rudder planform and section shape. I just modded the old rudder in the pic for simplicity. The more keel you get rid of the better (to a certain extent obviously).