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  1. islandplanet

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    "I will train you. Experience welcome, but training will still take place." Could be a kinky trip, sounds like owner is a domme looking for subs ... or do I just have a dirty mind? You might be spot on. You might have a dirty mind. Or, it might be both. I created this thread to mock the silliness of craigslist posts and ads, not some suffering individual. I should know better. I should be better than that. Yeah after reading his blog, I'm sorry I posted the link. I think he's struggling with some issues and it's a shame he seems to be doing it alone.
  2. islandplanet

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    You won't want to miss this opportunity. Then again, maybe you will.
  3. islandplanet

    Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    I wonder if the sail designer was working from plans or had measurements taken on the boat. New boat builds can be a PITA, Usually there's a lot of pressure to get the sails delivered by a certain time and plans on paper and reality often diverge widely. Sheeting angle is very simple to figure out if you have a rig up and tracks installed. I'm not a designer but I can create a fairly accurate digital rendering in under 5 minutes. But it's worthless if the data turns out to be wrong.
  4. islandplanet

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Don't miss this gem -
  5. islandplanet

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Hey they ignored me in a semi-custom Ron Holland designed 39 footer that I later sold for over 100 grand. Maybe I should try a Swan next time.
  6. islandplanet

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Pres and Madmax, Thanks for the kind words and invite. We didn't need any help getting in or out but just found it kinda wierd that everyone pretended we just weren't there. Maybe there was some interruption in the time space continum and we were actually invisible to the residents. I've been around boats off and on for nearly 40 years. SB just stood out. I'm sure there's some great folks there.
  7. islandplanet

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Our clients in California and Washington probably hate us for not charging them over 8% in sales tax. Maybe not a mecca but we got this going for us - And around the city itself....
  8. islandplanet

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Never thought of the matching tablecloth idea. We'll look into that immediately. And all the credit will go to the Santa Barbara good will ambassador Jackass, I mean Janer. We actually do sell a few Mac 25 and Mac 26 sails. We don't discriminate. We like people's money. Among other things right now we're building a Hylas 49 spin as part of the same production run that includes a Mac 25 main. We'll do a Swan 41 sail along with a jib for a Venture 22. Who the fuck cares? Really. All sailing is good. Lots of people start with inexpensive trailersailors and end up owning 40 or 50 footers. Yeah we did like Oxnard. Anacapa Isle Marina was a friendly place. I remember having cocktails with a liveaboard couple on a Kettenburg 43 that did well in the McNish Regatta. Real people. Cool old boat. I'm sure once you get inland Oxnard is a different place but we didn't hear gunshots or see gang members loitering around the marina. Maybe they like letting assholes like Janer think it's a really dangerous place so he'll stay in SB.
  9. islandplanet

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Just relating my experience Thump. My wife and I felt much less welcome in Santa Barbara than any marina anywhere. I don't think we dropped in with a "lame attitude." SB was an exception to the norm. Based on the responses I've seen in this thread I don't see any reason to give SB a second chance. If someone expressed a similar sentiment about my home port I'd make it a point to change their outlook, not reinforce it. FWIW I've talked to a number of people who have a similar opinion of SB. And what's with the major attitude toward Ventura? Not sure about Ventura but we spent some time in Oxnard which was quite enjoyable.
  10. islandplanet

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Funny. Noone in a 100 plus other marinas seems to notice an "issue." Just Santa Barbara. Everywhere else we've been on the US west coast between BC and the border have been pretty friendly. I noticed SB was different the moment we pulled in to the slip. About 4 or 5 people we sitting in the cockpit of the boat next to us. Noone said hello or offered to take a dockline. And no we weren't in some ugly POS. Strange place. I'll leave it at that.
  11. islandplanet

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Last time I was in Santa Barbara was the late 90's. Never been to a snobbier place. People there pretended we didn't exist. Walking down the dock you'd say hi or good morning and they'd look right past you. After that experience we figured we give the place a pass. Plenty of other places to stop along that stretch of coast. I've been in marinas all over the west coast and Florida and Santa Barbara is the only place I could describe the way I just did. Unbelievable. Maybe people there are friendlier these days.