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  1. Doing away with winches

    The vast majority of modern Dragons are now winchless - a single sheet that goes through a floating under deck turning block. A tackle on the turning block takes care of the fine tune system. The bitter end of the sheet itself is the coarse tune. 11.7 square metre genoa - (125 square feet). The other option is the Etchells system. Two blocks on the genoa clew - the sheet goes though the block. One end is the coarse tune (2:1), the other goes to a fine tune tackle. Better with non-overlapping jibs, though - the clew blocks bash the mast less than with a big overlapping genoa.
  2. Rimas is alive

    The French lifeboat service - SNSM - will save your life for free, but charge you for saving your property (boat).
  3. Rimas is alive

    They should really update IRPCAS: 25 (e) A vessel involved in a Yachtmaster examination, proceeding under sail when also being propelled by machinery shall exhibit forward where it can best be seen a conical shape, apex downwards.
  4. Bye bye Artemis Racing

  5. A big project!

    I wouldn't be surprised if he's doing it off his own bat and will be joining Ashley Butler in the boatbuilders-who-have-built/restored-their-liveaboard club. In that vein, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the hull, deck and rig done (only!), and then puts her back in the water a very rudimentary interior. He does mention some funding from the Albert Strange Society, IIRC. I do just wonder about the workshop - whether it's lent or what. But anybody who can basically live for nothing, eating out of supermarket rubbish bins, in the pursuit of a dream/plan is a pretty determined guy. http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/man-went-bin-diving-bristol-21465
  6. Coolboats to admire

    I think is a corker of a name. Really conjures the image of the boat tugging at her mooring lines, wanting to be at sea with a fair breeze and a clear horizon ahead. restive adjective 1(of a person) unable to remain still, silent, or submissive, especially because of boredom or dissatisfaction. ‘the crowd had been waiting for hours and many were becoming restive’ ‘he reiterated his determination to hold the restive republics together’
  7. Oracle Team USA

    I feel compelled to point out that that cartoon is a plagiarism of XKCD of Feb 20, 2008.
  8. Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    Kit boat from Oz. http://scruffie.com Practical Boat Owner magazine in the UK is building one at the moment. Although the blog is a bit behind the times. Lots of reorganization happening at YBW.
  9. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    Sailmakers for racing sailors compete on boatspeed, not price. A replica/"training" Laser sail goes for about £200. i.e. that has to be about the minimum price possible for a sail this big. A Solo (hiking singlehander, so similar sized) crosscut dacron mainsail is ~£600, no matter which sailmaker you go to.
  10. Safari & iPad

    Not broadband speeds - we measure at 20Mbs download/8 upload, and it only affected my iPad. iOS 11.0.2 seems to have cured things, though.
  11. Safari & iPad

    Forums are unusable on Safari on an iPad. Excruciatingly slow, only load the visible page (scroll up and it's black). I'm going to be forced to do some work at this rate,
  12. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    Keelboat classes with OD sails is hardly a new idea. Off the top of my head, the Hunter 707 (where you couldn't even choose the colour of your spinnaker), Daring class (now 56 years old), Laser SB3/SB20. Bound to be others. IODs do fleet sail purchases, don't they?