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  1. jimmydyurko

    Craigslist Finds

    Hey...if anyone is seriously interested in this boat, (mx ray) email me. I live about a half an hour from there, and unless you know what a smib is, you are going to need some help hooking up with it. Jimmy jimmydyurko at Gmail
  2. jimmydyurko

    Buccaneer 18 Regattas

    I forgot to mention..if you would like to play, but don't have a Bucc, or can't get yours to the event for some odd reason, I have several nice, clean new-ish boats that I'm happy to loan out for the day. Simply email me and I'll hook you up. jimmydyurko at gmail
  3. jimmydyurko

    Buccaneer 18 Regattas

    I know I've been slow (non-existent) posting lately... as obvious as it is...but here's the update for 2018 Bucctoberfest. Would love to see you there. Jimmy Bucctoberfest 2018 Southern Maryland Sailing Association Another year older and more booty we’ll get! ARGH! Buccaneer Owners, crew, potential owners, potential crew, or just a pirate at heart all are welcome to this year’s Regatta to celebrate all things Buccaneer Sailing Where: Southern Maryland Sailing Association, Solomons Island, MD Formalities: 1. Decision to Race All boats participating in this event are doing so for the joy of sailing, and fully accept responsibility for their own crew and vessel. 2. Fees & Sanctioning This is a non-sanctioned sailing event…we’re just doing this for fun…there is no prize money…and no trophies there is a $10/boat ($5/junior boat) registration fee to cover gas money for RC…If you don’t have $10, just come and sail. Cheapskates are welcome too, but be prepared to be taunted appropriately. Have fun. 3. Trophies…(see Formalities # 2).. Your name will go up in lights. Very small lights. With all the brilliance of modern wonder. You will forever be immortalized until someone scrolls down the page. You know, we’ll post it on the internet. So don’t anger the RC we want to say nice things about you. 4. Party The post race party is at SMSA, we’re piggybacking onto the Chili Cook Off, which will be an awesome good time…so get bring some grub to share. 5. Errors in this document are errors…(an numerous) so deal with it. 6. Rules: The organizing authority may..and probably will change any portion of this document or rules (except coast guard regulations) at will. Suck it up…ARRGHH! 7. Protests must be submitted to the race committee within 15 minutes of RC returning to the dock. The official protest form for this event is a 6.14” x 2.61” linen print (actually an engraving I believe) of founding father Benjamin Franklin in green ink. Protests will only be heard if the appropriate paperwork is used. Counter protests are encouraged..... Schedule of events: Skippers Meeting: 11:30 Fist Warning: Immediately following the skippers meeting No races will start after 3:00pm Dinner @ SMSA (Chili-Cook-Off) Doors open @ 5:00 NOTE: this year’s regatta will include a Jr. division, Club 420’s will be used for the Jr. crews to participate. All other instructions will be provided at the skippers meeting Saturday @ 11:30am.
  4. jimmydyurko

    Flying Dutchman Anarchy, boat id please

    Yep, Alpa...looks like it has been modified a wee bit. I've got a very similar one in my yard.
  5. jimmydyurko

    Something's wrong with this picture

    Not to pick, but it looks like 1:1 to me (+ friction) 1:2 from the come along to the block, then 2:1 to the next block in the system....hard to really see though, kind of blurry. What caught my eye was watching him flick the rope...it didn't seem to have enough tension considering how hard he was working the lever. Still very dangerous.
  6. jimmydyurko

    Something's wrong with this picture

    I didn't want to start a thread trash talking the entirety of their work...I watched enough of their build videos to see that while they are pretty obviously green, they are doing a lot of important stuff right....just not in that pic ( and they are lucky the keel didn't explode during casting ) Overall they are showing quite an impressive amount of skill and resourcefulness. I wish them luck. I'm sure if they pull it off it will be a much better boat than the "worst boat ever" thread I just read... ( a must read ) But they are having an adventure. Cause the best stories dont start off by saying "remember how we did everything we knew would be safe and easy" Nope...this video is definitely a "hold my beer" kind of documentary.
  7. jimmydyurko

    holy christ!

    We were on Dillon in 2014 for the Bucc 18 championship, was blowing 5 at the start of the race, 8 ish by the windward mark. We all set our kites...nobody made it to the leeward mark. Wind held about 40 for nearly a, hour. Had to call rescue crews.... No chance in Hell I'm ever going there again.
  8. OK, I was watching this video of a couple guys trying to build their own boat, and this particular spot in the video they're having a remarkably hard time moving the keel.... then I noticed something odd about the picture...
  9. jimmydyurko

    What are your boat projects?

    If you have only one boat to maintain....you are years ahead of me. Congratulations....enjoy the opportunity to actually finish your project before you part this earth. #toomanyfrigginboats
  10. jimmydyurko

    Olympic classes support in the USA

    Wasn't referring to sailing specifically...meant any Olympic campaign...work hard...live broke. Great dream for a young kid...but kind of silly in the big picture of things. Yes, this is no revelation.
  11. jimmydyurko

    Olympic classes support in the USA

    I'm jumping in late here.....but why does anyone care? The Olympics are just a pointless status symbol to show off which country has the most dedicated soccer moms. In order for anyone to compete in any Olympic sport they and their family have to give up hope and effort into any likely meaningful future for their kids so they can pursue a pointless venture into the world's lowest paying professional sport. Yes, professional. Anything that consumes all of you and your families life for 4 .....most of the time more years is a profession. Worldwide competition is not without merit...but as a hobbyist I don't feel compelled to support that level of insanity.
  12. jimmydyurko

    Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    I do this....have a super understanding,,,supportive wife, an absolute must. It works...but you have to be a motivated seller, and willing to buy the boats back when people you sell them to become motivated sellers.
  13. jimmydyurko

    How are We Perceived?

    find the idiots you share a part of the curve with and forget the rest. As far as I can tell the middle of the curve doesn't perceive us at all. In my opinion that's the biggest problem for the sport as a whole. If you can't be famous...be infamous.
  14. jimmydyurko

    Used Lightning Boom

    Mast is the same section Frequently you can find broken masts and make booms out of them.
  15. Best idea yet.... Ramps as allow schmucks like me to launch just about any boat I want without fancy equipment or even much skill.