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  1. How come that wasn't in Valencia last month?
  2. Too busy instructing stockbrokers and oppressing peasants in their fiefdom for all that I reckon.
  3. If it’s such a tough gig making money from building selling notionally identical lasers at some multiple of 1000 a year, then heaven help anyone building any other production or custom sailboat!
  4. Daniel Holman

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Blokes or birds at 2% or 8% will not be in a good way.
  5. Daniel Holman

    Gybing. Board, yes or no

    Point 1 is a bit poorly worded. In physics terms, your sails are sheeted wrt to the track of the boat. If you sheet the main and jib to same angle wrt cl and suddenly you switch gyber on and your heading remains roughly the same you are actually sheeting your sails 4 deg more with respect t track, so possibly oversheeting a little. You are right re overpower at least in fast boats. If you are doing 4 deg leeway once fully hiked at say 5 kts, then with more wind and twisting sails and going say, 7kts for same sf then the cl and Aoa will reduce a fair bit to say 2 deg, so the benefits of removing 2 deg of leeway from hull are about a quarter of the benefit of removing 4 deg of leeway. Worse, if you leave it gybeing at 4 deg when doing 7kts you will be making positive leeway so adding induced drag back on, and likely making a mess of helm balance. Dan
  6. Daniel Holman

    Gybing. Board, yes or no

    They work some of the time i.e. upwind in sub fully powered conditions, IF and only IF: The system is well executed - with a gybeing dagger there is a shit load going on - I just started to built my 3rd cassette. Understand CB gybeing is a little eaiser. Still not trivial. Retfofit of gybeing CB is doable but hard, retrofit of a gybeing dagger case and cassette would write most boats off. It can be locked downwind or AoA otherwise adjusted; The gybe angle is set correctly by user according to condition - i.e. boatspeed and RM ergo leeway; The user sails the boat accordingly - a bit freer on sheets when gyber is at or near max gybe. You have to be pretty good to notice the difference IF you are sailig well and using it in the conditions it works best in. Rest of the time it can be detrimental. Dan
  7. None of what sosoomi said would be in any way remarkable if ILCA and lpe had a decent functional relationship. As it is, looks like the relationship has not been good, and ILCA were waiting for an opportunity to throw the book at lpe.
  8. Just underlines the fact that there is beef between the two parties, and that whilst a new European builder would probably be good if it happened quickly and cleanly, I would expect that rasty won’t want to just roll over and let his cash cow go so laser customers will have more years of legal battles and all that means to look forward to.
  9. Daniel Holman

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    You don’t hear much good about being a European lpe customer either. That said I guess that being closer to source for most of the parts insulates the punter from some of the disorganisation / poor governance etc.
  10. I never know these days! We live in interesting times, to paraphrase the old Chinese saying.
  11. RS Sailing is not a builder in the strictest sense of the word.
  12. Daniel Holman

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Bang on as ever Mozzy
  13. Daniel Holman

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I’d say that was a bit harsh on the 8.1, and evidence that it is used generally as a light wind rig in handicap, and not a lot of returns either. Ie I don’t think it is 5% faster than standard across the wind range.
  14. Daniel Holman

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Ha. It’s all a bit semantic - Europe is 7m2 and has a stiffer mast than radial and likes Less sailor weight than radial at 5.7m2. Think the radial area if measured consistently with others is bigger than 5.7 as is the standard at 7.1. I would be very suprised if aero 7 was more of a “handful” than a radial let alone standard laser. Maybe this sort of thing will come back in the outcomes from pseudo scientific comparisons and sailor feedback from trials. Would be great if that gets published in the fullness of time. Dan