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  1. Wahine 26

    Any other boat show attendees stop in to the Wahine 26? (http://www.wahine-yachts.com/) Excellent deck layout and roomy cockpit. Down below is more like a 30 footer than 26. Brand new boat so no idea how it sails, the numbers look alright though.
  2. Hooning in the Nimitz.

    Sea trials on a tanker I took out of New Orleans had a full astern test for 8 hour (I think may have been shorter). Very weird seeing the (bow) wave creeping up the transom!
  3. Nice run down Soling! I agree about the sailboat presence, it was weak. The 121 was impressive, excellent gear layout and very functional interior.
  4. Tom Scott and UnTom

    Glad to hear both Tom and Whimsy are doing well.
  5. My newest project

    Is not posting initial performance in response to Proa and his crap or a request of the client? I would be very interested to see how the initial performance is compared to expectations and how any corrections were made. Things like real world results versus design and how to compensate or correct are of value to all sailors.
  6. Hooning in the Nimitz.

    Nice hand brake turn! I watched the Ike break away from us and accelerate like a sport fisherman with rooster tail!
  7. Wahine 26

    The stove top slides all the way aft on the counter. The reefer is a slide out.
  8. Wahine 26

    As built had the stove top off to the side. The sink is outboard because the refrigerator is a slide out.
  9. Wahine 26

    What is the down side of square stanchions? I thought the galley layout was functional. You do not cross over anything to get to the sink. The stove top was interesting and I did not think to ask about fiddles, but it is not gimballed so you would not be using it under way.
  10. J70, cheating and pros

    In that scenario the ban should remain. If you as a boat owner are allowing work to be done to your boat that you do not know with certainty is legal, you deserve the penalty. Your excuse of "well everyone else is doing it" doesn't work for teenagers and it does hold water in this example.
  11. J70, cheating and pros

    Some one designs are more one design than other one designs. Does that clear it up? Back on point, changing the molded shape of the keel or bulb is flat out cheating according to the class rules as written.
  12. J70, cheating and pros

    GP14 and 5o5 are development classes. Boats like the Optimist and Penguin can still be home built and raced in class. As has been said, just come up with drawings with measurements, tolerances and this goes away. If there are differences between build series then call it out. It's not rocket science.
  13. J/29 Shopping

    An inboard Frac with a full interior...its like finding a unicorn! You could use those old sails for day sailing. I think a fully crewed up and sail tested Frac is a better option over the MH
  14. Tom Scott and UnTom

    Glad to hear all is well. Hopefully Tom and Whimsy also came out unscathed.
  15. Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    I can draw boats and took a semester of Naval Architecture. Does that count? Based on your comments I do not think that you know anything about the discipline.
  16. Irma

    The tang offends me...
  17. Tom Scott?

    Dammit!!! I have been looking for Tom's Morgan thread only to find out he left. WTF?!!
  18. J 121

    PHRF NE is a one man show?
  19. Irma

    Euro model has been putting it right through the middle of the Keys, leaning more towards Key West, and then turning North and dissipating rapidly once it goes up the Florida peninsula.
  20. Irma

    The latest GFS model is complete and utter crap.
  21. Irma

    Latest GFS and EURO models are close to each other having Irma glancing the islands and staying offshore on the East Coast.
  22. I will be there Friday.
  23. Ranger 26-2 Rudder Repair/Rebuild

    Use that one to make a mold and build a new one. Once you have a mold you are comfortable with you can cut up that one and pull the rudder post and structure out of it.
  24. Irma

    EURO model has a big high pressure system pushing it into the Gulf, transiting over DR/Hati and Cuba.
  25. My newest project

    Buy that guy a beer! Much better aesthetics to it with that extension and it serves practical function.