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  1. Same article is in current Seahorse.
  2. The OP was "who would you choose" not "please recommend".
  3. Jason Ker.
  4. I should think that the NYYC have seen the success of the Invitational Cup and thought to themselves that they want more of that type of racing. Keep the pros out. Race against your peers. And there's nothing to stop an owner having a dedicated boat captain/paid hand to sort out all repairs and look after the boat. He just can't race with you.
  5. You'll be shocked, shocked I tell you, to hear that the whole range is available without a rig. Wait until you see.... the (proposed) 48' The depressing thing is that they've sold 4 sailing and 4 power versions of the 68, and have orders for another 3. None too shabby an orderbook.
  6. Easy when boats are owned by clubs, or like IODs it's a small class and everybody knows everybody else. I doubt people would be too keen to hand over their boat to a complete stranger. He crashes and you're the one without a boat.
  7. OK, so submitting a condomaran is a bit shooting-fish-in-a-barrel, but it's quite the entry. https://www.facebook.com/yachtingworldmagazine/videos/1481078695308731/
  8. I would think that one source of potential boat sales is to clubs/syndicates that participate in the invitational cup, for pre-regatta training at home.
  9. Part of umpiring is determining when the sailors are Hollywooding, and trying it on. Being taken in is definitely a screw up. Must be bloody difficult to determine at 40 knots, though.
  10. The RYA website lists recognised training centres. http://www.rya.org.uk/wheresmynearest/
  11. Group 2 doesn't exist anymore. 1 or 3 only. OD sails are hardly a new concept. Don't like it? Buy another boat. There are people who do. But there's nothing to stop you building other sails for non OD racing (subject to rating rule requirement). Limited hiking though? Really? Can see advantages of tight lower lifelines, but more than that?
  12. Exactly the same amount of cash that those amateur rugby players and cyclists who get drug bans are winning. Some people need to win, no matter what.
  13. So if you choose a keel where (under suitable lighting) the whole thing shows print through...? (G, D &R)