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  1. rogerball0

    Coolboats to admire

    Saw this today whilst out for a walk. Looks abit sorry for itself in the back of the yard in Buckler's Hard: Silver apple of the Moon / Ron Holland 70's boat = super fkn cool Honest to god i just stared at it for ages and took lots of pics - an absolute work of art, beautiful shapes everywhere you looked and built of wood according to t'internet. The rudder blade had to be 7ft tall. Definitely a cool boat.........................
  2. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

  3. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    No updates on the boat as yet, finally finished clearing the boat shed out a couple of weeks back with an eye to starting back over Christmas. Also got the van finished or thereabouts so my free time will be back on the boat, currently just doing some electric bits then i'm all good. Its actually been good to try out a lot of things on the van both aesthetic and electrical before transferring them to a salt water environment. So with that in mind here's what i have got planned for the boat interior, this is the inside of my work van but with the boat i intend using real carbon fibre not vinyl wrap as here: Meant to say more can be found here: Cheers
  4. rogerball0

    Valiant 40 blisters

    It is incredibly simple infact which is why i built my own; a stripped down version of Hot Vacs system. This after much dicking about in the shed and a chat with some folks over at FWIW Mads got in touch a couple of years back, so i sorted him out building a copy of my system, it costs nothing compared to Hot Vacs, although the Silicone heat mats now cost a lot. I originally built my home-brew system back in 2010 when the arse was still hanging out the economy. Got 2x 1000 x 500mm mats made for a couple of hundred quid each, the control boxes were £30 each and the pump £50 Think Mads told me he paid £600 for that one mat alone! That said knowing what i know now i wouldn't bother seeing how secondhand boat prices are on the floor. Details of what i did here . Cheers
  5. Only fitting them (boat yet to be splashed), very simple design and way easier to maintain than a blakes one and far cheaper:
  6. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    I kinda lost my mind with it so shelved it in June 2017, plus Google completely ruined my blog when they closed Picasa and migrated everything to Google Photos, so 7 - 9 years worth of work went down the pan, (lots of dead links and exclamation marks where pictures should have been. Its all back up and running now after much work going through every picture and hyperlink and rebuilding the lot needless to say the boat project will resume summer 2019. In the meantime i've been working on my van - metal-bashing, paint effects, custom work in the cab and the cargo area. I took my van to bits after some bozo messed up a load of body work repairs so ended up rebuilding it top to boittom as i cant afford to change it (moneys still tight) and it wasn't a boat which helped me find my way back to the boat project : Van (looking a bit f**ked) The van What i did on my holidays............. In doing the van i really got in to my paint finishing which has come on leaps and bounds, especially my metal flake technique, got some eye-bending ideas for the Centaurs hull, boat stuff shall resume soon........................... Come to think of it the last thing i did proper on the boat was to clear coat the main bulkhead, here's one half: Bulkhead Will be in touch Cheers
  7. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    I tried to quit the project over a month ago although i've started doing little bits here and there again but at the moment paid work occupies my time. cheers
  8. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    In that case i'll un-crisp them.
  9. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    A super wonky leading edge on both keels, i bought it forward about 50mm so instead of the leading edge being a 60mm semicircle it now comes to a super tiddly diameter of 12mm and out into an aerofoil shape, had to dig out pics i took in 2009 to remember the shape: I ran out a few lengths of mdf (12mm x 12mm) to help me get the shape and shadow line right, cut a couple of profiles into old wests spatulas and finished the concave detail forward and aft, doesn't look great but its looks better plus these things will be in the day. cheers
  10. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    I think whats complicated matters with pictures is since Picasa got binned by our digital overlords all my pictures are an almost unending string of letters that don't end in .jpg etc as i tried a copy and paste to start with and gave up hence the link instead, I'll try that again: Holy shit it works.........................maybe the bad Ju ju' left me.........................okay cool since i'm on a roll lets have a catch up: Decided to crisp up the front of the keels a little: By making six foot long boomerangs and then attaching them to the front of the keel and hull: Et voila........... Fuk more, the start of my storage pods for the forepeak: Chio for now
  11. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    Cheers FS..........Thus proving i'm rubbish at the internets...................hang on - just realised what i should've done, lets have another go....................winner!!!!!!!!! Forestay chainplate:
  12. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    All good TL: I dunno how to post pictures.............must be doing sommint wrong.
  13. rogerball0

    Westerly Anarchy

    All good Hobot, boats coming along - will be back soon. Out.
  14. rogerball0

    My newest project

    Cheers for the PDF my eyesight' terrible.
  15. rogerball0

    My newest project

    Hi Bob A couple of questions for you, are they hand finishing the interior or will it be sprayed in situ? Also does any of the interior finishing happen before the deck goes on. Really digging the carbon hand rails too. Cheers