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  1. Restoring F/C yacht

    Joe Walsh...I thought he was good with strings but didn't know it went as far as masts as well
  2. Gitana Maxi 17

    Im sure DouG will be along to explain it all shortly, that, had how it was all copied from his FaiLArRow.,
  3. My newest project

    That looks so cool! I love the attention to details. What anchor style is the roller system set up for? Roll-bar stye anchors (Manson supreme etc) or the more conventional CQR type?
  4. Foils

    Come on, it foiled for a good 5 seconds on that entire clip, which clearly makes doUg tHe Man when it comes to high performance offshore trimaran design, Im surprised he wasn't on the payroll of the design team for Gitana 17. The sails are probably half of the reason the piece of shit of his didn't work and what is that stupid fucking thing on top of the mainsail???
  5. Meanwhile over in Denmark

    But aren't submarines supposed to sink?
  6. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Behold, another fine candidate for the society to admire, more details here https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/18-trimaran-built-for-camping-cutter-rigged.57335/
  7. A few simple rules . . .

    This would work, LorD oF The FoIlS would be gone in no time, perfect, less clutter to fuck up otherwise interesting threads. Maybe when your "Ignore count" hits a certain number you are just flicked automatically as its clear no one wants to hear your opinion. Maybe in DouG's case that number should be about 2.
  8. Add to the gender quota a cop, a construction worker, a cowboy, a low rank sailor, an indian and one that dresses in leather, oh wait thats already been done... Perhaps a Lesbian, a transgender ah.... person, some other gay people (one of each of the three kinds), a florist, hairdresser and an astrologer, that covers most bases. Maybe also include a compulsory Green party/Greenpeace member, a local indigenous tribal member (most countries have those), a vegetarian and maybe a vegan to round things out (but they definitely wouldn't be the ones turning the pedestals). Are Goths and Emos still a thing? perhaps we should include one of each of those too. There you go instant appeal to the widest possible viewing audience...
  9. Reading Mockingbird Again

  10. COR

    All going according to plan Im looking forward to GD being relieved of his gag order and telling Lazza, Wussel and the poodles how much their collective "vision" for the Cup sucked, how stacked it was in the defenders favour and how they are going to turn it into a fair and decent yachting contest for all challengers.
  11. Grainger Raider 302

    http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/auction-1173909643.htm This one is way better than Dragon, new rig & sails and no, its not mine, but I have sailed on it.
  12. ID this design please

    Thanks for all that, has wanting rigging bits so its good to compare measurements provided vs the database material we already have. It does look suspiciously like a Hughes, particularly as it was Canadian regd.
  13. ID this design please

    A friend of mine in the Pacific islands has bought this S & S design which looks like a stock production boat ex the US. All he can tell me is 38ft!! I am trying to ID the design/manufacturer so I can easily supply him parts as he requires.
  14. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Should perhaps have it listed in Colombia.