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  1. Figaro's on the East Coast

    Where’d I put that oval hole saw? Riptide 35. Water ballast and retractable sprit. Launched in 1996, I believe. Still an awesome boat.
  2. Hey, we are enjoying racing our other boat right now and I'm pondering exactly what to do with Spadefoot (2000 Custom carbon Schumacher 28). For perhaps sentimental reasons I'm not ready to part with the boat, but I hate to see her just sitting there growing old. I think in the right hands (more ocean racing skill than ours) Spadefoot could be a real weapon racing to Hawaii without being too wild for shorthanding. For a charter, she could be well equipped with much of the required gear. In the last Pac Cup we received the Best Prepared Boat Award, so there's that. She has a trailer and is easy to move around. You can read about the 2 years of racing on Spadefoot here: Spadefoot Adventures Here's a list of gear to help you get to Hawaii: Custom carbon cassette emergency rudder from CSI composites Primary and emergency gudgeons are identical so emergency rudder works on the main gudgeons and main rudder works on the emergency gudgeons. Sat Phone, Optimizer, sat phone antenna AIS transponder masthead VHF Two independent autopilots (B&G and Pelagic) + Raymarine ST2000 MOM - needs recertification Storm jib Heavy weather jib Dodger Jet Boil with dual axis gimbal Waterproof handheld with DSC Waterproof spotlight Fire blanket 2 70 watt Solar panels + 2 Genasun charge controllers 1 110AH Oasis Firefly Carbon Foam battery 1 25AH AGM battery B&G Triton with wind and 3 displays GPS connected to Triton NMEA 2000 network Brand new UK X-Drive main 2017 UK X-Drive jib A2, A4, and A0 in good/great condition Jib top I think the only required gear missing is a liferaft, EPIRB, jacklines, and a Lifesling. It costs us about $4k to ship Spadefoot back from Hawaii including transport from Kaneohe to Honolulu. The keel pin issue from Bermuda 1-2 has been dramatically improved and solved by Betts Boats. With the 10hp motor and saildrive leg removed, Spadefoot is much lighter and slipperier than when we raced to Hawaii in 2016. The retractable carbon sprit is much longer and better supported than when we raced to Hawaii. Perhaps too late for this year, perhaps not. Let me know what you think.
  3. Race to the Straits 2018

    Oh, I've definitely thought of that, but if I did, my wife and I would both singlehand a boat. Thought of towing for Whidbey Island Race Week as well. The J/120 would make a nice hotel for that one. Haven't tried it yet. i wonder how much it would slow us down?
  4. Southern Straits 2018

    I can't imagine better weather for SS than we had, especially for DH. 99% of the race in 10-20, clear skies, full moon, and no moisture at night made a mighty fine sail. I can't help but wonder how we could have done if we'd just had one extra set of hands to skirt the damn genoa. We must have tacked 20 times and every one of them was painfully slow and I'm still tired from all the grinding. Next race we are going to try actually having crew. I thought Schock 35's favored the light stuff. Wouldn't have known it from Schnick's results. That boat was really impressive upwind. They sailed boat for boat with the J/111 on both upwind legs.
  5. Race to the Straits 2018

    Maybe... The delivery. That's the kicker. Makes Race to the Straits bounded by a double Race to the Straits. Really want to make it work though.
  6. Southern Straits 2018

    GFS says 2 knots. ECMWF says 27 knots. So, it will be... something.
  7. Pac Cup 2018

    Yes. You’ll be with the j/125, m32, and farr 400. For whatever reason there is always a void in the ratings between about 0 and 50 for Pac Cup. The J/120 is even more isolated.
  8. J/Fest Northwest

    Bummed this is the same weekend as Race Around Orcas. Would loved to come down the Sound for this.
  9. J121 PHRF rating?

    Not exactly a flame, but did you try reading the J/121 thread below? Pretty much all that is known about the boat here is there.
  10. Is this the Seattle area, you are talking about?
  11. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Vestas seems to be motoring. 2 knots straight upwind.
  12. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Has to be a MOB.
  13. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

  14. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Seems like Vestas' reveal and Scally hitting the 200nm will be right about the same time, give or take a few minutes.