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  1. Last summer had 2 of my wife's mates kids out. 6 and 10yrs I think, never sailed before or met me before for that matter. Got them helming, they loved it.
  2. Not sure how you work that out. Boom height on the D-Zero is more than a Laser so even a tall guy like me has no issues getting through even on max kicker (or vang as you like to call it). The zero, like it's prototype was always intended to be a bathing suit off the beach boat first and foremost and is perfectly suited to that application. Myself and plenty of owners enjoy taking wives and / or kids (in my case just turned 2 at her youngest) out sailing in the zero. It was launched at the end of a uk winter and consequently getting anyone to take one out in the grey weather in bikini and 9deg sea temperature for some marketing shots would probably end in a manslaugter charge. It just so happens that the class has a large enthusiastic racing contingent that like to travel to handicap events. Check Minorca sailing for off the beach pics of zero.
  3. Clue. It'll bite your head off after it's fucked you.
  4. Your findings are that ally is a bit stronger than g10 in bending and tension. Dare say that the part in question isn't engineered particularly finely I.e wouldn't be sensitive to a weaker material (the Alu part on the bracket has survived use despite extensive corriosion indicating plenty strength margin) but if you were worried you could use a thicker piece of g10 say 25 or 30mm. Half the density of alu so weight will be equivalent. I think in this application its mostly the crush but accepting this isn't a rib transom I'd need to see the outboard bracket to make a better call.
  5. Nice boat! Tensile and flexural stiffness (modulus) generally similar no so sure about strength but www has loads look at matweb or similar. Beware that there are hundreds of aluminium alloys with a big range of strengths. Alloys of Alu of steel have similar modulus (stiffness) but different strength properties. Aluminium typ 70gpa modulus, steel 205gpa. Quasi isotopic woven glass like g10 maybe 25 gpa.
  6. Maths is the same but when the consequences are big it's best to make it a professionals problem!
  7. Home built home designed. Sweet in a long winded tortuous fashion.
  8. Finish it as you would rest of the boat I guess. Gelcoat - abrade, clean, put 2 layers on and flat back from 120 to 2000 through grades, polish. Or paint in same paint as boat. Beware the wear from the outboard clamps will degrade anything - this is why ply is nice. Looks OK if cut well, can be bolted on i.e. sacrificial.
  9. Christ no! You basically need solid material to resist the crush of the outboard clamps. Not sure of the exact arrangement on your boat and how the thrust is transferred into the transom but from a local crush perspective most use decent marine ply. This can be laminated over to make it look homogenous - would probably go 4 layers each side of 300gsm. 200kg/m3 corecell (A foam I think) has 4Mpa in crush and is probably as good as ply, or nearly, but is expensive and hard to get hold of in the small quanities. "Normal" foam that you'd core a dinghy hull has about 1Mpa in crush / shear etc which is why you can't, say walk on a racing dinghy in stilettos, not that you'd want to. Even knees etc can make dents in 80kg/m2 foam with 1layer of 300gsm. fine for lightly loaded panels i.e. hulls, not for strong points!
  10. Assume for vac consolidated laminate 0.1mm per 100gsm, i.e. for 20mm you'd need 20000gsm laminate which is ~66 layers of 300gsm glass. Not sure what that is in Oz. So basically you are in for an awful lot of cutting. Then you have to worry about time taken to do the lamination and resin going off, so choice of hardner. Also with any stack that thick you could get exotherm issues. Doing 2 x 10mm stacks could help, or a bigger 10mm slab and glueing it together. Plus f vac consolidating rather than big pressure pads like G10 is made with, the "B" surface is unlikely to be very even. Infusion would be an easier way to do a monolithic slab like this. Make plenty oversize so you can trim neatly and get all of it the same thickness. I agree with "unknown" though buy some 10mm G10 every time - find a vac lam project that is complex curvature and/or thin laminate / sandwich else you'll spend a day and get a very sore wrist to (maybe) get an inferior result to something that is very cheap (mass produced) Dan
  11. Washed it with sugar soap solution, rinsed well. Dried it off left it in the warm garage then.. Super white chalkiness!!! This stuff was put on maybe 3 weeks ago. At least its easy to see to focus the detail sanding a bit more.. I love boats
  12. And..
  13. As an update. Got the boat washed ahead of laquering, having detail sanded all the chalky bits off. Pretty happy with myself...
  14. Hi, thanks for this. Sounds plausible, even though I was straight on with peel ply and had heated the train both to mix it and to wet out the peel ply? Guess if ambient was low that could still be the problem?!