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  1. sailman

    Prada Cup

    How much could a Code 0 possibly weigh and why aren’t they using them in the light air?
  2. Why try to limit participation? Having a pro in the mix will only serve to lift everyone’s game, especially if that pro is willing to offer advise after racing.
  3. sailman

    Prada Cup

    Not based on what I’m seeing
  4. sailman

    Prada Cup

    Great platform these AC75! Facking pathetic AC series. Opti racing is more interesting
  5. sailman

    Anchors Astern!!

    Quite possibly the worst cell phone video
  6. sailman

    Day tanks - who’s got one, how did you set it up?

    10 gallon day/spare tank. It has its own racor . To switch over you open the racor and close the one you were running on, then use a three way valve on the return line to direct to the correct tank. One feature is that you can use the engine to transfer from one tank to another, you just need to be paying attention.
  7. sailman

    INEOS Team GB

    To all those commenting on how much better INEOS looks... are there any light air videos to back up those comments? They don’t have any issues in breeze and the finals are forecast for light air.
  8. sailman

    Drifter - Free Flying vs. Fixed Luff

    A drifter and seeker are two different sails. The drifter would work well with the 29. In the PNW I would also look at Ballard Sails. They have a great reputation and designer.
  9. sailman

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    ...but you don’t like rolling beam to beam
  10. sailman

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    At least it’s not off center
  11. sailman

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Could it be for power generation while sailing?
  12. If Bruno is only concerned with speed then stop the pretense of sailing go to hard wings and full powered boats for all the foils and controls. Run it right off the cliff!
  13. sailman

    Universal 5411 Very Reluctant to Start

    Two things on the Universal. 1. Spray the back side of the Instrument Panel with WD40 and check for loose connections 2. Check the kill switch. On my old one it was a mechanical kill switch that got sticky. It would not explain your electrical issues but would explain the starting issues.
  14. sailman

    Team NYYC

    Sounds like they need a good Penguin sailor to trim main!
  15. Do a search on a basic carburetor float. They are short money and may do the trick.