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  1. sailman

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Direct Drive was not a correct term, they were Steam Turbine through double reduction gears. I sailed on one. It was a 600# plant with steam turbine DC generators, all the motors on the ship were DC there were motor-generator sets for AC power. The Wiki entries about multiple engines were based on design spec, I think, there was one diesel powered Victory, no steam reciprocating engines.
  2. sailman

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Kent, Partially correct on #4. Liberty ships were steam reciprocating for your transmission point but also for mass production as well. Victory ships which came in 1944/45 were steam turbine direct, no electric motor drive.
  3. sailman

    Help me out with some MORC History

    The swept keel 27. The 28 is just a stretched out 24.
  4. sailman

    Help me out with some MORC History

    '60s era MORC...Morgan 24 or Morgan 27. Great sailing boats, standing the test of time.
  5. sailman

    Stupid Easy 2-up

  6. sailman

    INEOS Team GB
  7. I remember walking by the boat after it was eliminated and someone had written SS Titanic on it. If I remember correctly she had a distinct transom and quarter section.
  8. sailman

    IOR Legend Sighting

    Sailed on her in College. She has been abandoned in Portsmouth, RI for the 15 years.
  9. sailman

    Team NYYC

    So, potentially, NZ could have the Cup with no attendees or Challengers with little to no sailing time in Country, because they (NZ & Prada) have not postponed the event?
  10. sailman

    135% on a Tartan Ten

    A 170 would sheet just forward of the main traveller. You would have to sheet the main to windward more for it to work well. I could only see the wind range for that sail being effective up to about 6 TWS. A dedicated light #1 would be a better option and you would not take a rating hit all the time.
  11. sailman

    135% on a Tartan Ten

    Code 0 (SMG/Foot Ratio >75%) is no penalty.
  12. sailman

    What is it? Help me out here..

    Mistress 39? Made by Allied.
  13. Another wedge of cheese
  14. sailman

    mike tyson

    You are excusing bad behavior by deflection, using the SIs and the RIB driver. The SIs are what they are, when you enter any regatta you agree to abide by the Rule of Sailing and the SIs/NOR. I would say that most any other person would have received a suspension for a physical assault (He didn't just sail over and yell at the photographer, he jumped out of his boat, swam over to the photog boat, climbed in and grabbed him). The British Governerning body chose not to suspend him because it would mean that he would have missed the next Olympics and a British shot at Gold. Politics, plain and simple.
  15. sailman

    mike tyson

    Ainslie should not be mentioned at the level being discussed for the simple fact that he probably would not be where he is if he had been properly disciplined for the incident in the 2011 Finn World's in Sydney ( This doesn't take away from his obvious talent as a sailor, but if he had been suspended, would his further accomplishments (Olympic and AC) have even happened? Would the opportunities have been there after serving a 1-2 year ban?