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  1. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    This 4 knot minimum wind speed sure takes a lot of the strategic game out of it
  2. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Thanks Mom I submitted a support request will see what happens.
  3. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Ok, I guess I am in but will be travelling Sunday after the start. Just logged in for the first time since the Vendee and registered for the VOR yesterday. All of my personal info and credits that were left over from the past showed up on my account but the name says Guest14147. Anyone have a clue why? Maybe because this race is not active yet and I did see that signing in as a guest is an option. I have not dropped in on one of the other races to play with the new features yet maybe it is time and I will see if my name comes back as well as boats that I was following.
  4. Thanks for that stief. Very happy for the guy have been following and talking to him since last VOR
  5. Well done Mom and to you as well Klymen! I was hoping to give you both more of a fit but I know where my mistakes were made, most of which had to do with the ice line. This was a much tougher race than the last edition of the Vendee. Last time I finished 44th and as I recall, that was due to a good trip down the Atlantic, hopping on a train and taking off with a relatively small group leaving the rest of the fleet behind. There was no breaking away this time which was very frustrating after working my way up to a legitimate top 50 position early on. Still happy to finish ahead of plenty of great players even though they may have rolled the dice a few more times.
  6. FWIW Zezo is telling me the same thing 50nm behind you. Gybe now with 6% extra speed enabled or continue on without. However you posted an hour and a half ago so who knows what has changed since then.
  7. Unfortunately I think El G is gone! Not sure how many others are there the only one I know is US sailor Domo "IST" they didn't get quite as parked up as the rest of us did these last few days
  8. There is also El Guayacan IV about 200 mi further east to watch
  9. Same thing happened to me a few days ago probably at exactly the same time Mom. While "paying attention" I still somehow crossed the line and when I thought I had cleared I bore off to my original course but kept bleeding boats. Turns out the line was not where it was supposed to be I guess. Lost about the same distance as you so turned Northward never to deal with the f*ing line again.
  10. Merry Christmas to all and best of luck heading back up the Atlantic!!!
  11. I have been giving it to your mom for almost a week now. She is really good At taking the lead that is
  12. Two trips across the border cost me 20 nm
  13. I'm not really in 17th place the rankings seem to be relative to a point somewhere south of rhumbline but I did make up somewhat for dipping into the ice zone yesterday
  14. Yes, I did it turkey stepped into quick sand. VR dumbed down the game interface once again and the course scheduling tool is not as precise as it was. Should have known better than to push the line but now just happy to have your mom still chasing my ass