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  1. Warthog

    Team UK

    For gods sake don't mention the 2 World Wars as well........
  2. Age unknown? HA!

    Location unknown? HA!

    Birthday unknown! HA!

    Later dude. Catch ya on the flip side.

  3. Warthog


    Elton John & Michael Jackson doing a remake of the" '70's" classic.... " Don't let your son go down on me"........
  4. Warthog


    Someone wanted Jewish....? 2 Jewish best mates, 1 is a doctor, the other a Lawyer, Lawyer calls Dr very concerned about his wife, so they agree to get Yetta in for tests. 6 days later, the Dr rings the lawyer Joseph Oivey..... Hymie - nice of you to call...... Listen, Yetta's tests, we may have an issue..... Oh mama - whats with the issue? 2 tests got mixed up - we don't know if your Yetta got AIDS or Altzheimers..... My Life.....Poor me ....Poor Yetta.....Hymie what do I do..... Joseph - that part is simple, tonight let her out for a walk, if she comes back - DOnot sleep with it....... On the Cross: Jesus to St Paul at the base of the cross..... "This is a hell of a way to spend Easter".......