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  1. Centreboard removal

    I don't believe that it would take a "madman" to remove the float from the beams.When they were it stalled in the Wilpy floats (straight foils) the beam to float join was beefed up. It was subsequently additionally beefed up as there was cracking happening due to the foil trying to roll the float off the beam as his was not the constructed original load path. The lock down bolts on the beams also got reengineered after stripping the thread off one due to the changed load path.
  2. G'day Wilpy I didn't want to post this and slow down any momentum you have but my club at Kingston SE could host those nationals if you can't get them to agree to Feb. We have the new Cape Jaffa marina 15km from Kingston SE possible sponsorship and keen as hell for some advertising. It's nearly halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide. North of the marina is no obstacles for 120km

  3. Older fast Aus multies

    I believe that the new carbon mast for Malice is in Port Douglas and the new sails are on order!
  4. Farrier F-85SR

    The question is how much do you need. Voodoo Spirit has a self tacking jib and goes like a shower of Sh#t up hill. Go with simplicity every time.