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  1. MaxHeadroom


    It typically takes 60-90 days to do the hearings and other protocols before a vote for a new supreme - And the election is in 6 weeks. Oh, and some of the senators have to do a bit of campaigning between now and then - I would be surprised if they could get their act together enough to vote on a new supreme before the election.
  2. MaxHeadroom


    And a lame duck session of the Senate to choose her “replacement” What could possibly go wrong?
  3. MaxHeadroom

    Harken INC has new owners

    “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”
  4. MaxHeadroom

    got to love CL

    Got a voicemail from "The IRS" about back taxes. Returned the call and told the person answering "I am calling from Microsoft about the virus on your computer" It went downhill from there.....
  5. MaxHeadroom

    Random PicThread

    Yep - Another rabbit hole thanks to Hobot
  6. MaxHeadroom

    The End of Jerry Falwell?

    Damn auto correct....
  7. MaxHeadroom

    The End of Jerry Falwell?

  8. MaxHeadroom

    Kellyanne is going bonkers

    Next on the Jerry Springer show - The Conways! This should be just as entertaining as the Falwell family shitshow - Maybe book a double header. They will need to bring in extra chairs to throw for the inevitable fight scene. Then again, maybe it's just a necessary distraction from the other shit show - the RNC coronation of King Donald the dRump.
  9. MaxHeadroom

    Random PicThread
  10. MaxHeadroom


    4-8" of rain with some areas reporting baseball sized hail early Monday AM just West of Minneapolis - Lighting and thunder were continuous from 0100 - 0400. Bad day for crop & homeowner and car insurance companies.
  11. MaxHeadroom

    Geriatric Tablet Setup. . .

    Alexa for old people
  12. MaxHeadroom

    Sturgis 2020

    Herman Cain - There is no Pandemic! Pandemic - There is no Herman Cain!
  13. MaxHeadroom

    Colon Prep

    Two girls, one cup? Google at your own risk....
  14. MaxHeadroom

    Living Aboard in Caribbean

    Spent 3+ months on lockdown in Antigua when the borders were closed before hauling out and flying home in June when they reopened. Direct flights from NYC, MIA, ATL among others (COVID has made changes to schedules, but both Delta and American are currently flying.... Good options for provisioning. Parts and pieces for the usual stuff are available, a couple of good companies for projects (Chippy or Woodstock) and other service providers. Some yards are also DIY friendly Marina's are not cheap. Figure ~$1100/mo for a 46 footer. Plus $0.28/Kwh for power and then water. Plenty of places to toss out the hook. You need to be mindful of your cruising permit / Visa. Typically good for 90 days, can be extended with a trip to St Johns. Or sail to another island for a few weeks and then return. Sint Maarten went hard core with the lockdown and are still a bit of a pill to deal with currently. Tax/duty free with plenty of quality service providers. Traffic is heavy during a "normal" tourist season, less options to toss out the hook. Be mindful of N swell. PM me if you want more details, as I will be returning in Jan.