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  1. MaxHeadroom

    Internet Routers

    My office is in a building with a couple of financial advisors, brokers, etc. I have my guest WiFi network named variations of "financial crimes investigation unit #3", "Stinger device 17", "FBI Investigation team." I even get dumb fucks that access it.
  2. MaxHeadroom

    Random PicThread

    So sayeth the Google
  3. MaxHeadroom


    Turtle boners -
  4. MaxHeadroom

    A big project!

    New episode posted - Lots of drilling:
  5. MaxHeadroom


  6. MaxHeadroom

    Foxy news out as Dem debate hosts.

    Thoughts and Prayers
  7. MaxHeadroom

    Apollo 11 IMAX documentary

    Amazing movie. Also saw his follow up Powaqqatsi - Saw it in 70mm and a slightly 'enhanced" state of mind - {Edit} Apparently also available as a blueray from the Amazon...
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  9. MaxHeadroom

    A big project!

    A nice write up in Wooden Boat -
  10. MaxHeadroom

    caption contest

    Before Video
  11. MaxHeadroom

    Caribbean 600 2019

    Tracker shows Bella Mente turning back. . .
  12. MaxHeadroom

    Random PicThread