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  1. jimmydyurko

    Craigslist Finds

    Fairly confident that's the "Stevenson Design Wing Dinghy" Always wondered if anyone ever actually built one. Welp there it is.
  2. jimmydyurko

    Craigslist Finds

    Their plans leave quite a bit to be desired, but you can build and sail them. When I first got into sailing I bought a couple of their plans that I thought looked like fun (mini foiler & wing dinghy) Despite being pretty darn new to sailing a close look at their plans told me they weren't worth building. I met a guy sailing one of their pocket yacht designs down in Alabama one winter. Boat was amazingly ...uhh interesting. They had 'swages' made by copper tubing crimped on loops of wire to terminate the standing rigging. Rudder gudgeons were just pairs of eye bolts with a pin as a hinge. I can't imagine the builder saved real money by using such makeshift hardware (and following the plans). Real sailboat hardware is pricier than hardware store scrap. But only if you don't count the cost of broken parts....
  3. jimmydyurko

    Buccaneer 18 - Wellcraft Built

    The Welcraft boats tended to be heavy. This isn't all bad. They typically could be made into descent day sailing boats. Rarely could be made into racers. (Though the winning-est boat in class history was a welcraft) The spin hardware is pricey as mentioned. It should come stock with a Harken roller furler. If it doesn't, subtract $300 from your offer. If it is the Hat-Box gunwale design (long cockpit) count on repairing the hull deck joint. None of those should still be dry 40 years is a long time for bonds to dry out and crack. Expect a rebuild on the rudder Hudgens and mounting equipment. Good luck. Have fun Jimmy
  4. jimmydyurko

    Cool Gift

    Thoughtful kids. Nice drawing. I like the style.
  5. jimmydyurko

    High Aspect Bermuda vs Batwing

    I'm thinking your upwind performance has more to do with underwater forms/features and balance than the shape of your sail. I believe getting your leeboard right is going to have more impact than the type of sail. If your center of effort on the sail is forward of the center of effort underwater you will never get upwind .
  6. jimmydyurko

    Craigslist Finds

    Those wings look heavy...really heavy.
  7. jimmydyurko

    Craigslist Finds

    The pink and blue stuff (as many people have pointed out already) is not very tough and does not bond well. However, if you are primarily using it as a mold (that will never be removed from inside your part) it will do that job well. Peter Sripol made an airplane out of the stuff. (Great videos on YouTube) If he can get his structure to fly, you can get yours to float.
  8. jimmydyurko

    Whats the fastest you've ever been on a dinghy?

    In the theme of....this shouldn't be happening on this boat.... In 2014 at we held the Buccaneer18 NAs on Lake Dillon in Colorado. Organizers were frustrated that we supposedly hadn't gotten enough races off so they made us stay out late on the second to last day of the week long regatta. We were drifting along slowly as we rounded the weather mark. Some front that I can't define showed up and flipped a switch. The next hour the wind blew 35-45 mph. Much carnage. One of the guys had a GPS tracking on and clocked 17 knots. Buccs are only really stable to about 12 knots. His track was kinda like this... 15..16...17....17...17...1..1..1...1...1 The rest of the fleet has similar stories to share. On the bright side, we made the Denver news and I found another lake I'm never returning to....ever.
  9. jimmydyurko

    Can you buy an old/new sailboat without an MSO?

    Where are you? That matters a lot. If your state requires it to be registered then get a friend from another state that doesn't to make you a bill of sale and try taking that and a copy of that states regs showing that to your state and see what happens. You could also go the abandoned boat route. Most states have some form of that. Not a hard sell for a 21 year old boat. Also you could check with Maine...they seem to sell bogus registrations to out of staters for everything else, may they do boats too. Just throwing some ideas out there. Been through this a few different says.
  10. jimmydyurko

    Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    Yes. The Navy sold off Alert, Vigilant (Luders 44s) as well as Valiant (Navy 44 Sloop) and Centaurus (Morgan 51 Out Islander, that they had acquired as a result of a drug bust) when the USCG academy decided to get rid of their fleet of 4 (better condition) Luders 44s. The Navy now maintains the 4 white 44s, Blue Goose, Stormy Petril, Arctic Tern and i don't recall the name of the last boat. I'm glad to read this post because many people have put thousands of hours into keeping that boat afloat over the years. Unfortunately, Vigilant was the boat that I have volunteered many hours to assist in restoration of the balsa decks...and she is now tied to a dock neglected in Solomons. I really hope the OP is enjoying this boat.
  11. jimmydyurko

    Craigslist Finds

    Slightly off topic, but I figured close enough... https://smd.craigslist.org/boa/d/marriottsville-18-canoe-and-aluminum/7214137785.html
  12. jimmydyurko


    I love a port start, but that was a bit too tight of a squeeze for my liking. Perhaps he wanted to downsize to a 29er.
  13. jimmydyurko

    Racer Cruiser

    OK...I was reluctant at first to propose one, but if you are currently beaching a 900lb boat, the Buccaneer 18 is only 500lbs and has a large cockpit, stable enough for a small family and performance is respectable. They are also rather available as used boats go.
  14. jimmydyurko

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...

    I like the Merit, not going to win beauty contest, but sails well, and better than average ergonomics, particularly as a weekender. Big down below for a little boat.
  15. jimmydyurko

    Craigslist Finds

    Looking for a cabinet appointment? You can leave it in my slip.. but you'll have to drive to Solomons to use it.