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  1. Soho

    How do you store your tools onboarding? ?

    +1 on the used dental picks - use them all the time and if they break, just grab another, I have a dentist who give me lots....
  2. Soho

    Gasket material for a hatch

    I use "basting tape" - double sided tape for sailmaking, get from Sailrite. Real sticky stuff, just did a hatch last weekend with some.
  3. Soho

    Up the mast with in a bosun's chair.

    Yup, did exactly this, great idea and a ton of fun to operate..... getting above the thing you are working on makes for much easier work.
  4. Soho

    Cockpit locker latches

    you got me thinking about these as well, but notice that you need the area where the pin mounts to be recessed I think to take the retaining nut that goes on the outside, if I am looking at it right ?
  5. Soho

    Exhaust water separator

    Did that on my repower with same type of Yanmar and works well....
  6. Soho


    Maybe a stupid question, it says waypoints and navigation, so I assume that means you could input coordinates of a race course and somehow navigate your way around ? bearing and distance to the next mark etc ? or is that more in the realm of a navigation too. No user manual posted online that I saw.
  7. Soho

    Attaching genny sheets

    In the light stuff it's fine, just @ the top end it's harder to sacrifice someone up there to "guide" the flogging clew around. Anyhow my question was sort of around what I was doing wrong and I am thinking not much at this point. It's a big sail and you have to manage the tacks well.
  8. Soho

    Attaching genny sheets

    Could you explain that to me please. Situation would be a 42ft R/C with a 150% and lowers that go forward somewhat. How do you tack such that your sheets/clew never brush the shrouds ?
  9. Soho

    Attaching genny sheets

    Its not so much "failing", but the knots getting hung up on shrouds etc. ( which is a "fail" when racing and tacking a 150) I have a 42 footer as well, but I have lowers that angle forward and the knots get hung up on them. Again, it's more a racing thing for me.
  10. Soho

    Attaching genny sheets

    I use the T clews on my racing sails and they are nice, no knots and easy to hook up. We don't typically peel sails so no issues there. I also use your suggested method of short splice and home made soft shackle on my cruising #2 jib and it works fine. Not having the knots of a bowline hang up on the shrouds is good. BTW - the T-clews are going to cost a bundle to buy and retrofit to sails, you need to get them built into the sails really. Experiment, and see what works for you. Very little to lose.
  11. Soho

    "Installing" core in cover"

    Thanks for the input J28 and ctutmark, food for thought.
  12. Soho

    "Installing" core in cover"

    Addresses something I have been thinking of, I have some old T900 halyards and I was wondering about the integrity of the core, covers are pretty well shot in terms of age/dirt/uv damage and some wear spots. I figured there was nothing wrong with the cores and they could "probably" be reused, but was not sure if multiple years of use had any lasting impact. Aside from a good visual review, anything else one needs to check on prior to repurposing a Dyneema/vectran etc core ?
  13. Soho

    Recommend a ratchet crimper

    I have used an Anchor one for years, does the 3 main sizes, pink/blue/yellow and with the ratcheting action is great. For what you describe, should work, just did about a dozen crimps on my Whaler rewiring a few lights. I use heat shrink connectors and back up with tubular heat shrink when needed. YMMV.
  14. Soho

    Full Main + HW Jib?

    Just for reference, I have 83 vintage 42' RC and @ about 23 the reef in the main, with the 3dl 96% #3, makes the boat so much more sailable. It's a no brainer, without the reef the main is doing very little by flapping around. I put the tracks in for the #3 myself, PO had a reelable #2 and by all accounts it was very effective.
  15. Soho

    Penguin blocks and hardware

    I use a lot of Antal, great stuff for my needs. I find Siebe @ Euromarine Trading is very good and responsive. YMMV.