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  1. sailman

    Caption Contest

    That would be the “marine” version
  2. sailman

    Caption Contest

    Home Depot and Harbor Freight have teamed to start a new marine business...Harbor Depot! Not marine grade and not high quality but affordable!
  3. Rockb has it on point. It is a Coast Guard Inspected vessel, that is the charge they can not get out of with any kind of wiggle room. Had a proper watch been set, at the least the alarm would have been raised.
  4. sailman

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    Surprised no one nominated the J39, the most un-JBoat they have produced.
  5. sailman

    Gary W Mull

    No one has asked about that 4 gang box on the bow?
  6. sailman

    Squealing Diesel After Starting

    Change the belt and check tension. Tach is usually run off the alternator so if you have squirrely readings, the belt is slipping.
  7. sailman

    Raymarine Wind issue

    I have a 60 series instrument cluster. Had been working just fine up to this season and then the wind dropped out. See the photos. Any ideas? Connections are clean and the network is up on all other instruments.
  8. sailman

    Around the Vinyard Race. Ok to use your engine?

    EastCoast, I agree completely that the penalties appear to be much less than they should have been for the advantage gained. The way the SI's are written make it difficult for competitors that didn't use engines to have any recourse to appeal those decisions.
  9. sailman

    Around the Vinyard Race. Ok to use your engine?

    The SI's spell out how the OA is allowed to give this specific penalty: 1.9 RRS 64.1 is changed to include: “The protest committee may impose penalties other than disqualification, including time penalties, for breaches of a rule.” The Rule infraction is 42.3(h) (h) To get clear after grounding or colliding with a vessel or object, a boat may use force applied by her crew or the crew of the other vessel and any equipment other than a propulsion engine. However, the use of an engine may be permitted by rule 42.3(i). (i) Sailing instructions may, in stated circumstances, permit propulsion using an engine or any other method, provided the boat does not gain a significant advantage in the race. The SI's do not permit the use of an engine, so Rule 42.3(h) is broken. By not allowing the use of engines the OA has excluded the language in the RRS concerning "significant advantage". In doing so the Protest Committee can assign arbitrary time penalties regardless of the actual advantage gained.
  10. sailman

    Break-up Value (Melges 40)

    30 yard dumpster rental is cheap, as well as a sawzall and a few cases of blades
  11. sailman

    Charging three batteries

    Thank you for the replies. I will try the first suggestion with the two group 27s in parallel and the 4D on the other circuit. Solo, that DC-DC Converter looked pretty good as an option but how does it handle the battery when it is full? Does it shut off or go into trickle charge?
  12. sailman

    Charging three batteries

    Trying to get a handle on a battery combiner setup. Three batteries, all wet cells, two Group 27 and one 4D. All the combiners I have seen are for two batteries. Is there a way to do this?
  13. sailman

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Direct Drive was not a correct term, they were Steam Turbine through double reduction gears. I sailed on one. It was a 600# plant with steam turbine DC generators, all the motors on the ship were DC there were motor-generator sets for AC power. The Wiki entries about multiple engines were based on design spec, I think, there was one diesel powered Victory, no steam reciprocating engines.
  14. sailman

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Kent, Partially correct on #4. Liberty ships were steam reciprocating for your transmission point but also for mass production as well. Victory ships which came in 1944/45 were steam turbine direct, no electric motor drive.