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  1. Dennisail

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I watched all of the teleport vids. Pretty cool vlog. Wow their boat was a shit box! But that made it more interesting. Heaps of bears, a few guns. Some shooting but no shot bears. Any other recommendations?
  2. Dennisail

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Cheers on the Teleport recommendation. I saw their blog years ago and donated them a very small amount of money for their effort and had a little bit of email correspondence with them. I'm not sure if they even had a youtube channel then. But I will take a look. Much more interesting than tits in a hot place. Not that I have anything against tits, quite the contrary. My fav car mag had no hot models it. I have other magazines for that
  3. Dennisail

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Can anyone reccomend an interesting sailing vlog? I understand where to find tits on the internet so am looking for something that is interesting due to content other than tits. Is this a new and revolutionary idea for a sailing vlog? Content that does not center around tits but around sailing adventure etc? Its an out there idea I know!
  4. Dennisail

    My newest project

    Was Icon in Brisbane a couple of years ago?
  5. Dennisail

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Not mine anymore sadly. Very missed.
  6. Dennisail

    My newest project

    A polished SS sink looks just like a matte finish sink in a few years of hard use anyway.
  7. Dennisail

    My newest project

    He has 4 of these, so I expect each one will roughly 4 times less use than average.
  8. Dennisail

    My newest project

    Did you bond it to your saildrive leg?
  9. Dennisail

    My newest project

    Because they look cool. I would have thought impact resistance would have been a limiting factor over stiffness here. A well known multihull designer posted he weighed a carbon fiber sink and it was heavier than a west marine plastic unit he also weighed. Shitty sample size I know, but interesting none the less. Im a fan off the matte metal finish. Looks better than carbon
  10. Dennisail

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I think that blue steel boat with the antenna mast is a "mono cat". Its starts out as a mono and ends up a cat (sort of) at the back. It lives in the Brisbane River near Eagle St. It looks well maintained and it appears to actually be going places which is makes it more admirable than most.
  11. Dennisail

    My newest project

    Its an eye opener that the fascination with carbon sometimes ends up with a more expensive part less fit for duty than a cheaper material. I like the idea of cheaper glass stanchions that dont explode like cf. But as your first client told you. "its not your boat". I knew of a doctor who was riding his carbon fiber push bike when the frame exploded (not an elite athlete needing the last 1% to win). He was stabbed under the chin and the spear exited his eye socket. I wonder if he still thinks the extra $2000 in price to save 90 grams was worth it in this situation. Dont get me wrong, I like carbon. I just think its use it sometimes detrimental and cf stanchions seem an inappropriate use other than for high end racing.
  12. Dennisail

    My newest project

    I thought it might have been because of the way it looked.
  13. Dennisail

    My newest project

    lol. This project has a budgiout?
  14. Dennisail

    My newest project

    looking good. Were composite staunchions considered?
  15. Nice boat. Also the pics of the boat at speed are unloaded with one person. It would be hard to trim it up like that with a few passengers up front.