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  1. KC64000

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    probably Kirby 25. does it have running backstays?
  2. KC64000

    Melges 20 Trailer / Trailer Bearings

    I've done that, but figured someone out there has already done it and might be able to provide their experience.
  3. Hi folks - I think it's time to replace the bearings on the M20 trailer - some squeaking / thunking while trailering to the club has me thinking it's that time. Anyone know who makes the trailer or type of bearings used (assume sealed)? Any experience in replacing - nightmares to be prepared for? thanks last M20 in GTA
  4. KC64000

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Still deciding if I will actually bring the boat to the club this year. Happy it sits on a trailer in storage. Social distancing on a Melges 20 is a bit of a challenge and single-handing, nope.
  5. KC64000

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    National keeps moving things - launch is now June 13-14. At this rate, we will get the mast up and tuned, in time to take them out again.......
  6. KC64000

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    National is launching over 2 days - June 6/7. My boat may stay in storage for the summer - would anyone want to be in close quarters racing? Not sure about haul-out. Tyvek suits and respirators perhaps.
  7. as was recommended to me by a scuba dive master: - buy the Rolex and wear / show it off it at the bar - take off said Rolex before you get on the boat and put on a Timex IronMan Never wear an expensive watch on the water that you weren't prepared to lose overboard and NOT go after!
  8. KC64000

    Yacht Club openings on Lake Ontario RE: Covid-19

    latest update: https://thenyc.com/getmedia/58532555-f1fe-48d3-bfc6-991d45b9e3aa/2020-03-30_COVID-19_Update.aspx
  9. KC64000

    Yacht Club openings on Lake Ontario RE: Covid-19

    Update on NYC: Dining Room will remain closed, suspension of food and beverage minimums while the Dining Room is closed NYC grounds will be completely shut to all members and employees through a minimum of April 13, 2020 Launch rescheduled to May 23-24
  10. KC64000

    Yacht Club openings on Lake Ontario RE: Covid-19

  11. KC64000

    shipping sport boat SF to NY

    Check with Sail 22. https://www.sail22.com/ professional and reliable. priceless.
  12. Looking at getting back into dinghy racing, tired of finding crew on a keelboat. Considering a Laser but had two questions: - Laser vs Laser Radial - I'm not getting any younger and I'm hopefully not getting any heavier. So for someone who is rapidly aging but still fit and weigh ~ 150lbs, should I go for the full laser rig or the Radial? I know that Toronto is mostly light winds in the summer, but when it does crank I would like to be able to go out and not spend most of my time in the lake. - any suggestions on clubs to sail and "fun" race the Laser in Toronto? I know about some of the Outer Harbour clubs - what do people recommend? and no, I have no photos, go ask Snaggy for some.
  13. KC64000

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    Another one just came up for sale: https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/melges-20-172-for-sale/ Fast, fun boats. PM me if interested.
  14. KC64000

    Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    Is this just a problem with the Dubarry Sailing Boots? I know someone who desperately wants a pair of their riding boots, but I don't want to spend that kind of coin to have them fall apart like that.