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  1. Seems like you have it pretty well covered and are in a good place. I would just +1 on the changing out the mounts if they are old, just so much easier to do in the current situation. I also pretty well coated my engine with LPS or Corrosion x type stuff just to protect against corrosion, especially the bottom of the oil pan as corrosion there causes oil leaks... my shaft coupling is below my engine oil pan, and at one point it was throwing some spray during operation, which eroded away the protection on the pan and allowed it to rust. Good luck, You have reminded me that my oil is due for a change.... BTW - shouldn't your oil alarm have gone off ?
  2. Good idea to use luff tapes; I put some plain clear silicone grease on mine, just a bit, and run it up and down, does wonders for the ease of sail hoists. If the luff tape runs easily, then your sail should. The inside of the luff groove should not really be that "dirty" as such, so "cleaning" may not really be the issue, just needing some lube in there. Try this first to see if it addresses whatever issue you are having, if not, then more work as others have described might be needed. Thinking about it, my foil has been on the boat and up for 10 years and this is all I ever do for it.
  3. Going out to watch them tomorrow, should be excellent, hopefully some wind for them... Then on Saturday the real fun starts.
  4. If Oracle wins and with the new format - that is the same boats ( or close facsimiles thereof ) in 18 months, it does give Bermuda a bit of a leg up as the infrastructure is already here and, I think, proven. LE did say while on stage at the opening that he would be back, but I don't think you can really expect to hold him to that. It is probably more a matter of practicality,costs and what Larry and co want to do. Bermuda is not cheap in many respects, but not having to up stakes and leave may have an appeal, establishing bases etc is not cheap and takes valuable time. Most of the teams seem to like it here they say, but they may just be being polite, and no harm in that. To date the event has run pretty well with good racing, a great AC village and an island pretty well bending over backwards to be welcoming. At the end of the day, I really do not have a clue what people like LE and RC look at in determining a venue, personally, I would love to see it here again, it has been an absolute blast so far.
  5. I use Boatleather.com for my stuff, they are good and reasonably priced, easy to apply etc. My pole has scratches etc, I plan at some point of recoating in a 2 part with roll and tip, it just the pole so good place to play with the process.
  6. Not heard of any incidents, while there are a large number of boats in The Great Sound at present, a lot are traveling relatively slowly as they traverse to and from the racing area. I am sure we will lose a few, but it may not be higher than the normal rate of strikes by power boats traveling at warp speed when there is no AC on
  7. Not sure I understand the whole setup, but if you are asking you can you take a visiting yacht thatis here out to watch, yes you can. They will be racing in an area called Murray's Anchorage off our North Shore and you could take your yacht out there to watch. It would take about an hour to motor out from RHADC. I think that there are a few boats going out on charter to watch the J's but I suspect it will be a lot of the visiting yachts that go out and a ton of locals in their boats. Hope this helps. Try here https://www.islandtourcentre.com/americascup/?utm_source=MASTERLIST+for+Island+Tour+Centre&utm_campaign=5f1d405f2f-Tall+Ships%2C+America's+Cup&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5025f4ad85-5f1d405f2f-122277805 also
  8. You nailed it TN. They did gain an advantage by missing doing a gybe by the time they reentered and with SBTJ slowing and then going upwind while ART was plowing along @ 40 kts just took a long time to drop that distance required. The ideal play is to come across the boundary back into the race course slow, have the penalty run off fast then hit the gas. With all the shit going on, one can hardly fault them for missing that one. It is better not to sail out of the race course to start with, unforced error and not the way to win.
  9. Point taken, I do not know the actual $$ spent so it makes it impossible for me, or probably anybody else really, to judge. Bermuda has a huge debt and what we added here is not going be the sinking of the ship. On the flip side we are able to measure the increase in expenditures through goods being brought into the island, increases in visitor arrivals and some other KPI's that can be measured after the fact and there is no doubt about an economic injection being made, just the size needs to be determined. There is also a significant ( I expect ) trickle down for longer term tourism by the great exposure we are getting, that one is really hard to measure. That's it for me on this one.
  10. I don't think the comparison stands. Cross Island will be left as a legacy, yes, but it is a great facility and it will be excellent for hosting future regattas, and there are people actively working on getting more to Bermuda. It is a great place to sail. It will also be great for other events. Would we have built it in the absence of the AC, for sure no, but it is here now, will be low maintenance. and will be used. It is not such a big thing to have left around. All the other things that have been put in place are minor really and most are general infrastructure upgrades that need to be done. The economic impact has been huge, the number of vessels here, people visiting, fantastic publicity, will pay off both in the immediate and long term. Plus, just having all the teams here has been very significant - they all eat, buy goods and contribute economically. It will be hard to make a accurate measure, but I do not think it will be a colossal loss by any stretch. You kind of have to be here to experience it, but the Island is buzzing and we are not @ the finals yet.
  11. I suspect that with the opening ceremonies planned there is some greater consultation going into it. Other thing to consider is that to race @ 5, boats have to put the wings in around 3, right when it is forecast to be blowing the most. I would say it is not a good thing to push the line on the first day, a great day of racing makes everyone a winner. Let's see how tomorrow pans out. ( to answer your question however, assuming the race director has confirmed general conditions are safe for the yachts, the basis is wind speed ( must be between 6 and 24kts I think ) measured in the period from 8 to 3 minutes before the start, as specified in the protocol, but that obviously assumes the boats have launched and are waiting for a signal " )
  12. I think that is the point, the vast majority of the time it is all in the prestart and if one team can gain a penalty on the other. It seems be rare that the boat ahead loses the lead. I have watched years of World Match Racing Circuit Gold Cup racing in the harbor in Bermuda, on IODs ( not a bad proxy for 12's ) where the courses are short and winds really shifty, still it usually ends up a procession. I have now seen, up close, the AC50's, and it is quite something to see. There is a ton of teamwork involved and I believe that even on 20 minute races it there will be a lot on tactics and teamwork, come off your foils and the speed loss is huge, so no race is ever over until the end. Match racing is inherently pretty boring to watch 95% of the time after the start, at least with this format and coverage you have something exciting to see - until we get used to boats going 45+. Just my thoughts.
  13. I was out watching the practicing today, good conditions for the boats. We did notice that the pre-starts were, at times, but not always, getting more aggressive, never to the point of being really cut throat that one could see, but the skippers, and some more than others, are throwing the boats around more aggressively. Having said that, these boats and this racing is so much different because you really have to manage your boat speed and position in terms of being on your foils or not, it is all key to getting to the start line on time. We did not see the collision, but I cannot think that it would not be anything but an accident. They are all really good, but I just don't think that they are good enough in these boats yet to thread the needle every time and get it right, like they would be able to do in say the old 12's, so an error in estimation could happen easily and lead to a tap to another boat. Agree with Alinghi, to suggest that one competitor, any of them, would try to damage another's boat on purpose borders on lunacy in my mind. Just my opinion.
  14. My understanding is that the SY will be on the west side of the course, ( assuming a SW wind direction ) which would limit their impact on the wind as they are sort of tucked into the Somerset shoreline. More than that, I know not.
  15. Run by the Dread Pirate Roberts.