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  1. Soho

    Penguin blocks and hardware

    I use a lot of Antal, great stuff for my needs. I find Siebe @ Euromarine Trading is very good and responsive. YMMV.
  2. Soho

    Powder coat or paint wheel

    +1 Boatleather, did my wheel watching Netflix, on a dowel between two chairs, took me about 8 hours in total.... nice when done, get the padding for under the leather and remember to start at the top of the wheel so you put the black piece over the join. Have fun
  3. Soho

    Super Typhoon Yutu Strongest Storm 2018

    after taking a dousing of salt water @ 150+ kts, the leaves that stay on turn brown and fall off later...
  4. Soho

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    OMG, I read that and it brought back memories of this Toro powered reel mower we had back in Canada, circa 1970, it stopped by quickly whacking that metal tap to short out the plug, I would have never remembered that.... had to whack that thing fast to avoid a shock
  5. Soho

    Favourite Boat pic?

    So how does the mizzen kite rig, sheet and guy attach to what to keep the foot so wide ? whats that straight line over to the port side of the mizzen leech ?
  6. Soho

    Refinishing an old teak deck

    Fleetwood, briefly, how is the "regrooving" exercise accomplished in your experience ? I have sort of a similar situation, but figured this regrooving might be tricky to do.
  7. Soho

    Refinishing an old teak deck

    I was thinking the same....
  8. Soho

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    Well, he did say "Which" boat, not "what" boat. For me that sort of implies he feels he might know the boat. Just sayin' End of defense of Mad.
  9. Soho

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    Keel, I sort of have the same dilemma, want something like that Garmin series for the helm, mostly to nav to the next mark, or just figure out where I am when it is dark, everything else I have on instruments. Battery power is best, want it small. Shame Garmin give up on that series of products, they were good. You can still get them on Ebay..... Good thread, will look at some of the options listed. Good luck.
  10. Soho

    Dumb Poweboat Running Light Question

    Aside from the legality of your configuration, you should be really focused on making sure you are visible at night.... accidents can and do happen and frequently at night when visibility can be an issue. Legal speed limits are not always observed.
  11. Soho

    "Y" Mooring Bridle/Pendant Prototype

    How much wind are you expecting the boat to handle and in what sort of waves ? That is, what is the load here. For my 27k# boat I use 1 1/8 Yale Double Esterlon, 2 pennants or bridles with the Suncor thimbles on them joined to the mooring chain. Works in hurricanes....... ( adequate chafe protection included on the bridles ) regular splices done on them. Not sure if this would fix your problem or not.
  12. Soho

    Ordering new sails - set wind speed?

    Definitely get your sails optimized towards what you usually sail in. The good sailmakers will be able to assist you in this and their feedback will be useful. Just bear in mind that the sails are just one part of a big equation on race performance, not much use having optimized sails if your bottom is dirty, or you don't have capable sail trimmers....
  13. Soho

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    For reference, i have 27K of boat, 42 ft Albin Nimbus, and I have the 50HP Yanmar 4JH3E with a Martec 3 blade feathering. I was lucky and got the prop dialed in pretty perfectly to the engine and she pushes the boat along well in any condition really. I keep the prop and bottom very clean which helps. The newer model from mine, I think its the 4JH4 series, is quieter, came out just as I installed mine in 2006 I guess. YMMV
  14. Soho

    Genoa question

    Obviously it depends on budget, but if you are serious about racing, buy a new sail, the best you can afford, do the other things that you can to your boat, clean bottom, systems that work etc, and take it from there. Buying second hand sails, well you never know how they were treated, so age is probably not the biggest factor and nobody can predict how long they will last, nor if they were a good cut to start with even.
  15. Sitting here in Bermuda on my porch looking down at Sly, the Navy boats and the J all docked @ RHADC.... winds getting light for the next few days here, N2B looks slow this year. Life is good when you sail.