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  1. Presuming Ed

    Nesting dinghy designed to plane under power?

    Ok, so sold as a completed boat, but there is the Foldable RIB.
  2. Presuming Ed

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    My Dad died about 18 months ago; he had been a lifelong sailor, and so we decided that the best thing to do with his ashes was to put them into the sea. I'm posting this to note what we did, to maybe help anybody out in a similar position in the future, and also for others to post about the laws and requirement in their location. Legal position. - IANAL. However, the advice we received is that scattering ashes at sea requires no specific license. I don't know about the position wrt privately owned rivers and harbours (Beaulieu river, Bembridge harbour etc). (Burials at sea are possible in the UK in certain specific locations (off the Needles amongst others), but there are particular requirements for coffins and licenses.) AIUI, the Environment Agency require that everything put into the water is biodegradable. So no wreaths or flower arrangements using plastic or metal parts. The choices we had were to scatter the ashes themselves into the sea, or to use a biodegradable urn. Googling for "water urn ashes" found a number of options. There seem to be two broad types - lightweight, paper type envelopes which float for a bit and then sink. Or heavier urns that sink more quickly, and then dissolve. (The pink one below is carved rock salt). We went with one of the faster sinking options, as we didn't like the idea of just watching it bob away. Ordered it online and had it sent to the undertakers, who dealt with the ashes. We put into the sea uptide of a navigation mark, so that fishing trawlers wouldn't pick it up as it dissolves - I checked with the harbourmaster for a good place. Said a word or two, and then back to shore for a drink to his memory. A good Dad, and a sailor who didn't believe in shouting. If you really want to go for it, you can get a viking longboat to set on fire. Seriously.
  3. Presuming Ed

    what is it?

    My thought, but with a (vestigial) coach roof.
  4. Presuming Ed

    "the art of coarse sailing" ebook?

    It, and its companion “The Art of Coarse Cruising” are, IMHO, the only two genuinely funny books about sailing. A Coarse Sailor is someone who in a crisis forgets nautical language and shouts 'For God's sake, turn left!’
  5. Presuming Ed

    Red Funnel ferry hits yachts at Cowes harbour

    And finally we have a MAIB report.
  6. Presuming Ed

    A big project!

    Tally Ho under sail...
  7. Presuming Ed

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    Here in the UK I have experience of two sorts of racing: 1) Pay to play. A commercial operation. Boat is MCA coded, oilskins (definitely not top of the line) and life jackets are available. Sailing with strangers. Pro skipper (not necessarily the helm). 2) Private owners. Boat is put on the start line by the owner at a previously understood level of competitiveness. Sails, maintenance etc is down to the owner. He gets to choose who does what. Life jackets are normally onboard to ensure compliance with special regs, but many bring their own. BYO oilskins. No cash to sail, but share costs of accommodation and food. Normally more competitive that PtP boats. With a particularly established team and owner, crew members take on things like crew lists, deliveries etc. The next level up from this is team oilskin, a pro or two etc.
  8. Presuming Ed

    Musto Sucks

    They've been selling shooting stuff for about as long as the horse kit. AIUI, the story is that Keith's daughter was into ponies, so Keith was getting dragged along to pony club, gymkhanas etc. Discovered that the choice for green coats was PVC or waxed cottton - Barbour and similar. Thought "I'm not wearing that... there might be a market here." And it's a short step from green coats for horse people to green coats for shooters. Also AIUI, they pretty much bet the whole company on a container full of Polartec fleece when Malden Mills first started making it.
  9. Presuming Ed

    Musto Sucks

    Tiny, tiny, tiny market compared to outdoor hiking etc companies. So zero buying power with Gore, no discounts for large orders. Standard story. Small makers with a small business; original owner/family want to cash out and so sell to VC, who need to scale up to justify the acquisition. Quality falls. See Musto, HL, Sperry(?) etc... Are Zhik next
  10. Presuming Ed

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Around the UK in a ex-knackered Avon Searider - the original RIB. Pre jockey seats, so a real back killer. Bit of an oops on the first night, but more (well made) vids to come.
  11. Presuming Ed

    Should There Be A Woodworking Anarchy?

    Couple of nice rowing skiffs in epoxy ply. Ian Oughtred Acorn 17 Gartside Flashboat
  12. Presuming Ed

    Flying Fifteen: the boat for everyone

    In the OP’s video, it’s really odd to see UK used as national identification, rather than the plain K I always thought preceded GBR.
  13. Presuming Ed

    TP 52 Deal?

    Buying a boat. Not so much acquiring an asset as giving yourself exposure to a liability.
  14. Presuming Ed

    Port Starboard crossing - how close is too close?

    World Sailing Case 50