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  1. PSS Dripless Shaft Seals: Pros/Cons/Experiences?

    I have had one on my boat for 11 years, and as with most posters here, no issues. Aside from one.... I was cleaning the bottom and as I usually do did the prop and of course turned it to work the blades of the prop into a better cleaning position. The shaft seemed stiff, gave it some muscle, mental note to check in gear ? turns out that the faces had mated as DDW said and I was twisting the bellows inside the boat, which BTW, is not easy, those bellows are very durable It was actually slipping under the hose clamps in the boat and had I been more aggressive with it, or less lucky, probably would have dislodged it from the bearing face it was attached to. I forgot to investigate it after doing the bottom ( big error, but was ignorant of what the potential issue was ) and next time out the torque of the motor did break the seal between the faces so it was working, but the whole bellows had been twisted and was leaking a minor, but steady amount. As I normally check my engine bilge while underway I did notice the water coming in and we went back to the dock, I stuffed rags in the stern tube from the outside, which did pretty well stem the flow, good to know. loosened hose clamps etc and got it all back together. As it is a V drive it is a nightmare to work on and I was worrying about an emergency haul, but it all was good. I now check the shaft each time. It usually does stick a little but I get it freed up. My boat never really goes more than 3 weeks not being used, so no idea why this happened and it was so well mated together this one time. Lesson learned. Aside from this one thing, it has been very effective. Over and out
  2. The RC 44 Is a Great Boat ! ! !

    These machines raced in Bermuda prior to the AC and there were very impressive to watch up close out on the race course. Sure it's pro's and wealthy guys, but someone has to do it ! It's no different in some respects to the big money running WOX, Black Jack etc All sailing is good.
  3. Nautical equivalent of around the block.... mooring to where we hoist sails typically under 1/2 mile and we don't tend to motor long distances this time of year, I can live with adding oil as needed until the haul out in January to do the bottom. I was just curious if the Blue Devil works and nothing to be lost by trying I guess.
  4. I have a slow leak, few ounces a week maybe in my ZF V drive transmission. Its going to have to come out, pain in the ass, to get the seals done. Curious if anybody has tried something like the Blue Devil Transmission leak sealer. From the reviews, it seems to work often on cars etc. ( I also tried to search for this topic but could not seem to get the search to work, I seem to think I might have asked this before even.... )
  5. Old NORLAM from North Sails

    My experience with this area is that once you get that "pillow" effect of delam, it is only a matter of time. Have you considered checking in with a local North rep ?
  6. Soft Jib Hanks

    Wow, interesting, I would have thought that they would break, but I guess not, learn something new every day...
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I don't think I have seen that much from her home port/area, some people must know her, the boat etc. are we getting any "news" from them. What about the yard that hauls her boat, someone out there "knows" but is not talking yet. Send in the National Enquirer
  8. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    this might have been covered in the preceding 7 pages of comments, but who says they left with just 2 persons and 2 dogs on board.......
  9. Soft Jib Hanks

    Just to clarify, shown in the picture is your soft hank? Reason I ask is that new jib has some loops sewn in the sail there to allow you to run a line from one loop to the other around the forestay and hold it closer to the forestay between the tack and where it goes into the luff groove. Your shot looks like an upgrade where a plastic buckle is used. I would not have thought the setup shown is strong enough for being a hank ?
  10. They will all probably work for what you are doing. I have found lanocote good for what you are looking at, and if you can get in Canada, go Leaf Nation, great. Try it, keep an eye on the pole and if it is not doing the trick, try something else, it is not like you cannot monitor it where it is being used. I have used TefGel, and yes it is expensive, on many mast fittings, and you do have to monitor them, but it does work, and again you can keep an eye on it for your application. I am going to order some Duralac next time I am in the US as many people rave about it.
  11. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    no evidence to back this up, but I thought many lofts essentially buy the sails from a centralized North company, add their markup, probably very much influenced by North central to keep pricing somewhat consistent and it goes from there. At certain times, like recently, North central will offer a discount that is passed on to the customer. The premise here is that the lofts are not "owned" by North, but operate almost as franchises. I might have this totally wrong as well, but it might help to explain what you are seeing. Local sailmakers can then have latitude to offer some deals, although it cuts into their profit, not North central.
  12. Carbon vs Aluminum spin pole

    What is the actual difference in weight. On my 42ft it went from 50# to 22#, a lot easier to handle in all maneuvers from getting it set up to getting it stowed. Worth the $$$ ? Your call completely.
  13. Homemade Sail cover: sailrite kit

    Hmm, I have a Sailrite machine and have made my sail cover, winch covers, wheel cover, just finished a windscreen cover for my powerboat, and a ton of other things as well as some misc repairs to sails even. The machine has easily paid for itself, several times over. With some patience and practice you can make nearly anything. The sail cover was not that bad at all, but did take a little time. I guess it sort of depends on your time, space and inclination to learn new skills.
  14. Navtec Hydraulic Vang

    I take a line from the end of my boom to a cockpit side cleat and with that, the main halyard and the mainsheet basically triangulating you can get the boom to be rock solid with no movement whatever...
  15. Covering bulkhead instrument holes

    Laying on some 2 part paint by hand to the covers ( whatever your choose, ) should not be that hard.....