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  1. Presuming Ed


    The Kiwis were the first with them, IIRC, for the ?cup before last?.
  2. Presuming Ed

    TP 52 Deal?

    Buying a boat. Not so much acquiring an asset as giving yourself exposure to a liability.
  3. Presuming Ed

    Port Starboard crossing - how close is too close?

    World Sailing Case 50
  4. Presuming Ed

    Flying your ensign while racing

    The RYA’s on the subject. First published in 1969. And on red ensigns ashore:
  5. Presuming Ed

    Flying your ensign while racing

    Actually, every club that I’ve ever seen that doesn’t hold a warrant for white, blue, defaced blue or defaced red flies the plain red duster from the gaff of the flagstaff. Here’s the Island Sailing Club, Cowes, doing just that. The chances of getting the MoD to grant new warrants for any new clubs to be allowed to wear a special ensign is about zero. and Itchenor
  6. Presuming Ed

    Stuck telltales solution?

    Rooster Teflon coated telltales
  7. Presuming Ed

    A big project!

    And here it is. Or at least part 1.
  8. Presuming Ed

    A big project!
  9. Presuming Ed

    A big project!

    Interesting talk. About 100? people there. Beards > women. He touched on the whole rebuild vs repair thing, and relofting the whole boat. Said that one of the things that swayed him was that the shape was so unfair on the port side after the repair after running aground that it would be a great shame to do all that work and end up with a boat looking that unfair and wrong. He hopes to be able to use some of the planking. 1/3 of the talk was on the boat, 1/3 on his story, and 1/3 (but hurrying it along) about the restoration. Then some questions. About 2 hrs all in. There was a camera at the back, so no doubt it will all go up on YouTube sometime. The finger was from the parrot. When's he going to finish? In 2 years... ask again in 2 years time. Would like to do the 2025 centenary Fastnet, or 2027 - centenary of Tally Ho's win. Use after she's finished? He was talking about some sort of charity/non profit use. Getting people afloat.
  10. Presuming Ed

    Brexit, WTF This is a reasonably big deal. Peter Oborne is former chief political commentator of The Daily Telegraph, the biggest pro-Brexit newspaper. Quite a significant domino to topple. Who's next, I wonder?
  11. Presuming Ed

    A big project!

    Leo to give a talk at RORC.
  12. Presuming Ed

    Is this the Figaro III?
  13. Yes.
  14. Presuming Ed

    Sun Fast 3300