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  1. Gunboat 68

    Surprised no one else has replied...Congrats Nils. Looks bad ass, as I am sure it will be. Good for you
  2. Voyage is a great company, family owned and run. I grew up in the VI, but now live in the states. As such I started introducing the VI to the fam and chartered through the moorings several times. Discovered Voyage and never looked back. I chartered with them for 5 yrs straight, and then bought a boat. Being on the other side of the maintenance bill, I will let you know that they take very good care of the boats. It is not a true performance boat, but it certainly does sail. Significantly better than the layer cake FP's, and the Lagoons. It is a good company and I can't recommend them more db
  3. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    amen brother. Nice to have some closure on a painful ordeal. didn't need the instructions to "deposit in 90 days", try 90 minutes. A nice vacation for the missus and me to drown the sorrows!
  4. BVI spring regatta

    Yeah, had my eleven cents on the dollar check gotten here just a little bit sooner, I may have taken the missus on a short vacation to party on the new Gunboat's dime.
  5. BVI spring regatta

    seeing Sunshine on the line would be beyond cool.
  6. BVI spring regatta

    Elvis vs Extreme? How'd it go out there today Out of curiosity why isn't Fujin racing As well there, are several other boats down there that would be nice to see on the line. Tiger Lilly?Zenyatta?R six?. There is also an Alibi 54 that hangs out in the BVI (can't remember her name). I think many maybe pushed off by the super turboed models, but it would be nice to see all the performance oriented cats on the line.
  7. BVI spring regatta

    Big bummer bout Elvis Was really looking forward to the matchup between them and Extreme. Hopefully they will make the rest of the regatta?
  8. BVI spring regatta

    Ok, I'll do it again,....... Elvis, Extreme H2O, Nala,...? All we r missing is Phaedo( GB66,- not MOD 70). Really intriguing mix of the turboed performance pleasure cats. How do they compare?
  9. St Thomas STIR

    great video of the start from the chopper. Nala looks real fast on a close reach!. Great looking conditions. Anybody know what happened to Arethusa?
  10. St Thomas STIR

    Really? No one posting bout the results? C'mon man, us state side junkies want some banter. Sounds like Nala, souped up HH 66 is fast...? Looks like Flow is also fast. Any of you lucky people who get to be there and analyze let us know what is up. (please)
  11. 2017 Heineken Results - Offshore Multihulls

    soma Are you racing Soma (formula 40)?
  12. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    saw some pics of the Crosswaite finished boat at launch. Looks like she has daggerboards. A pretty big departure from the design for centerboards. Would take some serious tinkering with the structure of the hulls from the mold?
  13. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    bigger rig?
  14. Wanna Play Kite Boat?!

    and then there are these
  15. Heineken

    I do wish "Girl Friend" was there, though it seems that they are pretty glued to the West coast I miss the Gunboat Vids, they were sailing porn