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  1. KC64000

    shipping sport boat SF to NY

    Check with Sail 22. https://www.sail22.com/ professional and reliable. priceless.
  2. Looking at getting back into dinghy racing, tired of finding crew on a keelboat. Considering a Laser but had two questions: - Laser vs Laser Radial - I'm not getting any younger and I'm hopefully not getting any heavier. So for someone who is rapidly aging but still fit and weigh ~ 150lbs, should I go for the full laser rig or the Radial? I know that Toronto is mostly light winds in the summer, but when it does crank I would like to be able to go out and not spend most of my time in the lake. - any suggestions on clubs to sail and "fun" race the Laser in Toronto? I know about some of the Outer Harbour clubs - what do people recommend? and no, I have no photos, go ask Snaggy for some.
  3. KC64000

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    Another one just came up for sale: https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/melges-20-172-for-sale/ Fast, fun boats. PM me if interested.
  4. KC64000

    Kirby 30

    I owned Hull #4 and it was cored with a variety of materials. Some foam, some appeared to be plywood, hard to tell. They are getting old (~ 30 years) and were built to race. Key things to check: - bulkhead - made of plywood and rotted at the bottom. mine separated from the hull on particularly windy / wavy day. should be replaced - masts - some are single spreader, most double spreader with inline spreaders, hence the need for running backstays. learn to use them or start pricing a new mast - not particularly quick in light winds, great in 12-15 knots. they will surf but getting them up to speed downwind is a challenge with the fractional spinnaker. - not a lot of headroom down below - great for kids - all that I know of are inboard - yanmar 1cyl diesel, 9.9 hp. moved the boat pretty well and well nigh indestructible. other than oil change / filter changes I did nothing to mine for the 9 years I owned it and it was 20 years old when I bought it. other boats to consider: - Laser 28 - Santana 30/30 - Frers 30
  5. KC64000

    Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    Is this just a problem with the Dubarry Sailing Boots? I know someone who desperately wants a pair of their riding boots, but I don't want to spend that kind of coin to have them fall apart like that.
  6. KC64000

    ton fun

    They were awesome machines.
  7. KC64000

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Wonderful. How exactly does this help me with crew on Lake Ontario?
  8. KC64000

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Since we're only expecting it to snow this weekend, no freezing rain, I decided it's time to start thinking about sailing. Looking for 2-3 crew with dinghy/sportboat racing experience for a Melges 20. PM me if interested. Sailing out of PCYC on the weeknights (Thursday) and occasional weekend (RCYC Open, PCYC Open). No, no photos and I don't give a damn about the rating.....
  9. Welcome to the Melges 20 fleet - like your boat name...."it's madness" :-)