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  1. drakeborer

    2020 Caribbean Multihull Challenge

    Dooood, that shit (puke) is worth more than carbon..............
  2. drakeborer

    New outremer model coming

  3. drakeborer

    New outremer model coming

    The "Bali" of outremer?
  4. drakeborer

    De'part Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Hmmm, and I guess they are not "seaworthy" enough to do the Sydney-Hobart? Awesome to watch these machines (both boats and sailors)
  5. drakeborer


    Oof, you are so right! I should be terribly embarrassed! Must have photoshopped the fat of the big girl sunreef to make her look like the hot chick OE60
  6. drakeborer

    WTF #2

    Soma, buddy of mine told me once, that "if it's weird, but it feels good, - just forget that it's weird" Just go ahead and love that thing
  7. drakeborer


    Whatever the hell it is, seems attached to pretty nice boat. almost looks like the OE60 ?
  8. drakeborer

    Over the horizon

    Man, with your knowledge/history/background I would hate to try to sell you a boat :-) Talk about kicking the tires! Out of curiousity what don't you like about the Dolphin. Been looking into them (as my buddy bought one), and they seem pretty solid. The one he bought was pretty tricked out/optimized for the price. It's pretty easy to lose some real $ looking for a boat that sails well (I would know;-) )
  9. drakeborer

    Over the horizon

    NIls A buddy of mine just made an offer and they accepted on a Dolphin 460 Nice looking boat with a pretty good mix of comfort/performance without being in the $$$$ range Made me think of this thread..
  10. drakeborer

    Over the horizon

  11. drakeborer

    Over the horizon

    You seem to have always loved that boat. What the hell, good for you, you only live once
  12. drakeborer

    Gunboat 68

    Why does that not surprise me. Seems this market is full of booby traps :-) She sure is pretty from the outside though. PS Congrats on yur exploits on Chim Chim and also on Fujin in St. Maarten. Just got back from VI. Resilient place!
  13. drakeborer

    Gunboat 68

    any more word/video on the seatrials?
  14. drakeborer

    Gunboat 68

    hmmm I would bet the list of other things that bothered you would be interesting to hear over a couple of beers Good luck to you with the new project
  15. drakeborer

    Caribbean 600

    The F4 is racing? Brutal three or four days in that boat in these conditions!