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  1. Soft Jib Hanks

    Plastic buckles for us too. So far so good. Much kinder on the spin and when dragging spin sheets across them.
  2. A is actually a gift to the world. Now thousands of other boat owners know for certain they don't have the ugliest boat in the world. So generous, really.
  3. J 121

    I Interesting. I'll have to let the NKE on my J/120 know this. So far, it's only steered about 10,000nm offshore (Trans Atlantic, CA to Hawaii to WA). Having raced double-handed to Hawaii on the J/120 with a wheel and double-handed on a smaller boat with a tiller, I'll take the wheel (and autopilot) for offshore racing. It took 6 months for my shoulder to recover from 12 hours of driving for 11 days with a tiller and I couldn't sit down by the last day thanks to boat butt. The ride on the 120 was a cruise by comparison.
  4. Renewable Energy-powered ocean racer

    Weird comment given all the VO65's and most of the Vendee IMOCA 60's have hydro power.
  5. Middle Sea race

    Double-handed in a 60 footer against 3 fully crewed boats that were 88-100', in a race where a big portion of the fleet dropped out due to the conditions. Yeah, I'd say congrats are on order. Do you think are disappointed with second?
  6. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    It looks like someone forgot to tell the newbs you don't have to sail 120 true in 30 knots.
  7. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Seems like as they get headed shortly Mapfre is going to find themselves in 4th, not first. Mapfre has been able to sail faster, but at a cost of sailing higher. Net zero.
  8. Renewable Energy-powered ocean racer

    Like Jack, I'm a firm believer that if you can't fix every problem all at once, then you shouldn't even bother trying.
  9. Minor update to this thread. Spadefoot is currently at Jim Bett's shop for other reasons, but it has meant I've an opportunity to talk to someone that has built several boats with water ballast systems (Riptide 35 mkII and Riptide 41 as mentioned above). Very excited that I now live next door to someone that can make this happen. It's going to be a fun winter!
  10. I figured, since New Haven is black, it might attract the pirate type. Fits the rest of the minimal description too.
  11. Round The County 2017

    Spadefoot is in. On the one hand, getting to the start is easy, since we life on Orcas. On the other, on the ferry now, headed to Betts' to drop the keel this afternoon to confirm we don't have a FUBAR. Piece of cake, in theory. Ignoring the keel comments above, we are looking for crew. Ha. Hey, who else will have their keel inspected by a professional a month before the race? Saw Terremoto at Betts'. Ouch. And I thought we had a bad summer.
  12. You are right. I was using my old mileage from Newport to Anacortes via DC. It is still 3,000 miles according to Google maps. I've not found a rental truck (F-150 type) that will go one way. You can get a Uhaul moving truck, but I wouldn't wish driving one of those pieces of crap for 3000 miles on anyone, much less doing it while pulling a 5000 pound boat. Just rented a Uhaul to do a 120 mile round trip. The suspension was so bad the front wheels were trying to come off the ground on the freeway. Had to drive 40 in a 70. And I don't have the time to do the drive myself. I had a perfectly laid out plan where I could do the transport as part of moving from TX to WA and in between jobs. That window has passed. I have thought about buying a used truck and selling it over here. I have some friends that could do the driving, but they don't own vehicles for the job. Renting a truck on top of their costs is more than I wanted to spend, but may be the only option.
  13. So, Spadefoot will be shipped on her own good trailer from Bermuda to Elizabethtown, NJ this week. Once there, she needs to make a 3,500 mile trip to Washington state to be home. Unfortunately, due to the previous circumstances (see link in signature) our truck that was designated to do this haul is already in Washington. Anyone have any suggestions for getting the boat across the country? I tried UShip, which is what we did when we bought the boat, but so far, no bids. And yes, I'll be over 50% of the value of the boat completing this recovery, so it would be nice to find a solution that isn't outrageous.
  14. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    Full summary of the recovery mission here: Spadefoot Returns - 23 Days Adrift