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  1. Santa Barbara Sailing

    I'm saying Janer on the far right, Dr. John and then two Santa barbara guys whose names I don't know. They wouldn't let me vote on the Do Rag thread. WTF
  2. Santa Barbara Sailing

    I loved it. PhD wacko Laura unable to figure out the course, even with a paid tactician.
  3. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Screwdriver at the Sailing Club bar: Vodka and orange soda? That was a gagger. Who won in the lasers?
  4. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Hey that was an insane lightening and thunderstorm! We lost power for a while in Carp. Doesn't look that good for the last Wet Weds of the year also. Its been a fun season although pretty grey and foggy too much of the time.
  5. Santa Barbara Sailing

    The Wilson Race on Sunday was cold and frustrating. We were well ahead of the Farr 40 after they had a bad set at the start. We had a good crew on the red J/125 with L Harteck driving. and the Skian dhu still caught us and beat us. I don't get it, must be a phrf problem. How many dorks are going out in the pooring rain tonite for a wet weds fun race?
  6. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Last Wet Wednesday race of the year coming right up
  7. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Do the Farr 40's have a class start in Santa Barb ara - King Harbor Race? How many total entries, over 100 yet?
  8. Santa Barbara Sailing

    +1 Sweet.
  9. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Beautiful Morgan!
  10. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Santa Barbara is a beautiful venue for almost any kind of sailing. Beautiful harbor and coastline, surfing, big boat sailing, skiff sailing and lots of cats on the beach, kite boarding Pretty ideal and lots of nice water people.
  11. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Santa Barbara is a beautiful venue for almost any kind of sailing. +1
  12. Santa Barbara Sailing

    yeah,looks like another very windy Weds. coming up. Hang on.
  13. Santa Barbara Sailing

    what about Lounge Act?
  14. Santa Barbara Sailing

    how come no one is talking ao=bout the Hardway Race tomorrow? Is anyone going? Looking for a ride on a fast tri. pm me Or else I'll try to get into tje skiff festival thanks.
  15. Santa Barbara Sailing

    White out in SB. 15-26 knots for the Cinco de Mayo Regatta. Lots of carnage, Lasers and Mercuries retired early, 15 J/24's battled it out. Now on to the party hoping the plastic chairs haven't blown away.