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  1. ShaneBell

    Older fast Aus multies

    My favourite pic of 888 when it was well raced for a few years in Nz.
  2. Hi Charleston, is my boat, currently not being sailed, but sorta fits your requirements, awesome fun simple little boat - (am missing sailing it currently...) , no trailer at the moment but easily demountable and able to be trailered , full platform only weighs 550kg depending on # of sails and safety gear carried. Easy to handle , pull up ramps etc on its trolleys. would imagine would thump the likes of mad max etc in aus, probably would not do well on your handicap omr system thou. Wanted to get it across there a few years ago, but go mucked a boat by a fella who posted further up this thread (in regards to a new mast) few pics + link to add. Cheers Shane
  3. ShaneBell

    Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    How bout this, faster than a sea cart 30, 4 bunks, reliable , safe little cat, has not tipped. Fits in a normal marina berth. Possibly could be for sale for a far cheaper price than anything comparable for the same speed. In nz thou.